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Part of Raleigh's Fayetteville Street Could Get New Look

Posted February 6, 2007

— On Tuesday, the Raleigh City Council will consider a new look for part of Fayetteville Street. City councilors are expected to look at a blueprint of how the plaza would look.

The city's Urban Design Team has been working to fill the void left by a plain, open space in the center of downtown. Some critics said it is what surrounds the plaza that matters most.

"We're working really hard with all the adjacent property owners to draw restaurants, cafes, newsstands -- the type of activity that will support everyday life in the downtown (area), said Dan Douglas, of the city's Urban Design Team.

In October, Raleigh City Council members rejected an art project by international artist Jaume Plensa. The design featured a light canopy over the plaza. City leaders were concerned about blocking the view of the new
Fayetteville Street.

Although Plensa's idea never got off the ground, city leaders are not giving up.

"We are very confident it will be an even better place than Mr. Plensa envisioned there. It will be a good place for sitting in the daytime, for parties at night and it will be surrounded by a lot of active uses," said Assistant City Manager Dan Howe.

City leaders said they are prepared to spend $10 million to upgrade the plaza's infrastructure. Once city council members get look at the design and approve any changes, the project could be completed by June 2008.

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  • Mo Feb 6, 2007

    OK, I'm convinced...people on this site are just wacked. It's been fun. Hope you all have a nice life b*tching and moaning.

  • superman Feb 6, 2007

    robinswired-- what kind of construction business do you own? You been getting some of those big thick contracts from the City. And finding a place for the homeless downtown will be cool. Maybe apartments in the Progress Energy building. And as for who owned Fayetteville Street Mall-- I thought that is what the city wants to build now? I worked downtown for over ten years-- never found anything there when I was working-- dont think I find anything now. Once upon a time-- there was a mall-- then they torn it up and then they built it back. The End

  • Mo Feb 6, 2007

    The existing broken windswept space is required to be replaced with something new as part of the new civic center and other improvement in the area. It can be something plain that will cost a lot of money, or something nice that will cost a little more. All construction is expensive, but good design will pay for itself. We only have to look at Charlotte for an example.

  • wvusam Feb 6, 2007

    I agree with the last poster - downtown is taking off. I visited downtown Charlotte for the first time 3 or 4 years ago and was amazed at how fun and cool it was, and how DEAD Raleigh was. With this new development there's hope for Raleigh yet.

  • vernnc2 Feb 6, 2007

    I work in a building on Fayetteville Street and laugh because several drivers a day drive from one end to the other and get a lot of practice with 3 point turns.

  • BIG YAWN Feb 6, 2007


    I don't think money spent is the problem. I think it's money mis-spent that's the problem.

  • Mo Feb 6, 2007

    The City of Raleigh has a very informative website that shows all the exciting investment pouring into downtown - plus the new direction for dealing with the homeless (www.Raleigh-nc.org - click the Current Projects link at the top). We are not the first City to have the foresight to improve infrastructure to attract business and customers downtown...private developers improve infrastructure all the time (North Hills, Cameron Village, etc. If the Fayetteville Street Mall was privately owned they would have ripped it out in the 1980's! Unfortunately, public improvements have to survive the loud negative minority who think any change or money spent is bad.

  • sfarrell16 Feb 6, 2007

    Sooner97 .. so you are the one person that actually looks at a map before you got downtown and doesn't think that each person who goes there gets a personal navigator. If your going to whine about parking when there is a pleathora or parking and traffic when we are talking about the downtown of a city then there is no pleasing you. Fayetteville Street is only going to continue to be a great place to go to eat, drink, and socialize as all the planned condos fill. I personally can't wait til more condos go up and I can move down there to enjoy the already buzzing nightlife downtown.

  • YeahWhatever Feb 6, 2007

    Hey, I've got an idea: Stay out of downtown and stop your incessant whining if you don't like it. Downtown is a blast now. Tons of restaurants, bars and clubs. Shopping will improve as the number of downtown condos and apartments continues to rapidly increase. Parking is a breeze if you bother to learn how to do it (free decks and lots all over the place in the evening and they are cheap during the day by most standards)

    Fayetteville Street looks great and works great. If you went down there during the day, what did you expect? It's a busy business district. Of course it's frenetic.

    I swear that this town, and specifically these WRAL boards, (Please take them down WRAL, please!!!!!! This has been your worst idea ever) is full of more naysayers and whiners than any other place in the country. Enjoy the burbs if you like and leave the fun and energy to the rest of us.

  • St Ives Feb 6, 2007

    10 million to revamp downtown! Downtown was fine before. I went down there for shows and special events all the time. Those that love the night life are there reguardless, those that don't will not come no mater what you do. The restaurants need to stay open later so one can get a meal after a show, That is what bring people downtown. Events and shows and dining, not lights and fountains and the cluster ----you have now.