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4 White Supremacists Charged in Murder Plot

Posted February 2, 2007

— The investigation into two church arsons has uncovered a group of white supremacists involved in a murder conspiracy, police said Friday.

Two Jan. 13 fires destroyed Memorial Baptist Church and damaged Unity Free Will Baptist Church, both in Greenville. Authorities have determined both fires were deliberately set, but they haven't yet charged anyone with either arson.

As authorities investigated the arsons, a tip led them to people tied to the Aryan Brotherhood, a self-proclaimed white-supremacist group. Police said the local group members were linked to illegal activities, and an early morning raid Friday on two area homes resulted in four arrests and the seizure of weapons, computers and paraphernalia covered with Nazi and Ku Klux Klan symbols.

"These folks have a history of being dangerous. They have a history of committing crimes against folks," Greenville Police Chief William Anderson said.

At least four members of the group kidnapped two men tied to their group, assaulted them and conspired to kill at least one of them, police said.

"What makes this a bit different is we've actually stumbled somewhat onto a planned murder," Pitt County Sheriff Mac Manning said.

Albert Jack O'Neal, 16, is charged with two counts each of first-degree kidnapping and assault with intent to inflict serious injury and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Dustin Grey Fricke, 18, Tiffany Dawn O'Neal Maxwell, 36, and Wallace Woodard III, 25, are each charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, assault with intent to inflict serious injury and conspiracy to commit murder.

Woodard also is charged with communicating threats, police said a juvenile suspect also might be charged in the case.

All four are being held in the Greenville County Detention Center on $1 million bonds.

The address of all four is listed as 506 Shellbrook Court in Greenville, which was one of the homes raided Friday. Authorities also raided 2913 Mills Road in Greenville.

Authorities said they haven't found a link between the supremacist group and the church fires, but the investigation is continuing.

"We haven't rule anyone out yet," Anderson said, calling the four people "persons of interest" in the arson cases.

Investigators also plan to look deeper into the activities of the supremacist group.

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  • cafogg Feb 4, 2007

    Fly the American flag cause as much as the KKK would hate to admit it we are all: AMERICANS and need to try and get along somehow. My thing is if the KKK is so proud of what they do, say, and believe in then why do they hide behind sheets, have your little "meetings" in the dead of night in the southernest portion of NOWHERE in an abandoned smelly old barn and keep everything so secret. I you are right and just , stand up be counted and take responsibility for you convictions and stop being night time, running, cowards!

  • cafogg Feb 4, 2007

    The only flag that should be shown or flown is the American flag because as bad as the rednecks, skinheads, and just poor white trash, would hate to admit it we are all Americans. This country was built on the backs of black slaaves; so what makes whites so superior? Hate in general is stupid to me because if you judge someone for the color of their skin you may be missing out on a good friend cause you are and "idiot". Don't get me wrong black people kill one another over some of the dumbest stuff and whites kill blacks over dumb stuff so in fact the black race is on its way out either inhouse or and external factor. My thing is if the KKK is so proud of what they do and think its right why do they hide behind sheets and hold meetings deep down in the woods in an adandoned barn in some remote area of nowhere? If its so right and just stand up and be counted and stop doing stuff in the dead of night like a coward!

  • Matthew 19_21 Feb 4, 2007

    the Confederate flag stands for slavery and those who display it show their longing for the good ole days of slavery and segregation. What else could it possibly mean? Saying it's part of your heritage is like a German saying that the swastika is part of their heritage. It's no different than a German saying "well I'm not pro Nazi, and I don't hate Jews, but I display this swastika to honor my grandfather who fought in WW 2."

  • RedStatesManWatts Feb 3, 2007

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Confederate flag because it is my heritage. HOWEVER, to display the swastika and that German Hitler flag is not acceptable. They are two totally different eras and beliefs. I wish these skinheads would get a life! As for those of you who hate the Confederate flag then get over it. I feel that these skinheads must be brought to justice and eliminated. The same goes for gangs of any type. Race has no meaning when it comes to justice, eliminate all criminals!

  • Censor victim Feb 3, 2007

    Why do we never hear the words "Black Supremacist"?

  • katgoesloco Feb 3, 2007

    If you have KKK written on something then everybody knows exactly what you think about black people and Jewish people. Don't pretend you don't know what the KKK stands for because everybody can see right through that.

    If you have a Confederate flag right next to that KKK sticker then everybody knows exactly why you have that flag flying and it has nothing to do with Southern pride.

  • BLOCKHEAD Feb 3, 2007

    I tend to see more discrimination between people of the same culture and heritage than I see of the intolerance from whites.
    puerto ricans dont like mexicans
    mexicans dont like cubans
    african blacks dont like american blacks
    american blacks dont like afican whites
    koreans dont like chinese
    chinese dont like japanese I'm not sure what all this means but a lot of blacks seem to have more prejudice against skin tone within their own community,, light skinned , dark skinned, too black , too white. I work with people from many diverse cultures, I see it every day, Although these race-religion hate groups do exist.I think white people are the least of their problems. they need to calm the hatred-discrimination within their own cultures also.

  • rpd2459 Feb 3, 2007

    The swastika (pictured in this artical) was used by the Nazis when they murdered millions of people. Although the symbol was used a long time before the Nazis it was turned evil by evil people. The KKK is a hate group (no way around that) that thinks human beings should be exterminated because they are different than the members. I think this is called ignorance.
    The Confederate flag is different, alot of people THINK they know what it means but they don't. I agree with you regarding the Confederate flag however I hope you have the United States Stars and Stripes right over top.

  • gratefultoGOD Feb 3, 2007

    good question.. there are people of all races, colors.. that hate.. because they are not like them!

  • MzFang Feb 3, 2007

    wildwoody2004 I sent a reply to your above question via your email address as I was unable to post it on here for whatever reason. It was a rational explanation on how we as humans alter the history of certain symbols by misusing and misrepresenting their true and intended meaning. Apparently the WRAL censors are working overtime....OI!