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'Scooter Girl' Gets a 'Go' From City Council

Posted January 22, 2007
Updated January 23, 2007

— Savannah Nelson, Fayetteville’s “Scooter Girl,” is clear to get back in the delivery business after the city council approved a new ordinance Monday night.

No one is more excited than the 11-year-old budding entrepreneur.

“That is actually... that is very great,” Nelson said of the vote.

Her real-life civics lesson began last August, when she was told that she was violating a city ordinance. She had been successfully delivering food to downtown workers.

Getting back in business began when she went before the council in December. Now, her path is clear.

The "downtown scooter ordinance" passed Monday night, giving Savanna permission to ride.

Early on, there was also a concern that Nelson didn't have insurance, but that is no longer an issue. Her family said they'd be back at City Hall on Tuesday morning to get her a license and a permit.

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  • headlong Jan 23, 2007

    CONGRATS SAVANNAH!!! At least you are doing something good rather then destructive!!! You should be an inspiration to more kids!!! Good Luck with your business!!!

  • owlady Jan 23, 2007

    I am more concerned for HER safety. I hope she has taken some self-defense classes and carry a whistle to attract attention, if needed.

  • SouthernBornSouthernBred Jan 23, 2007

    This is probably the same ordinance that prevents skateboarding on sidewalks. Good for her....standing up for her rights, bad for us that walk these same sidewalks. I believe along with sidewalks you need areas for bikes, scooters, skateboards. Her riding down the sidewalk is the same as those bike riders that hog the road. They all think we should watch out for them. I wish her good luck and hope that she thinks of others when riding down the sidewalk/street.

  • freddie cadetti 72 Jan 23, 2007

    Hmmmm....nice end to the story, but one question here. With one hand on the scooter handle, and one foot for acceleration, just how much cargo can the kid carry ? Some of you supporters here come up with a way for her to increase capacity.

  • panzer263 Jan 23, 2007

    Here's an idea for all of you "government is always wrong" nay-sayers (especially spiritwarriorwoman and kevin4unc): Before you blindly stood up on your soapbox to criticize the government, did you stop to think that maybe, just maybe, that ordinance was written for safety purposes in the first place and that it was also written before this particular instance came to be? Of course you didn't! Don't get me wrong, I believe this girl is doing something good and I applaud her and her parents for going about seeking change in the right way. She had a problem with an ordinance, went to the city council and got it changed. Bravo! Here's a news flash for you: the government wasn't trying to keep her down any more than riding a scooter on a sidewalk is a civil right. It's called enforcing the laws, which are written for everyone's benefit and safety in the first place. Get the big picture before you pull out the soapbox.

  • 777 Jan 23, 2007

    This should be a reminder to everyone that the government is not infallable, and it is our right and responsibility as citzens to challenge the government on every issue in which the government has been wrong, or a law has been outdated for decades.

    I am curious about the ordinance that prevented her from doing this, and what its history is.

  • thisisme Jan 23, 2007

    I think this child had the right to do this in the first place. It wasn't fair to knock her out, but she learned a valuable lesson that she will never forget. I hope one day she had a blooming business to show the council.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Jan 23, 2007

    Our governments need to support those trying to help themselves and others because their supporting themselves instead of having the government do so.
    So here again, government money spent rejecting, researching and finally approving something that was right all along. sign
    Prayers go out to this child's entrepreunurial-ship and to her safety.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • finallysingle Jan 23, 2007

    YOU GO GIRL !!! We are all proud of your ability to stand tall even at the youngest of age.

  • mywayofthinking Jan 23, 2007

    It is very good to see such a young person fight for something she wants. The city council shouldn't have even questioned it. At least she was doing something constructive and not out causing trouble. WAY TO GO SAVANNAH!!!!!!!!