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Drug Operation Busted at Lee County Motel

Posted January 27, 2007

— Authorities busted an alleged drug-selling scheme located at a Lee County motel.

Six people were taken into custody around 9 p.m. Friday after law-enforcement officers raided the Sanford Motel on U.S. Highway 1. The motel's manager and two employees were among those detained, said Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter.

About an hour before the raid, an undercover officer bought a small amount of crack cocaine at the motel’s office, authorities said.

Inside the motel, officers found roughly five grams of crack and various paraphernalia, including a digital scale.

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  • clackymcsplatter Jan 28, 2007

    dept. of alcohol,tobacco and firearms should be a store and NOT a gov't agency!!!

  • Raleigh Native Jan 28, 2007

    this wasn't a drug "operation"...just some addict that they busted...go after the big guys

  • Raleigh Native Jan 28, 2007

    this is a really small bust...this will do nothing to stop drugs....

  • CnB Cat Jan 28, 2007

    drugs are bad, however, the government could do something to help inn-city and other poverty-strucken individuals. Unless you're gonna employ these people, they must provide for their families any way they can. This is survival to them.

  • mchlpickle Jan 28, 2007

    Why not pass a law that anyone caught bringing drugs into the United States will be executed on the spot no Questions asked regaurdless of the amount then maybe we can stop some of it. " Oh wait" we can't even execute the one's on death row now so that might not work after all with these dumb ### judges we have now stopping the executions just to get their names in the news.

  • superman Jan 28, 2007

    drugs, prostitution, alchol, and cigarettes, make them all legal and find a way to tax them. You cant stop it and we wasting money to even try. Dont forget the lottery either, put an extra sales tax on lottery tickets. You cant stop a train

  • builder276 Jan 27, 2007

    they probably had a great business plan. house and supply the crackheads, I'm sure it was a great money maker

  • Toni Jan 27, 2007

    Someone is getting awful rich importing these drugs....As long as it continues getting into the country there will be drug dealers selling it.

  • bostonfox1 Jan 27, 2007

    They will only get a slap on the hand and have to pay a little bit of money to which is pocket change for them , and they will be right back on the street selling it to our kids, or trying to get them to sell it for a quick buck..but its what keeps money flowing thru our court system.. its just right...

  • diamondintherough Jan 27, 2007

    Yeah, IDIOTS are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!