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Pedestrian Struck, Killed on Interstate 95

Posted January 31, 2007

— One person is dead after being struck by a tractor-trailer in Cumberland County.

Authorities said the pedestrian was walking on northbound Interstate 95 near Highway 24 at around 5:15 a.m. when he was hit by the tractor-trailer. Details about the accident are not yet known.

One lane of northbound I-95 was briefly shut down while authorities investigate the accident. The lane has since reopened to traffic.

The name of the victim has not yet been released.

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  • cmuffinberry Jan 31, 2007

    SURPRISE!! His family is reading this comment board! He was my cousin and a REAL person. Why do people always assume the worse?! I think that is part of the problem with society, people take death too lightly. Death is permanent and I will NEVER get to see him alive again. When we were small we use to run thru the cornfields at my great-grandma's house in Smithfield. We use to fish for catfish and drink dr. peppers from a glass bottle on hot summer days. Those r my favorite memories about my cousin. Thanks for the prayers as my family gets thru this difficult time and I will be praying for the people who made the negative comments as well.

  • diwanicki Jan 31, 2007

    change the title to truck driver hit by another truck driver and everyone will stop saying he committed suicide. It was an accident and this young man lost his life. I have no idea if this person even knows he did it. Not all truck drivers use cbs. My husband is a truck driver and has told me that not all trucks have them. Someone out there killed this man and needs to come forward. If you were on that stretch of road at that time and you have a silver or white rig, say so. My prayers are with all families involved. The boss and his wife have to live everyday knowing they witnessed this tragic event. You could tell in the interview that he was crying and trying not to.

  • amdhauling Jan 31, 2007

    This man was a father, son, brother and a great friend. Died way to earily he wasnt even 30.Just like us all trying to make a better life for his family. He had just started driving for the company not even 2 weeks, but he was not new to driving Transfer Trucks. He was full of life and a great person. The family he left behind will miss him very much as most of his friends already do. This morning when I got the call from my husband (also a trucker & very close friend)all I could do was think to myself how short life is, today is not promised to any of us. Remeber our great friend tonight when you go to bed, kiss your child goodnight, or call your mom and tell her you love her. For he will never get that chance again...Please say a prayer for his parents, child and other loved ones... Be blessed...

  • Fence Straddler Jan 31, 2007

    "Keep On Trucking" comments are referred to truckers' when times are tough and their career is on the line. In situations like this where details are sketchy, assumptions in the trucking community are somebody committed suicide by a truck.
    As a truck driver I do know of the emphasis placed on driver situational awareness based on people who are depressed with life and would like to throw themself in front of a truck.
    I feel sorry for the driver of the truck in this tragedy because only "he" will have to cope with the death of this pedestrian and nobody will ever understand it unless it happens to them.

    This story was "Breaking News" this morning and was not very detailed and very easy based on (lack of)information to add assumptions based on lifes' experiences.

    Please pray for the family of the pedestrian,truck driver and drivers family too!

  • kaecee Jan 31, 2007

    zx500, i guess what everyone is trying to say is that the comment was mean and inappropriate. I agree, suppose that man's wife saw that comment(wral.com is a public domain)? She is probably already dealing with the fact that her husband has killed someone not to mention the trucker who has to deal with that each and every day of his life. It's sad that we have people in this world who take life and people's feelings as a joke.

  • Browneyez_25_80 Jan 31, 2007

    xz550, everybodu is entitled to an opinion and a right to comment....that doesn't mean that people have to agree with it....remember Freedom of Speech!

  • BIG YAWN Jan 31, 2007


    Thanks for your comments. Sarcasim is my sense-of-humor. Obviously not for everyone as you have proved. I guess I've just grown cynical of people that comment and think they're morally just and above the rest. Yes, I guess I'm a hypocrite. How about you? You don't like my comments but you say I should have the right to comment? Wow, look in the mirror.

  • nisa-pizza Jan 31, 2007

    I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the public being able to comment on the stories. That’s what the internet is all about. It’s a venue for people to express their likes, dislikes and opinions.

    It’s easy to be misunderstood when writing comments for all to see and that’s why emoticons were invented to display what your emotions were when you wrote it. (Although they can be hard to use in forums like this.) However, I don’t think that a situation like this has any call for sarcasm and maybe I’m way off base on that one. I just know that if I were that trucker’s wife and I read you comment, I’d be very, very hurt.

    “Maybe the truck driver had it out for this person. It might not be a random act! The
    person could have been having an affair with the truck driver's wife! (rolls eyes).”

    I don’t see where it’s appropriate at all.

  • BIG YAWN Jan 31, 2007

    In my earlier comment I hope everyone got that I was being sarcastic. Of course we didn't know all the details at the time. That's the point of my sarcasim.

    When this new format was set up one of the comments I sent to WRAL was I didn't agree with letting the general public comment on the stories because I knew this would happen. Politics....oh yea...fair game!

  • tarheelblue919 Jan 31, 2007

    you know what? all these comments are outragious! accidents DO happen ya know! its a sad event for both parties. i know its a mean world, but theres not ALWAYS some type of motive or underlying meaning. and as for "keep on truckin"...i pray for the person who said this, its completely selfish, rude, immoral, and heartless!!!!! sure hope you never have any situation like this, i always heard you gotta lay in the bed you have made.....