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Police Seek Pair Who Delivered Crime Along With Morning Paper

Posted January 30, 2007

— A former newspaper carrier and a male companion are wanted on charges they stole from her customers while the pair drove around her newspaper route in the early morning darkness.

Police say the woman and her boyfriend filched items from into cars and mailboxes in Apex, Cary and Holly Springs.

Michele Maizda and Corey Brown would open mailboxes while she was working as a contractor delivering The News & Observer in an Apex neighborhood, looking for credit card numbers in mail, police said. They would also open unlocked cars and steal whatever they could get their hands on, according to detectives.

“They had the newspaper, they had the bags to put the newspapers in, and then they would drive around the neighborhoods and steal from cars and steal mail out of mailboxes while they were delivering the newspapers,” said Detective Ben Byrne with the Apex Police Department.

An open garage, an unlocked Lexus and a purse left in the front seat were an open invitation for the suspects to prey on Tracy Santrock.

"I was very afraid,” Santrock said. “I was very scared. I just couldn't believe it. I had never had anything like that happen to me in my entire life."

Santrock said the thieves hit in the middle of the night. By 8 a.m., they had had been on a shopping spree while spending thousands of dollars on her credit card.

“They started off at Cary at the Wal-Mart Supercenter,” Santrock said. “They also stopped at McDonalds and had breakfast.”

Apex police said a surveillance camera caught the two suspects using another victim's credit card on a $200 purchase. On the tape, Maizda is seen shuffling through a handful of credit cards before finding one that would work.

Detectives are searching for Maizda and Brown. Santrock said she hoped the pair is caught soon, but she can't help but have one regret.

"I really wish I would have closed the garage door,” Santrock said.

Anyone who has any information on Maizda or Brown’s whereabouts is asked to call the Apex Police Department at 919-362-8661.

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  • superman Jan 31, 2007

    Sorry but u must never been to walmart shopping-- they have a sign at the cash register that they randomly ask for ID-- but not in every case. I write on all my credit cards--with a permanent black marker please check ID. Some customers get irate when they are asked for ID. You cant please everyone

  • diwanicki Jan 31, 2007

    you are not totally right, some employees at walmart do ask for id.

  • lacjac Jan 31, 2007

    This is why cashiers should look at a person's identification before they submit a credit card. It would definitely cut down on credit card theft. Walmart is one of those stores who do not ask for identification. Stores should make it MANDATORY for their employees to check identification on a person using a credit card.

  • kaecee Jan 31, 2007

    Santrock did something that wasn't too intelligent, but me being me, why would she think or have reason to believe that someone would come into her yard, into her garage, and go as far as trying her door handle and stealing her purse. I know thieves are bold, but you expect them to be bold with cars on the street or in driveways.. They pair literally entered her house. I guess it all goes back to the fact that I think we are nieve to the times we live in or we just think that certain things can't happen to us.

  • lovecarolinagutters Jan 31, 2007

    wonder how much of that merchandise was traded for illegal drugs ??

  • diwanicki Jan 31, 2007

    Stuff like this happens everywhere you go. I wonder how many other people they did this to. Shame on them and I hope they catch them soon. If you need money that bad work 2 jobs.

  • builder276 Jan 31, 2007

    see, all that wasted money to Brink Home Security. As with most alarms, people don't use them because they get sick of them going off all the time for nothing, just like car alarms. You do have to at least close the door, there is no excuse for stupidity.

  • ultimate250exrider Jan 31, 2007

    These are the type of people who have nothing going for them in life.

  • ScreenNameNotInUse Jan 31, 2007

    Fix the typos in the second and third paragraph.

  • shoyaryt Jan 31, 2007

    Theives are just getting more and more brazen... earlier this month I witnessed 3 young men walking through my neighborhood at around 10 pm. They stopped at one house, went through an unlocked car and pulled out a bag. They searched the bag in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET and threw the bag in another yard. They then went to the next yard, as they were making their way down the street. After I called the police, it turned out that they didn't even live in the neighborhood. At first, my neighbors felt safe and secure; that they could leave their doors and cars unlocked as it's a new development... not anymore. I've always locked up and alarmed everything and anything, and I encourage you all to continue to do the same!