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Snow, Freezing Rain Look Likely on Thursday

Posted January 30, 2007
Updated January 31, 2007

— The Triangle is almost certainly in for a messy day on Thursday, with a mix of snow, freezing rain and rain, but timing is the question.

WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said that computer models suggested Tuesday night that the morning commute may be dry, and then precipitation will begin.

Light snow and freezing rain are expected at first, then freezing rain and rain into mid afternoon and rain into the evening. Highs will be in the lower to mid 30s.

Snow could accumulate 1 to 2 inches in Raleigh and points north and west.

The atmosphere aloft should warm in the early afternoon, Fishel said, and snow would change to freezing rain as rain in the upper air fell into colder air near the surface. The precipitation should change to all rain, however, as the system move to the northwest and warmer air covers the region. How long it takes the precipitation to shift over to rain in the north and west is one of the issues forecasters are watching.

The current picture has precipitation beginning as snow north and west of the Triangle, freezing rain through the central Triangle, and Rain south and east when it all begins. The lines separating those types of precipitation will march northwest during the day, and all of the Triangle should be getting rain by Thursday night, Fishel said.

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  • giepa Jan 31, 2007

    smullina- you would be frist to buy the t-skirt, down here we sell them

  • giepa Jan 31, 2007

    when you get my age, youwant warm weather, we have no one to help clean off our drive way so that we may get out

  • ultimate250exrider Jan 31, 2007

    I wouldnt mind if this ended up being a huge snow.

  • Hevans1012 Jan 31, 2007

    Front wheel drive rocks in the snow! I took my Grand Prix GTP down a cul-de-sac one snowy/icy day not a spin or slip =)

  • ANNIE Jan 31, 2007


  • ANNIE Jan 31, 2007

    This is the time of the year when I wished I owned a grocery store.

  • Execution Style Jan 31, 2007

    I wish we'd all get snow bound for 3 days with hot cocoa and lots of movies on the tv. The only time ice bothers me is when it knocks out my power!

  • St Ives Jan 31, 2007

    Grew up in the snowey north country, stayed home when it iced up there too.

  • g88ky Jan 31, 2007

    we'll believe it when we see it.
    aren't the layers above too warm? isn't the dew point too low? won't it evaporate before it hits the ground? isn't the ground temp too warm? won't it snow in Wilmington and miss us?
    is the sky falling?

  • Fence Straddler Jan 31, 2007

    Don't panic people this is a one day event!
    No need to rush to the store because we already know you will be out driving in it (Try Not to Wreck).

    Keep a safe distance from the vehicle(s) in front of you.
    Drive Slow! Stay Safe!