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Another Wake School Bond Would Face Tough Battle

Posted January 28, 2007
Updated January 29, 2007

— Wake County commissioners have said they want to put another bond package on the ballot this fall. But just two months after Wake County voters passed a $970 million package, would it stand a chance of passing?

“Every time we put another bond (on the ballot) for schools, it gets bigger and bigger and it gets a little tougher each time,” said consultant Ballard Everett, who has been a part of the last four winning bond issues in the county.

Everett said it was a big challenge to get the $970 million bond passed two months ago. Another bond issue going on the ballot a year later is going to be an even bigger challenge, he said.

“If they're going to do it, they’ve got to get started today, yesterday,” Everett said.

It’s not certain if the bond issue will even go before voters in 2007. Members of the Wake County School Board ultimately have to sign off on the move. With five members up for re-election this year, some observers said this is a political move by county commissioners to affect the elections.

“Interesting in a year when board members might be up for election, that there'd be a school bond referendum, instead of a year when county commissioners are up,” Everett said.

The school bond is not the only potential referendum Wake County leaders are considering this year. Commissioners have also suggested a $100 million bond for Wake Tech Community College, as well as a $60 million bond for libraries and $50 million for parks and open space.

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  • chargernut69 Jan 30, 2007

    Do we really need new schools that look like new architectural marvels? why can't new schools be simple buildings, like they did years ago...

    Time to vote out the school board people that don't have a clue....

  • gcannon Jan 29, 2007

    I am all for education;however, it is about time that the Wake County School Board (as well as many other government agencies) show some responsibility to the overburdened tax payer. They must do what I have always had to do ... they must tighten their belt! There is so much waste and corruption in government (remember the school bus/Barnes fiasco?}. I live in Wendell which has one of the highest town property tax rates in the county and it is hard for me to forget the embezzlement of funds by the Wendell Finance Manager over a thirty year period.
    The Wake County school board should not expect the taxpayers to bond them out due to poor management and planning ... tighten the belt!

  • BridgeBuilder Jan 29, 2007

    Instead of voting on another school bond, perhaps the voters should look at voting for new County Commissioners and new School Board members. The politics have already started with with the current regimes. Wake County refusing millions to the school board because of their year-round schools. Folks even if the money isn't spent your tax assessment is going up. There is something wrong with this picture and voters better start paying attention.

  • clackymcsplatter Jan 29, 2007

    kjcls@nc.rr----boy your overly-emotional rant reeks of socialism...
    WE are a gov't of laws Not of man.

  • sonjiarose Jan 29, 2007

    Wow -- I am not sure if I agree with this bond idea or not yet -- I think it is odd that the County Commissioner brought up the idea and that the lobbist group who has not only been against the last few bond referendums but is also against year round schools are the lobbists now backing this package. I just think that is EXTREMELY odd.

  • der_Marv_meister Jan 29, 2007

    When was the last time a school bond was actually rejected by voters and the school system complied? It's been a VERY long time ago. By this I mean that any bond someone conjours up will inevitably pass. One way or another it comes to life.
    I remember once, not so long ago, voters rejected a bond proposal yet the bond was enacted anyway and the money flowed!

  • RDUTEC Jan 29, 2007

    I thought the lottery was supposed to elimate this problem. I believe that because our governor said so.

  • superman Jan 29, 2007

    The offer by the county commissioners was just a ploy. They know darn well another bond issue wont pass. They just playing with the school board. You folks with kids in school should be putting out the money for the schools. I havent received any benefit check for the children who were educated and got out of school. I guess they will be coming soon. I do receive benefits from the money that is spent on roads, fire department, etc. but dont receive anything for the public schools and that is where the majority of my tax money goes. people will children in school should pay more and if they in college -- pay more-- i am sick of paying for your childrens education. you had them-- now -- by golly -- pay for them.

  • GoBoSox Jan 29, 2007

    PAY FOR YOUR OWN PROBLEMS!! What a narrow-minded statement! All of my children go to private school yet I have NO PROBLEM paying for public education.

    As mentioned here by others, EVERYONE benefits from an educated society and having a top-notch school system increases YOUR property values.

    I work from home. Can I get a 100% refund of the taxes I pay for road and highway maintenance? How about the county vehicle tax I pay? Can I get a refund of that too since I drive so few miles?

    Also, with three young kids I personally don’t have time to use many of the recreational facilities paid for by my tax dollars. Can I get another refund please?

    Now, I don’t know whether this new bond makes sense or not, I haven’t read enough about it. But to say he should pay more in real estate taxes or she shouldn’t doesn’t make sense. Everyone benefits in different ways (assuming the money is managed properly – but that’s a completely different topic!)

  • alwayslovingu30 Jan 29, 2007

    send all the mexicans home to mexico.our dss says we need to make it harder dor them to get help DUH we arent supposed to be helping them to start with what the h is going on.if you go to the cotton exchange in wendell an yell immagration the building would be empty in minuits illegal people an there kids should be sent back this would help us greatly we might even have schools that we arent useing because they are overcrowding our system an draining our resorses