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Dog Owner Faces Animal Abuse Charges

Posted January 23, 2007

— The Wilson County Humane Society has been at odds with the county’s animal control office in the past. But now, the two agencies have worked together in a case that led to a dog owner’s arrest.

Daryel Newsome, 55, is charged with three misdemeanor and one felony count of animal abuse. Investigators said they discovered about 50 dogs -- mostly pugs -- living in rows of stacked kennels.

“Some of the animals were just encrusted,” said Holly Carmichael, president of the Wilson County Humane Society. “They were wet, they were dirty. There were some animals that had very little hair on their limbs.”

Carmichael helped animal control officers remove the dogs from Newsome’s home

“It was just a nasty situation,” she said.

Newsome was unavailable for comment, but contractor Tony Holloman told WRAL he has done work on Newsome's home. He said Newsome might have had too many dogs, but he took good care of them.

“I personally feel like the animal cruelty charges were just nonsense, because I don't see how he was cruel to the animals at all,” Holloman said.

However, Carmichael said the conditions that the dogs were found in were not healthy.

“Animals have to have a certain amount of space,” she said. “They have to have fresh air. They have to be able to move around.”

In October, Wilson County Animal Control officials investigated a complaint about dozens of Walker hounds that were said to be starving. No criminal charges were filed after the agency said most of the dogs appeared to be in good health.

The Wilson County Humane Society expressed their outrage over the statement, and the case prompted a county review. In November, hundreds of citizens attended a meeting of the county’s Animal Control Committee.

But in the latest case, several county agencies and nonprofits worked together to remove Newsome's dogs and place them in rescues.

“It was really a good felling to know that we can cooperate and to see what we can do when we do cooperate,” Carmichael said.

Most of the dogs seized have gone to a pug rescue organization based in Greensboro. Veterinarians have begun to evaluate the health of the dogs.

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  • jthiespowell Jan 24, 2007

    the way people treat animals is a good indication of the way they conduct their lives......

  • spiritwarriorwoman Jan 24, 2007

    There will be pictures and the truth will win out. However, how the Wilson County Animal Control could let the guy off in this case still boggles me.
    Praying for wee ones and beasties everywhere, for how we care for them is how we will be cared for in the great beyond.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • the original Milky Jan 24, 2007

    Just a couple more good-ole-boys.

  • crckttsgr Jan 24, 2007

    Let's not jumpt to FAST!!! Does that picture up there say anything to you?? Jesus Christ! Put him in a cage or tie him up in the backyard, I don't care, but NEVER EVER let him near an animal again!! He belongs in jail.

  • deerslayer Jan 24, 2007

    This is sad indeed :(

  • the original Milky Jan 24, 2007

    I hope anyone in Wilson considering Tony Holloman to do work for them will now reconsider. Sounds like he and Newsome are a couple good-ole-boys that should have spent more time playing in traffic when they were kids.

  • calliphall Jan 24, 2007

    lets not jump on this guy too fast... inocent till proven guilty right? They did say a contractor who went to his house said he took really good care of the dogs...

  • mypuckytaz Jan 24, 2007

    North Carolina should be more strict on animal abusers and neglectors. I would love to see more harsh laws and punishments for the savages that treat "man's best friend" the way some people treat them. These little creatures have feelings and rights too - why have them if you are not going to love, protect and feed them. You will never, ever have a more loyal, loving companion than a dog. No matter what you do to them or how you look or what kind of mood you are in - they are there with tail wagging to greet and love you. Please stop supporting these backyard breeders. Go to a rescue group, animal shelter, etc. to find your next pet. Five million dogs are euthanized in the United States each year ... that doesn't count the ones that are abandoned, abused, or neglected. One person can't do it all - but for every one that is rescued or adopted from a reputable organization, that is one less that will be euthanized. Please give these four legged babies a second chance - they deserve it.

  • kevin4unc Jan 24, 2007

    May the God of the bible have mercy on this cruel person.

  • St Ives Jan 24, 2007

    How can someone sleep at night knowing they have animals in thier care being treated like this. Throw away the key on this guy and never never let him have a dog, cat ,bird again. We would like to think he will do time , but with the laws in this state he will probably get a slap on the wrist.