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Grandmother, 75, Fights Off Attacker

Posted February 1, 2007

— A Harnett County man is charged with brutally beating and trying to rape a 75-year grandmother.

John Martin Meeks, 30, of Coats, was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted rape, burglary and assault.

Family members said the victim woke up Tuesday night and found Meeks standing in her room. They said she fought off her attacker, bit his lip and called police.

The victim's injuries were not life-threatening authorities said.

Meeks is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

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  • susanthompson1000 Feb 6, 2007

    did you know?? this guy works in construction... he could be in a neighborhood near you.... this is absoultely crazy.... who would marry this guy??? someone he met at AA????

  • susanthompson1000 Feb 6, 2007

    where to begin... this man is sick... I know someone who knows him... I am so sorry about your aunt... maybe you all need to know that he is a ex drug absuser... who also has already done time in prison for trying to kill a cop...

    why is this man free on bond????????????????? This is so bad... a medical condition???? YEAH right a DRUG condition maybe ... i hope he gets what is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO coming to him....

  • myhappyday Feb 4, 2007

    We are sorry about your aunt and our prayers are with her. I am glad to see that as well as herself she has a family that is so supportive thru this fight and ensure action will be taken against this man in hopes that he won't be allowed to hurt anyone again. John Meeks has been in jail before and also has had previous charges dropped against him. His public record can be viewed which shows a violent history. Seems John Meeks has a Daddy that can manage to get him out of trouble. The Daily Record of Harnett County also has a place for comments, look under Town Square.


  • tetacnme713 Feb 3, 2007

    Thank You for supporting my aunt. My aunt fought for her life. Can you imagine being in your home and look up and there is an intruder in your house. This coward knew what he was doing, he went there to hurt my aunt and got a surprise himself. I remember getting the call and thinking not my aunt. I remember rushing to the emergency room and going to see her. I still cannot get that image out of my mind. The paper reads the alleged attacker was not mentally ill but physically sick. What a bunch of BULL. As I sat in the waiting room I saw this person walk out and I thought you are walking out and my aunt is still here badly beaten. What justice is that. Medical conditions are not he was not to sick to beat a 75 year old LADY. He picked the wrong person, his mug shot proves it.

  • carroll74 Feb 2, 2007

    Sorry about what happenend to your aunt.This man is sick!!!!I also think that the bond was set to low.That's one less vote for that judge next election.

  • HARDWRKR Feb 2, 2007

    OK WRAL - Do the rest of your job and report the facts about why he was released on such a small bond and just was the thinking of the person who allowed it to happen. What are we missing here? Tell the whole story. I am sure there is a story here somewhere.

  • highergame4me Feb 2, 2007

    You Go Grandma!!!!!!

  • Sherlockholmes Feb 2, 2007

    Dude Got Off Easy! Dirtbag!

  • fatkatts2 Feb 2, 2007

    OUT ON BOND????!!!!!!!!!!

  • finallysingle Feb 2, 2007

    Prison,and salt peter !! dude you are a total scum bag !!!