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Valet Parking Now Regulated in Raleigh

Posted January 24, 2007

— Members of the Raleigh City Council approved new rules Tuesday for valet parking.

Under the new law, businesses are allowed to operate valet services only within a designated valet parking zone.

Businesses who want to offer valet parking must purchase a separate annual privilege license for $50. Plus, they must obtain a one-time permit for $250.

City leaders said the goal of the ordinance is public safety. The new rules take effect in March.

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  • srmartin Jan 24, 2007

    Public safety? How does the city collecting a $250 fee from each valet company & then another $50 annual permit make us safer? IT DOESN'T. All it does is put money in the city's pocket. Why are we all lulled into saying "thank you" for keeping us "safe" when in reality the City is just getting their hands into yet another pocket. How ridiculous our City leaders are. Shame on us for allowing it.

  • Forgetaboutit Jan 24, 2007

    Thank god the city of raleigh solved this issue. quite honestly I was tossing and turning all night. With that solved, continue to figure out ways to run the city at a higher and higher cost to all the hard working taxpayers of the city!

  • LTL Jan 24, 2007

    but how can thechosen few impress their brothers with the new BMW

  • neptunescourt Jan 24, 2007

    The comments about lazy people using valet parking is correct. There are six city owned parking decks downtown that you can park in for free after 7pm and all day on the weekends. Why pay for valet parking when you only have to walk a couple of blocks and do it for free. As for thomas 42, why do you want downtown to be like it was before? There is now life after 5pm in downtown Raleigh.

  • RDUTEC Jan 24, 2007

    One of the biggest problems I've seen in other citys with valet parking is that the parking lots of the establishments usually become valet parking only. If you want to patronize the establishment you have to park a good ways away. This is usually the case with the nicer resturants and shopping malls.
    A good idea would be for those with VALID handicap stickers be given free access to these areas.
    I for one just dont visit these establishments.

  • superman Jan 24, 2007

    forget about the valet parking-- except for the court house, the jail and other public buildings- not a single reason to even go downtown. They need a super walmart to attract people. I worked downtown for 12 years and never been back since. Maybe they should be thinking about redoing downtown and making it like it was before.

  • inmyopinion3 Jan 24, 2007

    Apart fro elderly, disabled or those with young children, valet parking is nothing more than lazyness, there are enough lard asses in Raleigh already. Get off your lazy butt and walk! Its good for you and its a lot cheaper too!

  • smoothtip99 Jan 24, 2007

    Who the hell needs valet parking? Too many overweight people as it is. Park a mile from where you need to get to and get some exercise. 5 dollars can buy you some multivitamins. Lazy people.

  • OLD PIRATE Jan 24, 2007

    See how fast a city can act when they have fees and permits. Its all about the cash