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Condoms found in ice cream truck in Garner kidnapping case

Posted September 13, 2012

— Garner police found condoms, computer equipment and cameras, among other items, in an ice cream truck belonging to a man accused of raping a 14-year-old girl, according to a search warrant released this week.

The Aug. 17 warrant, made public Monday, sought permission to search the truck and to obtain DNA and hair samples from Omar Kareem Sellers, 39. Sellers is charged with first-degree kidnapping, statutory rape, statutory sex offense and indecent liberties with a minor.

Police say Sellers met the girl in a parking lot near Garner's Avery Square Apartments on Aug. 16 and lured her into his ice cream truck with a promise to pay her for helping sell ice cream.

According to the search warrant affidavit, police found the teenager with Sellers less than two hours after she was reported missing. The girl told police she was "not OK" and that Sellers touched her breast and sexually assaulted her.

When the girl asked why he was doing it, according to the warrant, he replied, "If you're going to work for me, I need to know that I can trust you."

Investigators seized a number of items from the truck, including 34 condoms, a sex toy, a marijuana cigarette, two video cameras, a laptop, 19 video cassettes, trivia cards and a book that the search warrant only refers to as "Sexual Secrets."

In an interview with WRAL News last month, the girl said that, despite lectures from her mother not to engage with strangers, she got into the truck with Sellers because she thought she could earn some money to help her family.

At first, she said, they drove around selling ice cream and then stopped at a McDonald's in Clayton, where Sellers allegedly forced himself on her.

Sellers was arrested and remained in the Wake County jail Thursday under a $1.01 million bond.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Sep 21, 2012

    @romneycare, using your "logic", *every* crime is in some way the fault of "both parties", such as:

    -Your wallet would not have been stolen if you had only put it in your front pocket.

    -That woman was raped because she was wearing sexy clothes.

    -The bank wouldn't have been robbed if they had more security guards/stronger safe/timelock safe/drillproof safe/...

    The list of obsurd victim-blame is endless with your suposition.

    This man broke the law and committed the crime. It's on him, not the little girl victim.

  • peace2u Sep 13, 2012

    This man is a sex offender, plain and simple. And it is always the rapist's fault, period, end of story. When he gets out of prison he should be registered as a sex offender to warn other innocent children of his presence in their neighborhood.

  • MrsPage1989 Sep 13, 2012

    The girl is a CHILD. No matter what she did or wanted to do, it was AGAINST the LAW for this MAN to do what he did.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Sep 13, 2012

    "Girl not knowing better and using poor judgement"

    Most of us try not to prematurely misjudge others. I guess it would have been her fault if her school teacher, her minister, her dance teacher, or any other person she felt she could trust sexually assaulted her. This man probably "looked" trustworty or else she would not have been coerced in the first place.

  • Six String Sep 13, 2012

    romneycare, I guess my last post was not accepted. All I said was this is a good compromise and I reversed my decision on the soap. We'll see if this one goes through.

  • romneycare Sep 13, 2012

    ok, it's not the girls fault here.

    All i wanted to say that it's 99.99% ice cream mans fault... but you guys won't let me have that .01% fault for using poor judgement. Atleast we can agree that this guy should be locked up for a while - looks like he's been doing it for a while with all those things in his truck

  • Six String Sep 13, 2012

    romneycare, I do understand where you're coming from here. How about this: she wanted an ice cream and he pulled her into the truck. Is she still at fault for wanting the ice cream? How far do you want to go back? Was she at fault for being within a couple miles of the truck? How about for being born? Again, poor judgment does not infer anything about fault, it is just a fact. She is blameless and he should spend some time in the big house. Hope he doesn't drop the soap.

  • Obamacare again Sep 13, 2012

    I knew he had rubbers in the truck.

  • romneycare Sep 13, 2012

    You are taking my 'fault' comment out of context, both are at fault here.
    1. Girl for not knowing better and using poor judgement.
    2. Guy for taking advantage and luring the girl

    the girl has FAR LESS fault here, does that sound better? Somewhere along the lines you gotta factor in poor judgement for getting inside and using the mindset to make money for her family.. that should be left to the adults in the household.

  • OneLove Sep 13, 2012

    Both parties are at fault." romneycare

    That's crazy. If I make a bad judgement call and become inebriated (or insert your bad judgement call here).......that doesn't give someone the RIGHT to take advantage of me. Whos at fault? Who's going to court? the OFFENDER........NOT ME.