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Troopers Report Drug Found on Crash Survivor

Posted January 26, 2007
Updated January 27, 2007

— The Highway Patrol said Friday that troopers investigating a fatal Johnston County head-on crash found a small amount of marijuana on the lone survivor the night the wreck happened Jan. 21 in Kenly.

Troopers did not indicate whether they planned to file charges against Travis Foster, 16. They gave no indication that investigators think drugs were involved in the accident.

Police have determined that Nicholas Creech, 16, was speeding and had driven across the center line of South Johnston Parkway Road when he collided with a truck driven by his friend, Reece Richardson, 17.

Foster was a passenger in Creech's truck. He was reported to be in good condition Friday night at WakeMed.

Funeral services were held for Creech and Richardson Wednesday evening at North Johnston High School, where they were juniors. More than 1,400 people gathered to pay their respects.

Graveside services were held Thursday.

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  • Sherlockholmes Feb 9, 2007

    See The Way Your Puking Directly On Me? That's The Problem With You Kids Today. Absolutely No Respect For Anybody, Not Even Yourself. Your Friends Are Dropping Like Flies In February And Not One Of You Gives A Damn About It. Next Time Your With Your "Friends" Take A Good Look Around And Ask Yourself, Who's Next ? Many Of These Posts By NJHS Students Claim To Have Lost Friends In Car Accidents. Get It Together Little Man, You Have No Clue. Grow Up! Learn Some Respect! Learn How To Read Because Your Missing It! Learn How To Spell Cause You Can't! Because You Singled Me Out From Many Other Readers Who Posted Similar Comments Only Shows Ur Inteligence Is Obscured By Ur Arrogance. Get Ur Head Out Of Ur @$$ And Wake Up To The Real World ! I'm Curious To Know If U Profess Any Other Talents Aside From Ur Inability To Control Ur Colon ? And BTW Whoever Gave That Picture Of Travis To WRAL, Should Have Looked Closer Cause I'd Bet My B@11$ That He's Stoned !

  • jcprincess101 Feb 2, 2007

    You know I went to NJHS and graduated not to long ago....i was a senior and the boys were a freshman....My Sr. year I lost my best friend in a car accident....and I know how it feels....to "sherlock holms" ur comments are rediculous!!! Seriously...yeah this is a free country and yes there is a such thing as freedom speak but gaod man u take that way over ur head! I dont know if u have children but if it was ur's you'd feel like the whole world has ended and i know thats how the parents to all boys feel...you're probably some jack ass who doesnt have a life!!! Give your thoughts a rest and keep them to your self!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL the family and friends of all 3 boys!!! God Bless the people who have been supported and not stupid like "sherlock holms"!!!

  • WRALFAN88 Jan 28, 2007

    Aint yall ever heard of FREE SPEECH and OPINIONS. Everyone on here who says something to the affective of he should get charges with drug posession gets blessed out and it some cases Ive heard of yall emailing these people. GET A LIFE! Just cause every aint thinking like you dont give you the right to verbally attack someone. God did not make us all equal and the world dont revolve around one person. Im sure someone aint gonna like this comment and email me about it. Well thats fine you got your opinion and I have mine, certain ones just need to learn respect toward others opinions and stop gettin all bent out of shape. Thanks

  • ++2A-Shall Not Be Infringed++ Jan 28, 2007

    if you all had to meet this sherlock dude face to face would you want him to be truthful with you or would you respect him more if he lied to you? just curious
    bikenbarney southerncntry82
    dudes their comin after you next

  • RattleSnake Jan 28, 2007

    He deserves to be charged. Just because he was in a bad wreck and people lost there lives dont excuse him of wrong doing. Im getting tired of society "babying" people no matter where in ths US. The boy had a drug on him it dont matter how big or small the amount. Drugs are drugs people period! It amazes me how some people try to sugar coat crap to make it sound all nice. But I guess since (sarcasticly) "awww he is only 16 and it was only a small amount and he was in a bad sccident" Thats ok so lets excuse him. HA! If thats the case everyone who does wrong should get off if your gonna nit-pick mess out to look for a reason to feel sorry for them.

  • superman Jan 28, 2007

    If he was speeding and crossed the center line- he "might" have been high on alchol or drugs or even on the cell phone. maybe even smoking a cigarette (god forbid) lets put another tax of cigarettes-- prevent more accidents.

  • deerslayer Jan 28, 2007

    Sherlock take my advice; quit before it gets worse. You are not proving anything by keeping this going. Do the right thing and take a break for a while....

  • cjandminnierule Jan 28, 2007

    This kid was 16, a lot of kids his age experiment with drugs. Their family and friends have been through so much grief and to come out and tell everyone that the kid had a "small amount of marijuana on him is just a joke! Let the family and friends deal with this instead of making these kids out to be some kind of bad kid!

  • Miss Anthropist Jan 27, 2007

    Hey sir_williams1214 ,Your Right You Dont Know Me Or What I Stand For.
    "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye
    and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:3 I See A Community That Sugar Coats The Truth And Sweeps It All Under The Rug,Speeding And Drugs, Hmmm! OMG How Do You All Justify That.Did You Even Read My Post,Everyone Lookin For Apologies, So I Put Out Some Sentiment From The Heart, And You Still Beat Up On Sherl0ck,So Be It,Maybe I Have Lost A Loved One To A Similar Situation, Have Any Of You All Concidered That Maybe That's Why Im So In Your Face, Our Kids See This Kind Of Stuff On TV And Never Blink An Eye,I Have Nothing Personal Against These Boys,Just The Situation,This Is Real People,Lets Face It,Rather Than Excuse It.I'm Not Some Kind Of Monster, I Am Really Truly Sorry These Boys Lost Their Lives,I Am Just Not Happy With The "Something Happened" Thing, I Need To Understand "Why".
    Hence the "Sherlock Holmes"

  • sirwilliams1214 Jan 27, 2007

    Well,I guess I'll throw in the rest of my 2 cent in. This is going out to Mr or Mrs Sherlock. Did you ever stop and think about everyone that has commented? MAYBE all these people arent from Kenly myfriend. Therefore to somebody this situation is just another Billy, Bobby, and Joe. I respect your or opinion, but i don't think I have to much respect for you, and the sad thing about that is I don't even know you. The comment about the survivor being special caught my attention probably the mnost. You're right! he is special, but down here in this community we call that Blessed. Reece and Nick both were God's children, and for you to state such a harsh statement upsets me and others greatly.It's obvious that you don't know what community you're dealing with, see this is "tight-knit" community.a community that Prays together, and we all know that A community that prays together, stays together and God said "Do not touch my annointed". Im sorry but ur comment wasnt needed nor desired.