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Parents to Learn More About New Wake Reassignment Plan

Posted January 29, 2007

— Wake County parents will soon learn more about the school system's revised reassignment proposal. School officials are sending out letters to families starting Monday, detailing the changes.

Officials estimate 8,000 new students will flood Wake County classrooms and hallways every year for the next several years. To handle the massive growth, administrators are proposing to shift more than 11,000 students to other schools, including recent changes that will affect 1,500 students.

Some changes will add students to the reassignment plan, some will drop students while others reassign students to a different school.

"It makes me sad. I hate to see it happen," said parent Kathleen Brennan.

Board members said, like the plan itself, the changes are not easy.

"It doesn't always work out in everybody's favor, but we do hear everyone and do our best to make the best plan we can," school board member Lori Millberg.

The final vote on the changes and the entire reassignment plan will be Feb. 6.

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  • GIGATT Jan 29, 2007

    Oh dem0nm0nky.... you shall see when you become a parent. You shall see:-)

  • m0nky Jan 29, 2007

    i had to switch highschools midway through because of reassignment. i was sent to a school where i knew next to noone. but you know what? the people i was closest too stayed my friends. and we still keep in touch to this day. i also made a boat load of new friends at the new school. it was a growing experience. your kids need to learn that change is a vital part of life. if they don't learn this now they become less likely to accept change later in life. and that leads to debates like this one. i think the reason most of you are up in arms is that this is an inconvenience to you. having to change your morning routine.

  • GIGATT Jan 29, 2007

    Stop building new homes and that will slow down the growth. Then people like me who have a home for sale in Raleigh can sell it:-) Glad I'm not there to endure this mess anymore!

  • boozex3 Jan 29, 2007

    It's a sad thing to happen to the children. My daughter is going to lose most of her friends that she has been going to school with since kindergarden. She has ask if she could go with them, but my wife and I try to explain what is going on but she doesn't understand.

  • Warden Jan 29, 2007

    While I don't agree that not having kids in school should exempt someone from paying the taxes, I do think that as a county, we need to stop our unchecked urban sprawl and set limits. If a school is full, create a waiting list, with priority given to those parents that already have a child in the same school.

    This will likely mean that people new to the area will need to go the next available school, even if its counties away. We should stop ripping apart our gorgeous green state and building more and more homes whose residents our roads and schools can't accommodate.

  • teacher Jan 29, 2007

    Gerrymandering is when you structure voting precinct lines to benefit a candidate or party. It has nothing to do with ensuring that each student in Wake County receives the best education possible. We are educating future doctors, teachers, politicians, and maybe even a future president. We need to invest in our future.

  • Not_So_Dumb Jan 29, 2007

    knights68, you said "Get rid of the teachers union first and foremost." What teachers union? Wake County teachers aren't unionized. Just as you posted "why should facts stand in the way" when you are looking for a scapegoat? The teachers are NOT the problem.

  • oceanchild71 Jan 29, 2007

    Even if you do not have kids, by virtue of your presence, you contribute to the growth problem!!! Who is going to staff all the places you shop, dine, go to the doctor's,etc? For those of you who want a stable tax rate, how 'bout this? Go put up a fence around a town and allow only people past reproductive ages or those who sign a blood oath to never have children in. Then let's see how long the town lasts.

    This argument of "All my kids are grown" or "I never had kids" is an empty argument. EVERYONE directly or indirectly contributes to the growth of an area. Therefore, EVERYONE must contribute to the education of present students.

    As a former WCPSS employee, I say get rid of the magnet system as it is now and allow every school to develop its own program and allow parents to choose what school to go to. Supply and demand will take care of opening enough seats to satisfy all the families' calendar needs as well as guarantee that all teachers are highly qualified!

  • der_Marv_meister Jan 29, 2007

    "If you do not have kids in the school system, you do not have a right to an opinion about this" or "who are you to judge?"
    is a general attitude by many on this subject. POPPYCOCK!
    The fact that those without kids pay the same amount (if not more) taxes into the bottomless pit of the farcical Department of Education seems to elude them. But then again, why should facts stand in the way of some of those who wish to have the government schools take care of their kids for them?

    Plus, does one HAVE to have a kid in the education system to form an opinion? By that same logic, I have to kill someone in order to have the opinion that murder is right or wrong?

    So what's the solutiuon? Everyone has a complaint, but have read or heard little of solutions.
    My solutions are simple.
    Get rid of the teachers union first and foremost.
    Get rid of the ludacris reassignments and school busing. It has always been and always be gerrymandering and racially/socioeconomically biased.

  • superman Jan 29, 2007

    Excuse me but i worked for 35 years and paid social security. Now you can work and pay yours. My benefit is tied into what I paid in-- what u are paying in does not count for me. I have my own medical insurance and as far as medicare goes-- it is required. When u get 65 u have to pay extra for medicare or your private insurance wont pay. Medicare is just a free ride for the insurance company. When u get 65, medicare becomes your primary insurance and your health insurance is secondary. Most of my tax money is used for education. I didnt pass the laws about social security and medicare. If its not there when u need it-- too bad. Maybe your well educated children will give u a helping hand. Good luck