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Man accused in trooper's death appears in court on other charges

Posted September 13, 2012

— A man facing a murder charge in the death of a state trooper appeared in a Wake County courtroom Thursday on charges of kidnapping and burglary for alleged crimes in the hours preceding the trooper's death.

Raleigh police had been looking for Christopher McCoy Rodgers, 40, Saturday morning after his estranged girlfriend reported that he broke into her house, restrained her and her child with duct tape and locked them in a bathroom.

According to a Sept. 11 search warrant, Rodgers, of 102 Outterbridge Road, Williamston, stole the woman's ATM card and personal identification number and fled in his 1995 Nissan 200-SX.

Around 7 a.m., police tried to stop Rodgers, but he led authorities on a pursuit into Nash County, where he North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper Bobby Gene DeMuth Jr. was struck and killed while putting out stop sticks on westbound U.S. Highway 64.

In addition to two counts of kidnapping and one count of first-degree burglary, Rodgers faces one count each of assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and speeding to elude arrest. Arrest warrants allege that, during the chase, he drove in excess of 100 mph and weaved in and out of oncoming traffic.

He also faces two counts of obtaining property by false pretense and larceny of motor fuel. Warrants claim he stole $44 worth of gasoline from a Wilco-Hess gas station in Clayton.

Rodgers, who was briefly hospitalized, after the wreck that killed DeMuth, appeared in Nash County District Court earlier this week on the murder charge.

He is being held in Central Prison without bond on the murder charge, and is being held under a $2 million bond for the charges in Wake County.

DeMuth, a 12-year veteran of the Highway Patrol, was buried Wednesday in Rocky Mount following a funeral service attended by more than 2,000 people.

He leaves behind a wife and an 8-year-old son.


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  • greg69innc Sep 14, 2012

    I might be Censored and my harshness towards this man's ACTIONS might be offensive but the bottom line is Trooper Demuth and his family in addition to the victims in Raleigh of Mr. Rogers ACTIONS are paying the CONSEQUENCES for the CHOICES Mr. Rogers CHOSE on his own therefore isn't it also appropiate that MR. Rogers have to deal with some serious consequences for his actions.

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 14, 2012

    Proud Liberal have you ever considered that continuing to live in the past only serves to prevent you from moving forward? I do not direct this to only you but to all including myself as it has been a bitter pill to swallow for me at times as well. Not one single person on this planet had any control over which race, nationality, social status, etc that they were born into. I cannot help who my ancestors are any more than you can, therefore we shouldn't be held accountable for their actions be it yesterday or 100's of years ago. We can't even control what our relatives do today nor can we really control what other's do or say to us. What we DO have control over are our OWN actions and reactions to those around us. THAT is why each and everyone of us HAVE to be held accountable for our own actions. That is why there are laws. To protect the rights of everyone. It's everyone's duty to UPHOLD the law. LEO's must ENFORCE it because of those who fall short of that duty.

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 14, 2012

    As far as the "hung" jury, I propose that award be given to Christopher Rodgers.

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 14, 2012

    I have also heard the comment made that Trooper DeMuth "chose" to be a Trooper therefore he knew the risks involved and I say you're absolutely right. Thank GOD for FINE men and women like Gene that are willing to lay down their life for the safety of others. But you can't have it both ways, Christopher Rodgers also made a choice. He CHOSE to do EVERY SINGLE THING HE DID on September 8th. He chose to do all those horrible things to that woman and child as well as to run from the law. Because of HIS choice Trooper DeMuth lost his life. He's old enough to know the consequences for such actions and should now be man enough to own up to them. It is BECAUSE of people like this that LEO's have such a dangerous job and to blame them for that danger and choosing such a thankless service is absolutely disgusting. Those with such a mindset are the problem, criminal or not.

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 14, 2012

    Proud Liberal...you are wrong to say that every human being deserves respect. NO ONE "deserves" respect. You EARN it. At least that's what MY momma taught me. The only thing Mr. Rodgers has EARNED here is a dry sponge.

  • awood2 Sep 14, 2012

    He was buried in Red Oak not Rocky Mount. This man should get the death penalty and I hope he does. He not only did something to an innocent child and the mother but also killed a state trooper. I am not going to finish the long list of other things he did that day. Don't make my tax dollars feed him for the rest of his life!

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Sep 14, 2012

    If this man would behaved himself...none of this would have happened. He caused a situation that caused others to be forced to risk their lives. He is at fault for all of these events.

  • ladyblue Sep 14, 2012

    America, America, the difference of opinions! Now the question is, how do we bridge the gaps to arrive at a solution!

    Why do we have to have a solution to a situation that is obvious of a person who decided to commit awful acts against others? The solution is to try him in our courts and sentence him appropriately.

  • Pepe Silvia Sep 14, 2012

    Proud Liberal, please explain Chris Rogers is a victim? Why will his trial result in a hung jury?

  • Cee-Lo Sep 14, 2012

    my condolences to family of the state trooper and i hope they prosecute the man responsible to the full extint of the law....but why did someone bring up a comment about the NAACP?