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Raleigh Man Accused of Peeping

Posted February 6, 2007

— A Raleigh man faces charges for being a peeping tom.

Police say Daniel James used a camera to take pornographic pictures of the victim.

James is also charged with taking indecent liberties with a 15-year-old in January.

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  • mkw Feb 6, 2007

    The man was ACCUSED, not found guilty. Reporting that someone was ACCUSED of something like this is unprofessional.
    Have you ever heard of a nanny cam? IF he was hidden and peeped to take the pictures, who was doing the nasty things to the 15 year old?
    Anyone can accuse anyone else of anything. As an example - a lying, cheating scumbag wife who is now living with the guy who fathered her last two children and who had the locks changed on the house her husband bought before they got married and who cleaned out the couples bank accounts before she filed for divorce might make a false accusation just to try to get an advantage in the divorce. Not that I am accusing her... but she might. And if I did ACCUSE her then that means she is guilty, right?
    So, "vickiej40" "orlando1160" "riehew1" and all others with like responses, if I ACCUSED you of being fools then you must be fools. Sorry if you're just finding out... but you have been ACCUSED, so it must be t

  • nisa-pizza Feb 6, 2007

    needmocash, it would be irresponsible if the news did not report it to make everyone aware that that someone like that is out there. If someone is out there peeping then he may be capable of other things (like Drew Edward Planten in the Stephanie Bennett murder)

  • has had enough Feb 6, 2007

    needmocash - Would it be a "non-news" event if he were peeping at, and taking pictures of YOUR fifteen year old child?

  • hollylama Feb 6, 2007

    Is that my financial analyst?

  • Teddy Feb 6, 2007

    That is disgusting!

  • gvmtcheese Feb 6, 2007

    There is just waaaay too much porn out there for this kind of thing to be going on. Get a grip man, find a hacked password like the rest of us.

  • Dayum Krazy Feb 6, 2007

    what a loser, heres a guy who would be in a mortuary if it were my daughter and poke his eyes out so he can't take pictures and be a peeping tom ever again

  • needmocash Feb 6, 2007

    Hold on - If I'm a peeping Tom then by definition I'm looking at someone who does not know it. So if the person I'm peeping at and taking pictures of happens to be naked, then I'll have pictures of a naked person - What makes that pornographic?... Unless I'm trying to redefine the word "pornographic" to sensationalize an otherwise non-news event.

  • OD Norwood Feb 6, 2007

    Pervert!!! Get him off the street!

  • gi jane Feb 6, 2007

    Folks need to get a hobby.