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Cary Team Achieves Super Bowl Ad Stardom with Win

Posted February 4, 2007
Updated February 5, 2007

— No matter who wins the Super Bowl, its commercials are always a topic of conversation. This year, one of the coveted spots belonged to a group of friends from Cary.

Friends Wes Phillips, his brother Barrett, Dale Backus, his wife Cori, and Nick Dimondi won the Doritos' Super Bowl contest. They beat four other finalists and their commercial aired during the first quarter.

“Just to think we've produced a $12 potential Super Bowl commercial blows my mind," Phillips told WRAL before the win.

Phillips and his friends used the money to buy four bags of chips and make magic.

"It ended up being a 30-second romantic comedy,” Phillips said. “Girls like it for that reason. Guys like it because a girl hits her head on the car at the end.”

Now, the group hopes that having the 30-second spot air on national television will lead to even bigger opportunities. Making the group of finalists has already netted them $10,000. They've also spent the last few days partying in Miami, mostly paid for by Doritos.

Most of the winning group attends the Church at Hope Chapel, where friends and family watched the game on a big -screen television Sunday night. Their support was rewarded with a phone call from the victors from the big party in Miami.

"It's just an unbelievable situation, and it's thanks to you guys," said Phillips. "Thank you guys so much."

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  • wakeresident Feb 5, 2007

    "Most of the winning group attends the Church at Hope Chapel, and peep this: They've also spent the last few days partying in Miami. I guess everyone at Church at Hope Chapel parties. "

    Sounds rather critical. I guess you assume partying is immoral. Perhaps they could be partying like responsible adults. That doesn't mean crazy alcoholic nights. They could just be havinga good time by the pool. Maybe you're not capable of doing that, but plenty of other people are able to do that.

  • Kimo Feb 5, 2007

    luv the commercial!! Go Cary, Go North Carolina !!

  • mastascusa Feb 5, 2007

    I thought the ad was better than most, and very proud of them as well!

  • nisa-pizza Feb 5, 2007

    Maybe I've got it wrong sean_kelly15 but from what I understand the 5 of them did everything with all their own equipment. (Filming, editing, producing, etc.)

    N&O had this about their production:

    "Five Point Productions consists of Phillips; his brother Barrett Phillips, 20; Nick Dimondi, 22; and the husband-and-wife team of Dale and Cori Backus, both 21.

    Dimondi and Cori Backus are in the ad because the budget didn't allow for actors.

    The $12 they did spend reflects the cost of the four bags of Doritos used in the ads. And the amount is a stark contrast to the estimated $2.6 million Doritos paid to air the commercial during the Super Bowl."

    Even so, it's still amazing that they beat out other entries across the country. Even if them spent $1200, that's still not alot. The main thing is we were in good ole N.C. last night and where were they?.............That's the point right there. That's "once in a lifetime-story for your children stuff" right there.

  • charalene Feb 5, 2007

    The big picture here is we have some young people doing something productive with their time and having fun doing it! Wish more of them would follow their lead. Cudos to all!!!!!

  • glsnapp Feb 5, 2007

    I loved it !!!

  • nisa-pizza Feb 5, 2007

    I don't think they were exploited at all. Especially considering they just spent $12 when others spent close to ONE MILLION. I'm sure they can do math just as well as the next person to know that they weren't going to make tons of money. They got to go to the Superbowl and have big fun on someone else's dime. I'm sure the exposure and fun were more important than the money and they knew it. Money ain't everything. Living life is more important in my book and they're doing that in spades! Congratulations!

  • seankelly15 Feb 5, 2007

    What I would like to know is how much was the actual cost to the winners? Here they are quoted as saying $12; this morning on the Today Show, they said $14.00. Either way, this does not cover the cost of the 'actors', 'directors', 'producers', 'editors' nor the cost of the equipment to make the ad. I am afraid that if they really think it only cost them a few dollars then they are ripe for the picking - heck, I would hire them for $12 if that is what they feel their time and effort is worth.

  • builder276 Feb 5, 2007

    exploited because Frito Lay got something that would have cost the many times that price. they profit and the winners get 10k. after taxes it's more like 6800 divided 4 ways, app 1700 each. sounds like a great deal for Frito Lay. In case some (most) of you don't know, Frito Lay makes Doritos

  • Blackbeard Feb 5, 2007

    >>>Most of the winning group attends the Church at Hope Chapel, and peep this: They've
    also spent the last few days partying in Miami. I guess everyone at Church at Hope Chapel

    Wow, what a narrow-minded post. First of all, why do you guess everyone there parties? There's nothing in the story that implies that. Secondly, what if they do? There's nothing wrong with partying. Celebration is part of the Christian tenet, after all.