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Perdue Campaign to Return Contributions to Fayetteville Teens

Posted January 31, 2007

— Candidates are already starting to stock their campaign war chests for next year's fight for the North Carolina governorship. But with 21 months until Election Day, one high-profile hopeful faces questions about a series of contributions from teenagers.

Beverly Perdue has raised about $2.5 million so far for her expected run for governor. She brought in about $1 million of that in the last half of 2006.

A closer look at Perdue's most recent campaign finance report shows a healthy contribution from a Fayetteville family.

On Oct. 9, Dr. Sheryl Jordan, a radiologist, donated the individual maximum of $4,000. On the same day, her three sons -- Ben, Sam, and Zane -- each gave the same $4,000 amounts. According to public documents, the teens range in age from 13 to 18 years old.

North Carolina law puts no age restriction on individuals who make political contributions. But the contributor must use his or her own money, and donating in the name of another person is illegal.

It's still unclear whether any of these contributions crossed the line. By law, the Perdue campaign is not liable for illegal campaign contributions of that sort.

But campaign officials said they won’t take any chances. In a statement Wednesday afternoon, the officials thanked WRAL for bringing the issue to their attention.

“We're reviewing our finance report and returning any checks from people under the age of 18. And beginning (Wednesday), we are implementing a policy not to accept checks from people under 18,” Perdue campaign spokesman Peter Reichard said in the statement. “This new policy goes beyond the requirements of the law."

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  • blueridgelab Feb 2, 2007

    The Lt Governor will more than likely be elected as the States first female Governor. There are plenty of people who will vote for her simply because she's a she and not a he. But despite that, whens the last time you've seen a real honest down to earth candidate running for a high profile office as a true champion of the people. Both parties select candidates they deem will finish the race. Not based on character, integrety, service or honesty but on who will garner the most backing monetarily and politically to push the parties own agenda not the peoples.

    Ms Perdue will certainly be the Democratic choice for their party. I'm not sure who the Republicans will crown for thiers but in either case the people of North Carolina will lose. The winners are the politicians, special interest groups and big business.

  • superman Feb 1, 2007

    You can forget your campaign baby-- You already a loser-- You be meeting Meg Scott Phipps in federal prison.

  • HARDWRKR Feb 1, 2007

    Does anyone expect us citizens to believe that a person would donate $12,000 to a politician and the candidate does not even know who they are, much less who their family is? Give me a break, we are dumb, but we ain't stupid - always!

  • beachboater Feb 1, 2007

    rayh -at- enewton -dot- com

    There is no tax deduction for political contributions. Not deductible. Nada.

  • rayh Feb 1, 2007

    looks like somebody was trying to do some undercover tax write-off stuff making it look like gifts to the kids, political contributions, etc. Doesn't say what dad does for a living but sounds like something a lawyer would do. I hope IRS audits them for life.

  • ahawkins629 Feb 1, 2007

    yea right, i bet the teens don't even know they made contributions... haha bet mommy & daddy take thier money back from them...

  • superman Jan 31, 2007

    So where did they think the money came from. Surely the boys werent working part-time jobs and giving their money for a political campaign. when u donate u should have to fill out a form with your name and address, age and occupation at least. How u going to donate 4,000 and u only 13? Guess some people just try to circle around the law and hope it doesnt bite them in the butt

  • St Ives Jan 31, 2007

    Not a good start