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Wake School Board Approves Reassignment Plan

Posted February 6, 2007
Updated February 9, 2007

— The Wake County Board of Education Tuesday approved a reassignment plan that would shift 10,762 students, including 8,003 elementary and 2,759 middle school students.

The plan also means that 22 existing elementary and middle schools will be converted to a mandatory year-round schedule beginning the 2007-2008 school year.

The changes to the board's Jan. 9 plan includes 7,422 base assignments, 2,335 year-round conversion assignments and 1,005 application year-round students moving to another year-round school. In most cases, students were moved to a school closer to their home.

The school board's decision to approve  the plan by a 7-1 vote comes amidst ongoing funding problems between the Wake County Public School System and the Wake County Board of Commissioners.

School board Chairwoman Patti Head expressed regret that county commissioners "reneged on a promise," making it more difficult to accommodate student growth.

Commissioners voted on Monday to withhold about $4.7 million from a $970 million school construction bond that was allocated to year-round conversion, a major component of the reassignment plan.

"We're adopting this plan without any funding," said school board member Ron Margiotta, the only dissenting member of the board. "I can't understand how in the world we can adopt this plan without any funding."

"I think this is going to create a lot of disharmony in the school district," Margiotta added.

The school board has vowed to find ways to fund the year-round conversions.

The reassigned students would fill the additional seats created by the year-round conversions and fill five new schools, including three year-round elementary schools -- East Garner Elementary, North Forest Pines Elementary and Sanford Creek Elementary -- and two middle schools: East Cary Middle and Wendell Middle.

The school system anticipates an additional 8,500 students next school year.

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  • deerslayer Feb 8, 2007

    I still say reassign the school board to the unemployment line...

  • volvoman Feb 7, 2007

    The difference between the Wake County School Board and Barnum and Bailey? Barnum and Bailey know how to run a circus.

  • wondermom67 Feb 7, 2007

    The school board is going to do exactly what it wants to do no matter what any of us say. It is wrong of them to use the money for anything other that it was intended, except for raises for the teachers and staff. They work hard to earn that money by putting up with with a great deal of cruel mouth kids. What is ashame is that back when I went to school in the wake county system, we did all go to our local schools, and many of us went from k-12 with the same kids year after year. We established long lasting friendships. The kids now cannot do that....all these reassignments put these kids in unstable enviroments year after year. The school board needs to get a handle on itself and put these kids back in ther neighborhood schools.

  • patriot4liberty Feb 7, 2007

    PS - WHAT east Cary Middle? Didn't they forget they already appropriated that campus to house the ninth graders they couldn't fit into the High school up the hill?

    Come on, let's PLEASE go back to what makes SENSE and keep our kids in our neighborhoods!!!! Busing them all over creation is a recipe for dropouts, expulsions, and other disasters. This insanity has GOT to STOP.

  • patriot4liberty Feb 7, 2007

    I just want them to stop putting SE Raleigh kids in Cary schools without providing adequate before-school and after-school care for these kids. They are creating and perpetuating the problems that exist for these kids in SE Raleigh. If the kids go home on the bus (because Mom doesn't have a car and the buses don't run from Raleigh to Cary), they end up in the street. If we try to keep them off the street, they end up in some daycare in Cary, with no way to get home after Mom gets off of work (cuz the buses don't run from Raleigh to Cary).

    I'm sick and tired of poor people getting lost in the shuffle, in the interest of Ramey Beavers' misguided sense of "diversity." He wasn't that interested in diversity when he was the principal at Cary High School and instituted every ban on interracial relations he could possibly get away with.

    Yeah, some of us have long memories, Sir. You never know when your past is going to come back and bite you in the butt.

  • Not_So_Dumb Feb 7, 2007

    nmlaney, perhaps voting is different in your district, but I didn't get select which bond I would vote for, just yes or no on the one that was out there. So if you can explain how I could "have voted for a larger bond package" I would appreciate it.

  • blessutoo Feb 7, 2007

    Alot of us are complaining about our tax dollars being spent, illegal immigrants etc. We are forgetting that our local Gov.'t is allowing developers to come in with 250-plus homes in sleepy communities for the tax dollars then realize there is not enough schools. I would vote to allow developers to build a school within their development or community depending on the size of the development. That would slow growth a little and allow the school system to catch up. Developers in other states, Maryland in particular, are required to build a school if their development is larger than 75 homes. Less than 75 and they have to contribute to the school system for the influx of students in that area. Just maybe this will work for Wake County.

  • grumpyk3 Feb 7, 2007

    The vote matters. Everyone has a say in this, not just the people who share your view. This is what I voted on: http://www.wakegov.com/about/bonds/2006/bondfactstoconsider.htm from the county website. Commissioners propaganda, they need to live up to it and give the money as they stated on their web site. Want choices, then find a way to fund them. We reject larger bonds and tax increases. I am open to impact fees. I would even pay extra for my kids to provide better schools (some sort of tuition). Until the funding keeps up with the growth, we have YR schools. It is irresponsible of the commissioners to fail to provide the funds. Shows a lack of concern about our teachers and students.

  • mosscl33 Feb 7, 2007

    I have lived all over the USA due to being a military brat and in the military myself and I have never seen a place mis manage growth projections like wake county. I hope it changes in the future.....I have lived in majore cities and went to school up in DC/VA area Fairfax county to be exact....We never had this problem due to great growth management......We are in a pickle and not many ways out......

  • mosscl33 Feb 7, 2007

    The bond is not just for MYR it was for ALL WAKE COUNTY SCHOOLS. The MYR was a portion not all of it.....so it does matter to all of us.....again.....your vote did not go your way...and my daughter goes to one of the schools that will be going MYR...I could care less if it went MYR or traditional....I have talked to parents that went thru this and they too were upset at first but now love it......