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Raleigh Leaders Look at Regulations for Valet Parking

Posted January 20, 2007

With new restaurants and new construction bringing more people to downtown Raleigh, parking has become a bigger issue.

“If we could get our customers parked easier, I think it would help our business out a lot,” restaurant co-owner Steve Hunt said.

One solution to the parking problem is more valet parking. Businesses have caught on and are using it as an option. Because of that, City Manager Russell Allen said Raleigh should begin regulating the practice.

“We knew as downtown (businesses became more) successful that there would be businesses -- whether restaurants or others -- that should need valet service, and most large cities have valet ordinances,” Allen said.

On Tuesday, Allen plans to present a proposed ordinance to the City Council. The ordinance would crack down on when and where valet parking can be used. It would apply to any business using valet parking on a public street.

“We want to make sure these are companies that are reputable, that they have some experience, that we check the locations, that there are, in fact, valet zones,” Allen said.

Many of the businesses on Fayetteville Street don't have valet parking yet, but Hunt said the new regulations won’t stop him from seriously considering it.

“I think that's fair,” Hunt said. “Safety is obviously the most important thing. Having the city regulate it is probably a good idea.”

Council members could adopt the proposed ordinance outright on Tuesday, or they could table the plan for further discussion.

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  • clackymcsplatter Jan 22, 2007

    It is nt the Gov't's job to bne everyones nanny... by regulating it, you get a lobby group.that lobby group pays poilitician money..get it?@?@?@ (valet may not exactly be a great example tho)but you catch my drift

  • superman Jan 22, 2007

    I would never go downtown and pay for parking to eat. It adds nothing to the value of the meal. Plenty of restaurants that offer free parking.

  • usnn Jan 21, 2007

    Step 1: regulate downtown parking
    Step 2: Tax it
    Step 3: people stop going downtown because it costs more to park than the RBC Center
    Step 4: The City has killed downtown once again

  • hooptie1964 Jan 21, 2007

    I've got to believe that there are much more important things for the City to spend their time addressing than Valet parking. What a crock.

  • neptunescourt Jan 21, 2007

    There needs to be some regulation on valet parking instead of letting them run anyway they want. I've seen traffic come to a stand still in both directions on downtown streets because drivers were stopping their vehicles in the middle of the street to let the valet park their car.

  • Bob3425 Jan 20, 2007

    Just wants needed more government in local business, why did the city preplan for parking. American drive is this a big surprize to them, I think the cost of shopping and eating is about to become more expensive.