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Civic Group Fights To Save Historic House Slated for Demolition

Posted February 7, 2007

A new civic group is fighting to save a historic house in southeast Raleigh.

The Ligon House is scheduled for demolition after failing city codes. It was home to the late Rev. John Ligon, a respected pioneer in Raleigh's early years.

The Ligon House is considered an important historical structure in the city's black community.

A group of civic leaders recently formed the Raleigh Community Council. The group launched a campaign to save the historic house.

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  • Rocknhorse Feb 9, 2007

    sfarrell16-First of all, I simply stated that I prefer older houses, not that I was particularly in favor of the one mentioned in this article. I haven't seen this house. I do not know the condition. I do not know whether or not it would be viable for rennovating. However, perhaps there are parts of the original lumber work (hard wood floors, beams, etc) that may be worth excavating and using in a remod of a different older house. Older houses were built much better than houses of today. In regard to the remainder of your response-just b/c I happen to appreciate older houses doesn't mean I'm less concerned about the trash of gangs and drug dealers. Frankly, I don't see where that comment even came from!

  • kevboom Feb 7, 2007

    Good luck saving this one. The city of Raleigh could care less about historic preservation. A row of historic bungalows along Oberlin Drive was recently bulldozed to make way for a mass of 20+ townhomes sure to sell in the $500-700k range and make some soul-less developer another fortune. And those homes were in perfect condition. Mint actually. Architecture is visible history, but as evidenced by some of the redneck remarks on this page, no one including city officials gives a hell.

  • andrewsnc5 Feb 7, 2007

    Time and time again some people think of old houses as disposable property, much like many other things we think of in today's world. I do agree with a previous writer whereby old houses such as the Ligon house should have been taken care of so as to avoid its current state, but that in and of itself should not mean "let's bulldoze it." Old houses (whether grand or ordinary architecturally) are usually better constructed than many of today's new homes. Basic stock wood materials of 50+ years ago are far superior in quality to most of today's "fast growth" wood. Quality should still be something people seek out. Filling a landfill with perfectly usable, above average quality materials is not the solution. Team up with Preservation North Carolina, or some other local non-profit, or engage a group of understanding developers who can find the right way to get this project off the ground and appropriately rehabilitate this structure.

  • brand7976 Feb 7, 2007

    Is this John Ligon any relation to the Ligons of West Raleigh?

  • sfarrell16 Feb 7, 2007

    For the last two people who posted. Did you even read the article? It failed city codes and that doesn't just happen cause someone forgot to screw the door on correctly. It happens cause no one took care of the house and had any desire to live in it. I love how people who all of a sudden make it seem like places like this are so important to them when it is about to be torn down eventhough the reason it is in that state is cause they never cared about it before. How about you worry more about the crack dealers and gangs who are breaking laws to get their spinners instead of some old useless house that you didnt give a second thought until they decided to do something productive with the land.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 7, 2007

    Personally, I love older houses. They were built in a day when people took pride in their work and did things right. Not like today where builders are trying to slam as many up as possible and they are cutting corner every which way! I would take an older house any day over a new home. In fact, my husband and I are getting ready to rennovate his old family homeplace for ourselves!!!

  • zenshark Feb 7, 2007

    Yeah, who cares about old houses. I don't care if something important happened there, or somebody important lived there. It's old, it's crappy, and it needs to be torn down. Why bother renovating when you can build new houses that look like all the others and have no history behind them? Stupid history people.....


  • oMzziG Feb 7, 2007

    Too many people are trying to save too many old delapidated structures/landmarks and citing that it is a historic site. It seems that everything is a historic structure/landmark now. Tear it down and quit wasting time and money on junk.

  • builder276 Feb 7, 2007

    tear it down