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Parents Speak Out Against Wake Reassignment Plan

Posted January 16, 2007

— At a forum Tuesday night, parents voiced their frustration with the largest school expansion plan ever presented to the Wake County School Board.

Wake County administrators are proposing to shift more than 11,000 students to other schools. Officials said they are bracing for 8,000 additional students for the next school year. But those facts are mixed with emotions and accusations as many parents face wrenching change.

“That's illegal, folks, and it isn't working,” said parent Glenn Miller at the forum held at Middle Creek High in Apex.

“I do not want to send my children to a school next year and then they have to be reassigned again,” said parent Elke Brand.

If the entire reassignment goes through, it would affect 93 elementary and middle schools. The administration's proposal would convert 19 elementary schools and three middle schools to a year-round schedule.

“I want to be on the track that I went though with my daughter for my son,” said parent Lore Gottberg.

“It's just going be a hardship on our family, financially, for vacations and everything,” said parent Tina Jackson.

Paula Boehm has two children who'd be reassigned.

“I'm counting on the fact that this reassignment will not go through,” Boehm said.

Boehm said she’s counting on her words to make a difference with the school board.

“It doesn't always work out in everybody's favor, but we do hear everyone and do our best to make the best plan we can,” said school board member Lori Millberg.

More public hearings are scheduled in the next two weeks. The board said it hopes to take a final vote on the reassignment plan on Feb. 6.

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  • pcerasi Jan 29, 2007

    I don't see how people whom chose to put their children in year roun can comment on those of us whom are being forced into year round.We are just supposed to deal with it? You decided that the schedule fit your lifestyle. There are hundreds of parents who would willingly choose the same thing. You can't justify forcing people into that situation. This is America. What works for some does not necessarily work for others.This doesn't make us selfish or neglectful parents, it just makes ud different from you!

  • Montana Jan 20, 2007

    If a child's base elementary school is traditional then their base middle school should be traditional. If their base elementary is year-round, then their base middle should be year-round.

    It does not matter to me whether our kids are traditonal or year-round but it needs to be one or the other, not both. As it stands, I have a middle-schooler who is tradional and an elementary student who is year-round. That's just not going to work for us. And where we live, we have 6 year-round elementary schools feeding into 2 year-round middle.

    Growth Management needs to change their name to Growth MISmanagement.

  • shustring3 Jan 18, 2007

    If the powers that be cant even comprehend bad weather to keep kids off the school buses, what in the world makes you people think that they can comprehend what is better for your student?

    The biggest problem in the world is that the government is too involved as it is in the raising of our children. It's a lot better to home school your child then it is to send them to public schools. When Wake county can comprehend the National weather service saying to stay off the roads in bad weather, looking out for my child's best interest by doing so, then come to me about other things they may have in mind about what they think is best for my student. However until then, I seek home school as to what is best for my child. I determine what he learn and how fast he learns it.

  • jthiespowell Jan 18, 2007

    1. They need to not keep switching it every few years, I agree.

    2. whining about your kids being on the same schedule is just your laziness. Education needs to be the absolute first priority, sports, afterschool activities and vacations come last.

    3. I don't have kids. I did, however, spend 12 years in the public school system plus college and ANY of you who gripe about cost for education need to get real. Hopefully some of you actually attended school and received some benenfit from public education, so now it's your time to help out by paying.

  • ladybug467 Jan 17, 2007

    I agree w/ nthomas42, We own a home and don't have children, why do we pay for all the schools. Isn't there a way to tax all renters w/ children ?

  • RainierBeer Jan 17, 2007

    Dear Parents Opposed to Mandatory Year-Round Conversions,
    The arguments I hear made that you don't want to juggle a student in y.r. and traditional at the same time, or that a y.r. schedule will ruin your summer vacation time simply don't hold water!
    My wife and I have seen two daughters through the Wake year-round system -- and with one in traditional high school while the other was still in y.r..
    All that time, both of us worked full-time, made arrangements for activites after school, made sure homework/studying was done, took summer or winter vacations and worked hard at making our children's schedules and activities a priority.
    Do the right thing for the greater good here in Wake County. If your child's school is slated for conversion, try to see it as the positive move that it is, and put your children's education first, not your own agenda.
    Thank you.

  • mystica131 Jan 17, 2007

    I am tired of hearing the complaints of parents who are incapable of looking at the big picture here. And before you say it, I too have children who are affected by the reassignment plan. Sometimes things do not always work in your favor. You deal with it. I'm not thrilled with the fact that my 1st grader will have to change schools, but not everything can be exactly as we want it to be.

    Until the growth and development in Wake County slows, this problem will continue. Maybe planning could have been done differently in the past, BUT IT WASN'T. The problem is now and the board members are trying to work with what they have. Nobody wants higher taxes, nobody wants to tax new building, and nobody wants to have to give up anything at all to help.

    Stop teaching your children that they can get whatever they want by constantly complaining about it and teach them to deal with life as it comes.

  • Forgetaboutit Jan 17, 2007

    1. make all schools year round. 2. throw illegals out of the system. 3. spend the same amount on each child. and 4. hope for the best!

  • JennyT Jan 17, 2007

    It would be nice if they planned for more than one year at a time. Start building schools bigger than the immediate need so reassignment is not such an issue. And stop ramming year-round down our throats! I believe children need a break. Make year-round an option, not mandatory, so those parents who like that schedule can have it, and those of us opposed do not have to look into private schools.

  • renaissanceman Jan 17, 2007

    As a parent my only problem with the year round or traditional is making sure that my kids are on the same schedule, whether that be year round or traditional...If the school board can guarantee us that I think most of the problems with the reassignment will go away...