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Suspect in N.C. State Crime Spree Pleads Guilty

Posted February 5, 2007

— A North Carolina State University student accused of going on a rampage of robbery and shootings last February entered into a plea deal Monday.

James Darnell Lyons, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

He will spend a minimum of 89 months in prison.

Raleigh police said Lyons and Timothy Williams, 19, both freshmen, robbed people and shot at several vehicles in the early-morning hours of Feb. 23, 2006.

Although no one was seriously injured, one victim was grazed by a .32-caliber bullet that was fired into her car as she sped away on Cates Avenue after a man who tried to enter her vehicle.

In another incidents that occurred earlier that morning, morning, a group of friends were robbed at gunpoint from inside their vehicle at Hillsborough Street and Ashe Avenue.

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  • kota2947 Feb 6, 2007

    I know NC folks shy from yankees,BUT....89 months for gun offenses?????ROBERY???SHOOTING IN A CAR?The judges should sit in NY state courts.So what if he sits a year,WAITING.Go to NY ,do the same thing there,The real JUDGE would make that the least of his worries....HED BE GONE for 25 yrs.

  • patriot4liberty Feb 6, 2007

    Has anyone bothered to ask why this kid sat in jail for A YEAR waiting for a trial? This is such a common tactic used by prosecutors to coerce people into signing plea deals, it's not even JUSTICE anymore. Our Constitution GUARANTEES a speedy trial. I don't call 12 months, SPEEDY. I call it game-playing.

  • Say it to my face Feb 6, 2007

    My point is, it starts at home.

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 6, 2007

    I hate to break it to you people but when it comes to crime, there is no race, social status, parental guidance, family upbringing, economical status, menatal status...NOTHING! It doesn't matter who or what you are, you are a person with a free will and a choice. Bottom line!!!!

  • cnsallen Feb 6, 2007

    Good point wral_fake.

  • finallysingle Feb 6, 2007

    ncentity,you said "These are symptoms
    to a bigger problem - youth crime. Do something to cease the bigger problems and the
    symptoms will decrease"
    I am saying,I had my kids,I have raised my kids.I don't want HIM to raise,that's his momma and daddy's job.He is considered an adult now,he made a very adult decision...how he wanted to spend his next 7 years.Don't have kids if you are not willing to give raising them 150%.It's not a communities responsibility to raise one's kids.I am just not into raising someone else's kids or telling them how to raise their's per say .That's the best way to loose good neighbors.Stay out of their business.

  • the original Milky Feb 6, 2007

    "Put him in a car and shoot several shots with a .32-caliber and see how he fares"
    He'd probably fare pretty well, unless we're talking about .32 H&R Magnum. A .32 auto barely has the energy to break a car window.

  • cnsallen Feb 6, 2007

    Put him in a car and shoot several shots with a .32-caliber and see how he fares. He showed a complete lack of respect for human life. He's a thief and a punk. He needs the crap beat out of him. If that was my daughter he tried to kill, he would have never made it to the court room.

  • norwinfischer Feb 6, 2007

    Morning of Feb 23rd, 2006 (text) or morning of Feb 26th (caption)? Sounds like he had a rough start as a career criminal. Perhaps he can major in something else in jail. 89 months would be enough time to get an undergraduate AND graduate degree. This incident won't look too good on job applications though. Lost in NC...you comments are completely inappropriate for this forum or anywhere else for that matter.

  • tiggerjaw Feb 6, 2007

    The punishment doesn't always suit the crime, huh?