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8 Students Arrested After School Brawl

Posted January 23, 2007

— Eight students were arrested Tuesday morning following a large fight in the parking lot outside Southwest Edgecombe High School, authorities said.

Terrance Miller, 17, Travis Worsley, 17, Chris Edmondson, 16, Brandon Worsley, 16, Montrell Whitehead, 16, Terrell Battle, 16, and two 15-year-olds are charged with disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, failure to disperse and simple affray, authorities said. Miller also was charged with assault on a government official.

As students were getting off the buses shortly before 8 a.m., a fight broke out in the parking lot, authorities said. The students involved in the melee were taken to the school office, and a second fight involving several students started in the hall near the office, authorities said.

Several deputies from the Edgecombe County Sheriff's Officer were called to the school to help restore order.

No major injuries were reported from the two fights, authorities said.

The incident remains under investigation, and more students could be charged, authorities said.

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  • beachdreaming2000 Jan 24, 2007

    Everyone listen to yourselves. When we let our government take God out of schools, and we let Madelyne O'Hare (sp?) have her way, this is when all this trouble started. When God is allowed in, morals and respect go hand in hand with Him. People don't go to church anymore, and how many homes would you guess even has a Bible? Do you think any of these kids even know what the 23rd Psalm is, much less quote it? I am not a preacher. I sin everyday. I ask for forgiveness everyday. But it is scary how much hatred these kids have in thier hearts instead of love. We all need religion - whether it be Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc. It teaches us love, honor, discipline, respect. We have got to do something about this. Our government has done this to us. And we have allowed it.

  • bogeykell Jan 23, 2007

    Bottom line - No one, kids or adults, are held responsible for their actions anymore. It is a shame and a disaster for the future of this country.

  • buck121794 Jan 23, 2007

    Rolexricky. what would prayer in school solve? So, there were no crimes committed until 1962 because that is when prayer in school was stopped.

  • the original Milky Jan 23, 2007

    NBoots - The fights used to be broken up by teachers, not the police. Those were the days when guns weren't being used by students on a regular basis. There is a clear escallation in school/youth violence in this country. Why don't you stop living the sheltered life.

  • boostjunkie1986 Jan 23, 2007

    there have been fights in schools since way back in the day stop living sheltered lives everyone. When i went to school i saw a fight atleast once a month. and im sure you guys did to its human nature to fight

  • deerslayer Jan 23, 2007

    At least they settled it without guns. There is still hope out there...

  • rolexricky Jan 23, 2007

    Coriems, you forget one, prayer in school!!! But you're on it!!!

  • mrsgaskill Jan 23, 2007

    kittnkboodle - I could not agree with you more!!! mrsgreene, it's people like you that think that just because a child goes to daycare their parents are to blame for anything that happens to them later in life "if only mommy would have stayed home". Guess what, it's not easy to raise a child or children on one income anymore. If a family wants to live in a good area, in a decent house, drive reliable transportation, allow their children to be able to participate in either extra-curricular or community activities BOTH parents more often than not have to work. Like kittnkboddle, I would like my kids to have more than just getting by. We don't have video games in our house, there is no gansta rap, and my son is blessed with a daycare that, with the families, teaches morals, values, friendship and the meaning of an education. In today's world mrsgreene, even June Cleaver would have to get a job!

  • RonWhite4President Jan 23, 2007

    image is everything to kids nowadays, the tougher, cooler more crazy and stupid acting someone is today, the more accepted they are with there peers

  • 4wcsd Jan 23, 2007

    It would definately make kids more respectful. The governement has completely tied our hands as to how to discipline our kids, but they still hold us reponsible for our kids until they are 18. Did you know that at 16 years old, your child can run away from home and you cannot make them come home, but if they do, by law you must let them back in until they are 18. That is crap!!!