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Trooper Escapes Injury in Chase Mishap

Posted January 25, 2007
Updated January 26, 2007

— A North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper walked away from an accident without a scratch Thursday after he lost control of his cruiser while chasing a speeder on Interstate 540.

Police said Trooper Hans Elefsson was chasing a speeder from the newly opened section of I-540 onto Buffaloe Road when his Ford Crown Victoria sedan slid down an embankment and into a drainage area next to the highway.

The suspect escaped, police said.


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  • yourladybug143 Jan 28, 2007

    WOW!!!!! I guess it is true what they say opinions are like ***holes everyone has one! I can't believe I am surrounded by such sutidity! Sounds like some of you need to get your story striaght before you open your mouths! I wont call out names but those of you who have posted comments know this is directed toward you! This trooper is a VERY good friend of mine and I would trust him with my life ANY DAY of the week! Im sure if your lives were made public you all would be "FLAWLESS"! WE ARE ALL HUMAN! He not only protects ya'll on a daily basis but he also has fought for this country! THANK GOD he came home safe from Iraq to get a black eye from the public he fought for and continues to protect! Our lawenforcement officers do the best job they can and most of you dont have the guts to do what they do EVERYDAY! I wish I could tell yall where to go but one day your comments and judgements will come back to bite you! THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR LAWENFORCEMENT FOR ALL THAT YOU DO ON AND OFF DUTY

  • praxis343 Jan 27, 2007

    Okay folks, I know this Trooper, He and I are very close...I have read your comment (mebanemoron) and I am sure that Basic Law Enforcement Training has taught you about General Statutes and at least some applications of law. However, one thing you need to learn, especially as a rookie, is that you do not know the first thing about what Law-Enforcement deals with, Nor do you have a clue as to the application of Chapter 20 laws. So, here it is, take notes! G.S.20-141 has nothing to do with this...You should be citing G.S.20-145, entitled "When speed limit not applicable"! Furthermore, I am certain that you were not present nor are you privvy to all the facts surrounding this incident,as I am! Until you are, I suggest that you excercise your 5th amendment right and "REMAIN SILENT!"
    For your information, this Trooper is a seasoned veteran,over 13 years on the job,and has done many great things, I talked to him, I know what happened out there!

  • Cowboy Jan 26, 2007

    Hey mebanemagic:
    Read it again yourself and tell me where you see that ridiculous crap about restricint law enforcement to 10mph over the speed limit: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/EnactedLegislation/Statutes/HTML/BySection/Chapter_20/GS_20-141.html

    Why don't we use a bit of common sense here? And for the armchair cops, at least know what you are spouting if you're going to run your mouths.

    God bless our law enforcement and all the crap and stupidity they have to tolerate.

  • ThInK FiRsT Jan 26, 2007

    Hey Hoke,
    General Satute 20-141. Give it a read. You should have read through this in your so called BLET.

  • RDUTEC Jan 26, 2007

    Most of the vehicles on 540 are doing +10 mph. If the troopers were limited to that, most of the other cars would be passing Him or Her.

    Accidents do happen though and I have seen people pull out or move over in front of a emergency vehicle with lights & siren going and cause them to have to take evasive action which could have easly caused an accident.

    I personally have nothing but respect for the guys & gals that do these jobes FOR US.

  • Magic8BallSays Jan 26, 2007

    "echance" what an ingnorant thing to say. The trooper is a public servant that was doing his job. Accidents happen, except for you, I'm sure you are perfect. Next time you need the help of any public servant or government agency, we'll be sure to send you a bill. "hoke320", I sure would like to know what BLET school you "completed". Maybe you should just stay inside and watch "COPS".

  • oneofdegataga Jan 26, 2007

    hmmmm, a 10 MPH limit over the speed limit to chase cars, eh?? When did this come out and what statute are you quoting?? I know the Town of Carrboro had a fairly strict pursuit policy, but I had no idea the NCHP was hamstrung to the point you suggest. Seems like any of us in a vehicle capable of driving more than 75MPH could easily elude apprehension.


  • tonygodwin Jan 26, 2007

    Now I see why you just "completed BLET".

  • PSPro Jan 26, 2007

    Well, let's say this I am very pro-law enforcement, I completed BLET, I am married to a Police Officer, and I have friends who are either police, deputy sheriffs, or ncshp. I was happy to hear that the trooper was not injured. But, it is an amazing thing that these people are highly trained in high speed driving, but, it sounds too me that he was going faster than the 10 miles an hour over the speed limit the law allows for driving emergency traffic! Someone needs to write him, for speeding and care less and reckless driving! But, that won't happen.

  • Crumps Br0ther Jan 26, 2007

    I-540 is a racetrack.