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2 Men Accused of Stealing Gas From Underground Tanks

Posted January 26, 2007

— Two men are behind bars after authorities said they stole gas from underground tanks.

On Thursday, Sgt. S.E. Mozingo, of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, observed a Ford Bronco pulling an enclosed trailer parked in the PVA of Johnny’s Mart on Highway 111 South.

Mozingo believed the driver was having mechanical problems, so he approached the vehicle to offer assistance.

Mozingo was talking to Shane Allen English, 48, of Goldsboro, when he observed a hand appear from underneath the trailer replacing the cap onto the underground fuel tank of the store.

Upon further investigation, Mozingo found that the enclosed trailer was set up to siphon fuel from underground fuel tanks. Five 55-gallon drums, an electric fuel pump and several feet of siphoning hose were found inside the trailer.

Authorities said a hole had been cut into the floor of the trailer, allowing the suspects to access the underground tanks from inside the enclosed trailer.

English and another man, Reuben Elmon Wood, 42, of Seven Springs, were arrested and charged with larceny of motor fuel. Both men are in the Wayne County Jail on $5,000 bond.

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  • toyoburningsupra Jan 30, 2007

    Check out this email to Winders at the WCSD....
    Mr. Winders:

    What do you think of your deputy releasing the information to the media with details on how to steal underground gas? Complete information played all weekend on several channels. Do you give information out on a murder? Do you give details on how to build a met lab? Should I go on? I don't think so.

    The information that I have read on Channel 5, 14 & New Argus gives enough information that your department will be busy in the future. Why was so much detailed info given?
    Are you reviewing what is released to the Media? I would think that information to the media would go past your desk for approval. Because you would not want to much information about cases exposed. Would this not interfere with your investigations? I believe that with as much exposure has your office has been exposed to in the last four months about about your employees your would be reviewing what is going to the media. I

  • beckicsmith Jan 30, 2007

    Even though gas isn't high as it was a short period back summer is just around the corner for the return of the HIGH prices AGAIN - whose to say that it won't go back to $3.00 or more! So when this is problem or crime happens again - you can THANK Mr. Steve Mozingo (WCSD) and his placement in the media for such a good IDEA! So pat Steve on the back for a job well done. How far is this going to get him at election time?

  • AngelEyes Jan 27, 2007

    JustJumpInTheLake; You are right on target. I used to deliver LP Gas & most tankers deliver at night - or after the business closes...It's so much easier than dodging all the idiot 4wheelers...Locks would be difficult to manage...Some companies have a master key, but that's not feasible for every Mom'n'Pop operation out there!

  • my2cents Jan 26, 2007

    Sure would like to know how many times they got away with this stunt????At least before deputy dog got them!!!

  • MoMoneyMoMoneyBoMoney Jan 26, 2007

    too bad that there sheriff wasnt out gittin one a m'air caffeinated krispy kreems, they mighta pulled it off, ya reckon

  • Low Voltage Jan 26, 2007

    smoothtip99 may have been sniffing too many fumes.

  • jannisheart Jan 26, 2007

    Wow and gas prices are dropping too.. big dummies.

  • cpt0909 Jan 26, 2007

    The Ballan of Shane and Reuben

    Come and listen to a story about two good o'boys gone bad
    Came up with a scheme too brillant to be had,
    Then one day they were caught sucking gas up in a hose,
    Wound up in the pokie wearing government clothes.

    Orange jumpsuits, that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.

    Y'all come back now, y'hear?.

  • hatchcover99 Jan 26, 2007

    Very possible ole Reuben and Shane could have pulled it off even longer had their trailer said:
    R&S Do-Do Pumping Service. Maybe not - pretty good deputy on the job!

  • dhamma Jan 26, 2007

    Suprised there is not more of this going on.