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UNC Professor Faces Indecency Charge From Airport Arrest

Posted January 22, 2007

— A part-time professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was arrested last week at an Atlanta airport and charged with indecent exposure.

Dr. Hugh Tilson, 67, an epidemiologist and researcher was arrested inside a bathroom at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Last week, undercover police staked out the bathroom as part of a month-long operation. Authorities said the airport has earned a global reputation as a place where men pick up other men.

"We have found Web sites where people have mentioned meeting at Hartsfield-Jackson," Atlanta police Maj. Darryl Tolleson said.

Tilson was one of a dozen men arrested during the operation.

Tilson bonded out after his arrest and is still on staff at UNC-Chapel Hil, where he has worked as a clinical professor since 1979. He administers the grand rounds program at the School of Public Health.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, the university declined to comment on the case, citing personnel issues.

"The university takes the charges seriously," the statement read. "We think it is important to let the Georgia judicial system resolve the case."

Tilson, who is due back in an Atlanta courtroom next month, did not return WRAL's phone calls seeking comment.

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  • sassyk105 Feb 1, 2007

    Men should want to meet solid attractive women at any age!

  • sassyk105 Feb 1, 2007

    Why should men be interested in each other that way!?

  • sassyk105 Feb 1, 2007

    Todd it is releavant because he lives here. You must uphold his beliefs. He is prominent! He is older!

  • bigjim835 Jan 24, 2007

    Chapel Hill liberal at his finest. Want to bet h does't even get a letter of reprimand from UNC.

  • jmr Jan 24, 2007

    So,mikescott1959, are you trying to say that it is okay for this man, or any other for that matter, to expose themselves to children?

  • DriveBye Jan 23, 2007

    Children go into public restrooms.

  • DriveBye Jan 23, 2007

    Just want to see if this too, will get deleted. He is a wonderful person and should be allowed to expose himself in a public place.

  • toddqbaxter Jan 23, 2007

    This is (I'm sure) embarrassing for Dr. Tilson and for his family, but in what way is this a relevant local news story?

    An out-of-town arrest for a violation that doesn't even amount to a misdemeanor under Georgia law? Without the sex angle, which appeals to the prurient interest that local news producers crace, where's the story?

  • beachgirl Jan 23, 2007

    drpepperpro, would you want your son in the restroom with these nuts?????

  • E-Diva Jan 23, 2007

    Where in the story does it say he was peeping on anyone? If that is what he was doing, he wouldn't be charged with indecent exposure, he'd be charged with peeping. It would be interesting to know what he was doing to get the indecent exposure charge in the bathroom. It's pretty hard not to be indecent in there.