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Birth Mother Appeals Judge's Ruling on Denied Bond

Posted February 1, 2007

— A birth mother charged with kidnapping the twins she put up for adoption has asked a federal judge to let her out of jail until she goes to trial.

Allison Quets' attorney, Dennis Sullivan, argues in a motion filed Wednesday that the court "should not give much weight" to evidence presented by an FBI agent at a probable cause hearing last week.

"The agent admitted under oath that a large part of the historical information to which he testified came from a party with whom the defendant had been embroiled in a protracted and heated custody battle," Sullivan argued.

Quets, 49, of Jacksonville, Fla., was denied bond last Friday, in part, because the Judge James Gates worried that she is a flight risk and a psychological danger to the children, Holly and Tyler.

Federal prosecutors argues that Quets failed to return the twins to their adoptive parents after a weekend visit in December and fled to Ottawa, Canada. They said she had planned for months an elaborate plan to take the children.

She is being held without bond at the Wake County Jail, charged with federal charges of international kidnapping.

But in Wednesday's motion, Sullivan argued that his client was not a flight risk, citing Quets' release on bond in Canada, how she waived her right to contest extradition to the U.S. and abided by the Canadian court's conditions while on release.

Sullivan asked that Quets, who has no criminal record, be released to the custody of a third party and be under electronic monitoring.

The twins are back with their adoptive parents, Kevin and Denise Needham, in Apex.

It is unclear when a judge might rule on Quets' appeal

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  • Tax Man Feb 11, 2007

    virgomisty22 - I am a Doctor by the way, and have been since 1980. And, I agree that not all the story is out in the press - the main problem is that this woman tried to take the law into her own hands and became a fugitive, endangering the kids. If she had a real legal basis for her custody battle she would listen to her attorneys and keep a low profile - she jeopardized her entire case with her actions. She must be responsible for her actions and accept the consequences. She is the one who decided she did not want the kids! She is a flight risk and needs to remain in custody until she is sentenced. Likely she will face some prison time, and she sure cannot raise kids while she is in prison. All in all she screwed up big time and probably permanently ruined any chances of regaining the children she gave away.

  • kmacgibbon Feb 7, 2007

    Did anyone read the Canadian paper where they say the children were obviously loved and being well cared for? Is that dangerous? Did anyone read about how she revoked before the prospective adoptive parents had custody of the kids or signed? They still refused to return her children. Why do an adoption in FL versus NC - easy - there is no revocation in FL. There is way more to this story.

  • eldogg7 Feb 2, 2007

    most of the comments i have read, condemns this woman. she made a mistake,what ever happened to forgivness? god forbide if any of you should make one.

  • superman Feb 2, 2007

    If she had not already indicated that she was a flight risk- I would agree -- she could post her bond and be released. But it is foolish to say she is not a flight risk. Dont think she has sense enough to show up for trial if she was released.

  • gflowers Feb 2, 2007


  • virgomisty22 Feb 2, 2007

    robinsdean -at- earthlink -dot- net so when did you become a doctor not everyone knows the whole story oh but I bet you think you do . I think you need to do some more homework here before you go running off at the mouth.

  • bryan Feb 2, 2007

    She is a danger to the children. She is better off in prison. Is it possible to ban someone from a state? Because she shouldn't be allowed to set foot in NC ever again.

  • Mom on Call Feb 2, 2007

    She needs to remain in custody! She is a cold and calculating person who needs to have the security of walls and bars so that she does not continue to do stupid things that are against the law. She is a lady walking the edge and with the way she was able to manipulate others to assist her in the kidnapping of the adoptive family's children, there is no telling who out there would continue to do so.

    I am sure Quets would love to be out where she can assure that the media visits her and so she can continue to exploite the children. Does she ever think about those kids and thier needs? Apparently not.......

  • WXYZ Feb 2, 2007

    Hmmm... "Birth mother"... She is THE mother of HER children. Also, the children have only one father. Why confuse the situation further by using "politically correct" terminology?

  • just my2cents Feb 2, 2007

    WRAL needs to make a correction on the caption under that picture. She is the birth mother, but Mrs. Needham is the twins' mother.