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Father: Johnston County Teen 'A Great Son'

Posted January 23, 2007
Updated January 24, 2007

— Investigators continued their search Tuesday for answers in a head-on collision that killed two North Johnston High School juniors.

Reece Richardson, 17, and 16-year-old Nick Creech died in the crash, which occurred Sunday night on Johnston Parkway Road next to Interstate 95 south of Kenly. A passenger in Creech's truck, 16-year-old Travis Foster, is listed in fair condition at WakeMed.

"Reece was the love of our life," said Richardson's father, Rickey Richardson. "He was a sweet, sweet boy."

When the crash happened, Reece Richardson had just left his grandfather's house and had planned to meet Creech and another friend at his house, Rickey Richardson said.

Inch by inch, Highway Patrol investigators reconstructed the crash scene early Tuesday morning in an attempt to figure out which of the mangled trucks crossed the center line and caused the head-on collision.

“That's the purpose of the reconstruction – hopefully, to give us a good estimate of the speeds of both vehicles and also to determine which vehicle was on the wrong side of the highway,” said Trooper J.M. Dorsey.

Rickey Richardson said the collision was simply a tragic accident.

"It had to be a freak combination," he said. "There was no way Reece knew they were coming down that road. There was no way Nick and Travis knew Reece was coming that way."

Rickey Richardson said he talked about safe driving with his children after an accident in Raleigh last week that killed a Wakefield High School student.

"We've always been involved parents, involved with our children, with their friends," he said. "We've always tried to be role models."

Over two dozen grief counselors arrived at the high school Tuesday to help students cope with the loss.

“To help kids — either individually or in a small group — to deal with their grief as they need to,” said North Johnston principal Ross Renfrow.

Rickey Richardson said he wrote his son a letter just before he died, saying that he thought he was a great son and a great friend.

"I didn't tell him that often enough, how proud I was of him. I loved him. At the end of it, I put, 'P.S., when I get to heaven, I"ll be waiting on you at heaven's gate.' I didn't know it would be the other way around."

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  • owlady Jan 27, 2007

    Cell phones? Could the boys have used cell phones to keep in touch and found out that they were both on the same road at the same time? Maybe even using them at the time of the crash?
    That is something that should be checked out too.

  • lilbit1j1 Jan 24, 2007

    My prayers go out to those families....I have 2 teens myself, and I worry about them when they leave my sight.

  • mammabyrd Jan 24, 2007

    People don't need to put their stupid comments on this. The families of both boyes need prayer not stupid comments. I knew the Richardson and they are a good family. It doesn't matter what happen two lives were lost.

  • finallysingle Jan 24, 2007

    Dennis Rodgers did a wonderful article I think we should all read and heed....see link below

  • ladymusician26 Jan 24, 2007

    I know exactly what the students and friends are going through. I attended Princeton High School the year that 3 students were killed in 2 seperate car accidents on their way to school. It shouldn't be a matter of who is to blame, we should all just keep the families of the 2 boys in our prayers. Two young lives were lost and that is going to be tough coping with all in itself.

  • countrygirl30 Jan 24, 2007

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of these young men. The inconsiderate people who keep posting negative comments, what if it was your child? Blaming and accusing will not bring these boys back. These families need time to grive in piece, without having to defend their families actions.

  • Execution Style Jan 24, 2007

    My sympathy goes to all those involved.... there was one negative comment on here and 25 comments bashing it. Just ignore, ignore, ignore... and kiss your kids before the leave the house today and everyday.

  • jamib Jan 24, 2007

    I don't think its very fair to try and judge or figure out what happened with this accident. What happened was that some people lost their lives and we should come together as a community to try and help out in any way that we can instead of being hurtful. Sometimes its wise not to say or type every thought that pops into your head. Leave the deciding up to the police, that is their job and they will be the ones who conclude what happened, not anyone else. Those kids parents could be on here reading these things you people are saying. They lost their children. It DOES NOT matter how they lost them, they lost them. Let's just be there for them and let the police do their job. We are not qualified and we were not there at the scene, nor were we in the cars. We don't know what happened so don't jump to conclusions. Just wait for the facts to come out before causing unnecessary grief for these families. They have been through enough!

  • wendyphilyaw Jan 24, 2007

    As the mother of 2 teens, that were close friends to Reece and are very close to Travis, I'd like to reiterate the fact that these boys, Reece, Nick and Travis are somebody's babies and their parents love them very much so please excuse your accusations from the forum. Those parents and families and Travi-Trav need our prayers and support. Lets forsake ignorance when we post comments here and lift these families up. I only met Nick about 3 - 4 times but Heather and Dustin hung out with Reece some and Travi-Trav was like my own for a year or so and I love that young man. These families and Travis need our prayers not our unsolicited conclusions and advice. Mr Richardson took time last nite to minster to a room full of teens and quite frankly, he even got my attention about not saying how proud we are of our children often enuff. I respect and admire those parents and thank God that I had the pleasure of meeting them, tho'I wish it could've been in a different capacity. God Bless!

  • HighRiskCO Jan 23, 2007

    This is truely such a sad event. To njchicmt07- I too have experienced such loss at your age. But if there were to be a positive thing from this tragic event it would have to be so that all students learn from this experience. Life is just to short to end at such a young age. Learn from it and apply it to your life today. Both to the students and Mr. Richardson- Both boys are shinning stars in the sky above. Their bright light is shinning down letting you know they are alright and watching over all of you. And Mr. Richardson...that bright twinkling light is your son saying "I love you to dad"! God rest their souls.