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Another School Bond This Year Would Fail, New Poll Shows

Posted February 2, 2007

— The same day school and Wake county leaders met to discuss funding school bonds, a new poll out shows another multimillion-dollar bond this year would fail.

The independent poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, shows little support for Wake County commissioners' recent proposal of another multimillion-dollar bond so soon after a $970 million bond passed in November.

Public Policy questioned more than 960 likely Wake County voters this week. Sixty-eight percent said they would oppose another bond in October, while 26 percent said they would vote for it.

Sixty percent indicated they would prefer to vote on the bond in 2008 or 2009, which was the Wake County Board of Education's original plan when it proposed last year's bond.

Members are now considering whether to move the referendum to this year's ballot.

The poll also shows people nearly evenly split on mandatory year-round schools with 49 percent supporting them and 43 percent opposing them.

In a special meeting with the school board on Friday, commissioners said their suggestion to put the bond on the ballot this year is not to rid the school system of mandatory year-round schools but to offer more choices.

But in a move last month that surprised many school board members, county commissioners voted to withhold about $3.4 million the school system said it needed to convert 22 elementary and middle schools to a year-round schedule.

Commissioners also withheld $3.7 million that would be used to relocate mobile classrooms from schools that were slated for year-round conversion.

School board leaders Friday urged commissioners to reconsider their decisions.

"We have to give the teachers the equipment they need, so they can be ready (for the school year)," school board member Lori Millberg said.

County commissioners said they wanted more information from the school board and would be likely to give the school system money for the mobile classrooms if they are at schools with a traditional calendar.

The county board says that will offer more flexibility for parents who do not want their children to attend year-round schools.

"People feel like there is not a choice in certain parts of the county," Commissioner Paul Coble said.

Considering more options, the school board on Thursday, presented plans that create 2,400 additional seats at traditional-calendar schools. Parent with children in year-round schools would have to apply.

County commission Chairman Tony Gurley has asked the school system to find more options for parents before the year-round funding issue is resolved.

School board members say they have been and will continue to look for more seats in traditional schools so they can get the money back.

"I don't want the public to think we haven't done that, because we certainly have," school board Chairwoman Patti Head said. "But we heard their issues, and we are trying to get back together so we can talk about them."

The school board will try to get the requested information to the commission before the funding vote, which is scheduled for Monday.

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  • builder276 Feb 4, 2007

    absolutely it would fail, and we should recall the last 1 due to the lies involved with it.

  • WXYZ Feb 4, 2007

    Unfortunately, many of the people who get to vote on these bond referendums, do not have to pay the increased tax. As a taxpayer, expect the government officials and employees to do whatever is possible to get the most out of every tax dollar. Year round school, less snow days, weekend classes, classes via internet, home tutoring, more private schools and make parents of students pay more.

  • BLOCKHEAD Feb 4, 2007

    I See That Too, We're Being Invaded. They're Not Acountable For Anything And Their Kids Are Already Starting Out With Better Opportunity Than Ours,Being Bi-Lingual And All,Time To Put A Stop To This Invasion, This Is Rediculous, There Must Be Plenty Of Jobs In Mexico That Americans Wont Do, After All Our Companies Are Sending Tons Of Work Down There.

  • ++2A-Shall Not Be Infringed++ Feb 4, 2007

    this is all about our children being pushed around to accomodate the flood of illegal mexicans, they're nice people and all but there's just way too many of them coming here now,thats the reason we need more seats, why all of the sudden do we need 20 schools ? they all measure the growth of our communities however this is unforseen growth, my kids have a couple mexican kids in class with them ,they have to translate what the teacher says for their parents, took my family out to eat this weekend, we were surounded by mexicans, none of them were speaking english, looked to be parents, grandparents and 2 to 6 kids at each table,

  • Punky Feb 3, 2007

    Why discuss this?? This state voted for an "Education Lottery" GET THE MONEY FROM THERE, quit supporting your elected redneck politicians fleecing their pockets with the money.

  • rand321 Feb 3, 2007

    I think the county commissionors are playing politicis by the groups against the mandatory year round schools. They can stand back and say, the voters rejected the bond issue, so off to year round.

    However, I do not feel the county commissionors, nor the school board have done justice to the taxpayers or citizens of Wake Co. They have yet failed to address the true long term concerns of the parents or to find long term solutions we can afford as a county. They need to layout the options that are 100% year round to only voluntary yearround with traditional calendars. Then present the options on how to pay from higher taxes or other sources. There is so much antagnosim now because of the shortsighted planning.

  • Not_So_Dumb Feb 3, 2007

    The Commissioners recognized that the plan put forth by WCPSS was thought to address a need for more seats, but both the need and the return from year-round conversion has been demonstrated as not being as was claimed. Only one of the 19 schools hits the 25% threshold. We are paying full price for half the promised return.

  • stevenjkathman Feb 3, 2007

    The cost is about 3 mil for all 20+ schools. I think some of it is for equipment teachers need to store things while tracked out, and to move from classroom to classroom. Unfortunately, thoe ones hurting the most from the county commissioners actions are the teachers (based on info provided to me from an educator). The commissioners have acknowledged that YR is a necessity for now, still they refuse to help. It is too bad we do not have commissioners who sincerely care about education and taking care of teacher's needs. Hopefully this will change in a couple years (next round of elections for them).

  • diwanicki Feb 3, 2007

    ok people, the lottery is helping. Do some research on the lottery. The lottery can only go so far. I don't remember how many people were sentenced for stealing money from the school district. Did yall forget about that? Stop stealing money that is not yours!! Stop busing kids to schools 20 minutes or so from their houses when they have a school 5 minutes from them. That costs money too ya know.

  • St Ives Feb 3, 2007

    I do not understand the fight against year round school or why it is more ecomonical, not having a child in school makes it less of a priorty for me to research.
    I do know that it is sometimes hard to change schedules around, however if all schools were year round would it not be just as easy to adjust to a different schedule as after school programs and day care programs wold adjust also to accomadate the demand for the schedule shift.