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Army Wife's Anti-War Signs Draw Fire

Posted January 19, 2007

— An Army wife who is calling for U.S. troops to be brought back from Iraq is engaged in a war on the home front.

Catherine McLin painted an anti-war sign and posted it in her front yard last week after President Bush announced plans to send another 20,000 military personnel to the Middle East. Her husband, Capt. James McLin, is scheduled to deploy with other members of the 82nd Airborne Division in June.

"He comes home daily traumatized over stories he hears — people coming home from the war, how it's tearing families apart," Catherine McLin said. "We've been over there for years. It's time to come home."

Anti-war signs in the middle of a military town quickly gain notoriety, and within hours, the first sign was destroyed.

"We had it staked in the ground with American flags, and they took it out and tore it apart and threw it all over the yard," she said.

McLin escalated her own war, however, and fought back with more replacement signs. The "No War" signs are hand-drawn or spray-painted in red.

"It does hurt," neighbor Cris Pecko said. "You're a military person and sending someone over there, and you want to know everyone supports you back home."

Although neighbors have mixed feelings about the prominent display, McLin's husband said he stands behind her.

"She's facing a lot of opposition. I'm proud of her sticking to her guns," said James McLin, an Army social worker.

Some passers-by honk, while others shout and curse. Because of the controversy, the McLins have asked police to cruise by their house more often.

They said they believe they're supporting soldiers by trying to bring them home sooner, and they urged other families to speak out. Catherine McLin said the signs will stay up until all U.S. troops come home.

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  • tarheelblue919 Jan 21, 2007

    i support Mrs. McLin, it dont mean she dont support the troops. Shes married to one for goodness sake! That alone takes a great strong women. Who doesnt want peace? I think we all want our troops home, whether you have loved ones serving or whether you simply admire their bravery. Soldiers are proud of what they do, and so is the American people as a whole. Wouldnt you miss your husband, wife, daughter, son, father, mother, sister, or brother? Its a wonderful thing America is trying to make lives better, and we all want peace, and for our loved ones to come home to be with us. So why is it such a horrible thing she put up a sign wanting to bring them home? Would it be better for her to put up a sign that says "dont come home"? God Bless Our Troops and May God Hold Each and EVERY One!!!

  • cafogg Jan 20, 2007

    I too support Mrs. McLin. No one has forgotten 9/11 and the destruction and hurt and most of alol togetherness it bought to this country but we must also not forget how many lies the president has been caught up in in the name of this war. I support the troops cause they don't have a choice but to be there and I greatly appreciate the job they do while they are there but I do not support the president or the lies he told to get the troops to be picked off like birds out of the sky. Everyone was so hard on Clinton about he lied, he lied, he lied and he was not honest with the American people, but when Clinton lied nobody died. Can your president say the same?

  • norwinfischer Jan 20, 2007

    I must fully agree that Ms. McLin has the right to express her feelings in whichever means she deems appropriate. Freedom of speech is one of our constitutional rights that we are willing to fight to defend. Even though I am in the Navy, I have served a tour on the ground in Iraq and will probably be going back again in the future. That is just part of the deal when you sign up to serve our great country (it is still an all volunteer force). If her husband supports her point of view, perhaps he should consider resigning his commission and seeking an alternate form of employment. Go bless the USA! P.S. Thank you all for your continued support to our soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen. It's the occassional words of thanks and encouragement from complete strangers that reinforces the decision to support our government, its leadership, and defend us from those who wish us harm. Anyone forget 9/11 yet?

  • Matthew 19_21 Jan 20, 2007

    supposedly, those who have died in Iraq sacrificed their lives to protect our freedoms - such as free speech. No one dishonors their service more than the cowards who tear down the signs or otherwise try to interfere with free speech. In honor of the soldiers who have sacrificed so much for our freedom - I stand in full support of the McLins.

  • Execution Style Jan 20, 2007

    some people are only basing their anti war anti gov views on what the media wants them to hear. You should spend a few hours talking to a few soldiers that have actually been in Iraq and feel like they are making a huge difference in the lives of the normal non terroristic folks in Iraq. Half of the troops fear coming home and being called baby killers more than actually being deployed in the first place.

  • St Ives Jan 20, 2007

    Mrs. McLin I am glad to see someone stand up for the troops who find it difficult to come forward with their true feelings about the war because they feel opening their mouth can cause them trouble.

  • Fence Straddler Jan 20, 2007

    As an American Mrs. McLin has the Constitutional Right to display her Anti-War Sign.
    However, she should be mindful of where she resides and to whom she offends. She should be more sensitive to those in her community that she calls neighbors.

  • geowilrlst Jan 20, 2007

    If you feel this strongly , give up the security that the army pay check provides you ; don't buy items from the PX that are greatly discounted ; Don't shop at the commisery ! Your husband swore an oath when he joined as did my wife and I back in 73 and he has an obligation to either support that oath or get the hell out ! If he feels the way you report and stays in he is doing it for the retirement and that is stealing in my rednecks way of thinking ! Consider moving to France where you would feel more appreciated cause I don't think you are going to find much around Ft Bragg or anywhere else that true Americans live !

  • Toetagger Jan 20, 2007

    As a proud Gulf War veteran, I personally laud the efforts of all those fighting over seas. Concurrently, I openly object to the Bush administration’s misuse of military power and I support the McLins.

    Large scale military campaigns will not solve the problem of terrorism. The war on terror needs not be a war in hoods full of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. That only breeds new gens of fundamentalists h-bent on killing westerners.

    Before sending MORE troops into conflict, we have an obligation to ask the Bush admin. How they will pay for the health / psych. care of all the fallen war heroes, and their families? (http://news.bostonherald.com/national/view.bg?articleid=175762&srvc=news) How do we effectively repatriate 1000s of battle weary soldiers returning home, preventing further such travesties as domestic abuse (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,214256,00.html) or as upscale as the OKC bombing? Tim McVeigh was refused VA treatment upon return from the gu

  • gvmtcheese Jan 19, 2007

    Finally, news coverage thats worthy of showing and discussing. So, I see that a former soldier decided to chime in, thats good. We need to know whats going on there from a soldiers view. Sir I must however interject the fact that we are over there to secure the country alright, but not for freedom, not for terror. This has big Texas business 101 written all over it. Sure, those businessmen can scream we are doing this for security and peace from the mountain top all they want. If you take a good look at your commander in chief sir, you will see that you have been mislead and have honored a duty for a dishonorable man. Thank you for doing what you signed up to do though. The Truth- Out!