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Dog reunites with Youngsville family after four years

Posted September 16, 2012
Updated September 17, 2012

— A Youngsville family reunited this week with the dog they thought they lost forever. 

After four years, Brandy Metcalf, her husband Dave and their three children got to take Cassey, the dog they had rescued from the SPCA 11 years ago, home again.

"It was a beautiful experience. You're just in shock. You feel like this couldn't be the miracle that you want it to be, that it's too good to be true," Metcalf said.

The couple had just had a third child when Metcalf's sister asked if Cassey could come stay with her in Charlotte.

"At that time, when you have a newborn in the house, things were crowded," she said. "My sister lived alone in Charlotte ... she doesn't like to be by herself and they had a good relationship, so with hesitation, we let (Cassey) go."

After a couple months, the family went to visit their beloved pet. But Cassey, startled by some nearby construction noise, had run away.

"She's a very sensitive dog. Loud noises, construction, if anything like that is going on, she gets nervous," Metcalf said. "She got away from my sister."

Months passed with no sign of the dog, and the family gave up on trying to find it.

"We gave up hope a long time ago, but every day she was mentioned in our house," Metcalf said. "My daughter just said two days prior to (finding the dog) that 'I wish we had our Cassey back.'"

Cassey Microchip brings dog home years later

Then, last week, the family got a call that Cassey had been found. Without a collar or tags, the people who found Cassey relied on a microchip to track down the owners.

"They had been searching for us for a couple of days and got our information through the vet's clinic hospital," Metcalf said. "Unfortunately, the information was incorrect because it was from 11 years ago. That's why updating these chips is a must."

The people who found Cassey didn't give up. They eventually tracked down Metcalf's mother, who called to relay the news.

"My husband was telling me, 'Brandy, they found Cassey,' and I said, 'That just can't be,'" We need to leave right now to see if that's really her," she said.

They drove three hours to confirm the good news and came home with the dog they had never stopped missing.

"When we got out of the car and called her name, and she came running up to us, it let us know for sure that yes, she remembered us," Metcalf said. "She came right up and jumped in the van. She was ready to go home."

Jacob Metcalf, 8, was only 4 when Cassey went missing, but said he had no trouble recognizing the dog.

"I was amazed," he said. "She really loved me when I was a bit younger. She used to round us up in the yard."

It was an emotional reunion, and the family was immediately reminded of Cassey's "caring charisma."

"(The tears) were rolling like waterfalls," Metcalf said. "There is never such a thing as 'It's just a dog.' She, to us, is our first-born child."


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  • ConcernedNCC Sep 18, 2012

    tier obviously doesn't read well, or it would know why it was news.

  • shortcake53 Sep 17, 2012

    And yet you felt the need to comment on it tier, so it must have interested you in some way.

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Sep 17, 2012

    Is this really news? I mean, a mutt made his way back home...big deal.

  • moomoo Sep 17, 2012

    Its a great story-but where was the dog found? One can only assume it was found in Charlotte, but maybe not.

  • pcrowe01 Sep 17, 2012

    How wonderful for the family and the doggie! That little fellow told the truth! What a miracle! Yay!

  • Preebok Sep 17, 2012

    Charlies Mom - If you're still there, was your cat small framed? A tortoise shell showed up at my house this spring. Very friendly. I got her in the house in June but I haven't taken her to the vet. I live off New Light Road.

  • Obamacare again Sep 17, 2012

    Forget about the dog, how about more info. about the mom?

  • shortcake53 Sep 17, 2012

    Dont worry MoBlues, there is still plenty of bad news for you to read. Pardon us who like a story that makes us feel good for a change. You could have ignored it, ya know?

  • Mo Blues Sep 17, 2012

    Typical WRAL major story - middle east in full riot, US ambassador raped and murdered, unemployment skyrocketing along with gas prices....

    Look over here... a heartwarming dog story!!!

    Can't make it look bad for their beloved Obama....

    I can't wait for a Republican administration so we get the daily news on the lousy economy, terrorism, war, and disease....

    They're just out-of-fashion right now.

  • UNCDOGLOVER Sep 17, 2012

    Great Story!! I can't imagine losing a pet, it would be heartbreaking. I am so glad you got your baby back! :)