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Man Charged in Daughter's Slaying Sent to Mental Hospital

Posted January 24, 2007

— A Clayton man charged with killing his 4-year-old daughter has been moved to a state mental hospital.

John Patrick Violette, 37, is charged with first-degree murder in the Jan. 12 death of Katlin Violette. Her mother found the girl's decapitated body in the family home when she returned from work.

John Violette was arrested the following day at a Washington, D.C., hotel. He had been held at Central Prison in Raleigh since being brought back to North Carolina last week.

Defense attorney Robert Denning asked that Violette be transferred to Dorothea Dix Hospital to undergo a mental examination, which would determine if Violette can participate in his defense.

"The defendant is delusional and has lost touch with reality," Denning wrote in his motion for the mental exam.

U.S. marshals said Violette was quoting the Bible and screaming uncontrollably when they arrested him. He remained impassive last week during an initial court appearance in Smithfield.

Police said they have not determined a motive for the slaying.

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  • onedoodle3 Jan 29, 2007

    I am a former NC resident now living in WV. I saw a tiny article in the local paper here about this little girl and the absolutely horrible way she was murdered. It came at a time when 2 children here in WV were also murdered by their fathers. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY??? Let me tell you. The courts, social services, government, etc are telling parents you cannot spank or discipline your children anymore. That is why we have so many...animals (for want of a better word) killing their children. Hey, get angry at your child? Just kill him/her and then start acting like you're crazy! Denning states "The defendant is delusional and has lost touch with reality". You know what? I can start quoting Bible verses and screaming uncontrollably too and I am quite sane. It's called ACTING!!!! This...(can't call him a human being)...monster (if you will) planned this! I say "hang him high and let him swing"! and soon.

  • eyesonly4you27525 Jan 29, 2007

    The only way to describe someone like him, is just plain old mean. And until we start making examples of these killers by executing them, we will continue to put up with this. There are times when a trial is meaning less. And this is one of them. God help that mother. He does not deserve one more meal nor taking one more breath. This is purely the work of the devil.

  • skhunt Jan 27, 2007

    I don't know what to think about this gentleman, if that is what some people may think he is? I personally think he should be done away with. I mean swift justice as they did Sadam Hussan. If the United States had swift justice as what some other countries have, maybe some of our crime rates would go down (WAY DOWN) I feel as though they would. OK I got off of the subject about this guy (if that is what some may call him), but bottom line, I WOULD LOVE TO THROW THE SWITCH ON HIM.

  • no screen name Jan 27, 2007

    put him in central and let someone there take care of him

  • usa524 Jan 25, 2007

    If what I have heard is true, he does not deserve a trial. I heard that he also cut out her heart and other organs in her little body before decapitating her. The search warrant is public information and anyone can get a copy of it. WRAL has it on their website someplace. The search warrant also states the mother left the house ast 12:35 and then he was seen driving iradically up and down the roads in the subdivision at 12:55. What happened in those 20 minutes to turn this man into a lunatic that the Mother did not know about 20 minutes earlier when she left her baby girl in this lunatics care. I just think there is a lot of questions that need answered in this case.

  • Munchie Jan 25, 2007

    Good point auntysoical.

  • kimmygt Jan 25, 2007

    We all know he is crazy - but don't let that be an excuse for a lesser punishment. The constitution does not apply to this man. I vote for execution NOW!! No trial needed. I think someone ought to institute "an eye for an eye" in this situation and do to him what he did to that poor helpless little girl. Or - general population with his crime tattooed across his forehead so that all the other lifers would know that torturing him would be worth time in solitary confinement.

  • Wisdom Jan 25, 2007

    Auntysocial, you are funny!!! But, unfortunately...a person suffering from a delusional disorder can quite frankly socialize and function normally around others. Scary, huh?

  • 777 Jan 25, 2007

    Even though there are some situations where it seems very obvious that someone is guilty and deserving of the strictest punishment, you can't just throw out the rules of judicial process for those few cut-and-dry cases. I wonder if any of you are the same people who are upset at Nifong for declaring the lacrosse players guilty to the media without following the evidence and judicial process? And here you are, ready to throw out the judicial process yourselves.

    Even if it *seems* obvious, every incident deserves a thorough and honest investigation. If we throw out the process for certain cases that seem obvious, then we will set a precedent that will definitely lead to innocent people being convicted of crimes they did not convict. If they precedent you all want to set was obtained a year ago, the lacrosse players would have all been convicted and in jail before the DNA tests were even ordered.

  • dolphins Jan 25, 2007

    that is no excuse he should have done the same thing he done to that little girl. there is more info about it but i am not able to state what about but he needs to be decapated to. i feel sorry for the mother and that poor little girl she just started her child hood