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Raleigh police ID victim, suspect in Cameron Village shooting

Posted September 11, 2012

— Raleigh police on Tuesday identified Kathleen Ann Bertrand, 41, of Cary, as the victim in Monday's shooting outside a store at Cameron Village.

Police named her ex-husband, Christopher John Bertrand, 42, of Hoover, Ala., as the suspect in the shooting. He later committed suicide behind a building at 1015 Wade Ave.

The couple's three children were in the care of family members Tuesday, police said.

Bertrand shot his ex-wife several times with a handgun around 9:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Daniels Street as she arrived to work at Pier 1 Imports, police said.

A 911 caller, who identified herself as Bertrand's employer, said she saw Christopher Bertrand get into a car with her before hearing gunshots.

"I went to the office, and I was walking back up, and I thought she was banging on the door, but I think it was gunshots," the distraught caller said. "When I went out there, her eyes were open and it looked like she was dead. There was lots of blood."

More than a dozen schools went on lockdown as police began searching for Bertrand.

Shortly before 2 p.m., police responded to a second shooting at 1015 Wade Ave., a short distance from Cameron Village. There, they found Christopher Bertrand's body.

A 911 caller told dispatchers "the suspect you all have been looking for at Cameron Village just shot himself in the head."

"I heard a shot. I was about to get in my car, I looked over and saw him just laying there, shot to the head," the caller said.

About the time Bertand's body was discovered, Wake County public schools lifted its “code yellow” lockdown.

North Carolina State University was not locked down, school officials said, because police "determined (the shooter) was not a threat to campus." However, Wolfline bus service to Cameron Village was canceled temporarily.

A Cameron Village manager said there are no security cameras in the area. At least 10 stores were closed Monday due to the shooting. Pier 1 Imports will remain closed Tuesday.


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  • cheriarmour Sep 11, 2012

    How terrible! Those poor children. Domestic abuse is such a horrible cycle. I really pray for strength for them in this difficult time.

  • CuriousT Sep 11, 2012

    "What does a typo on a board with no "edit" feature have to do with reading comprehension?" - Hans

    I believe what was being suggested is that the person making these mistakes actually PROOFREAD their post before posting it.

    Proofreading would be preferable to spell-check as even spell-check is limited. Of course, suggesting this "dates" me back to a time when spell-check didn't exist.

  • seankelly15 Sep 11, 2012

    boneymaroney13 - "WRAL why can't you move on from this story and let these families begin to try and put their lives back together?!!!! "

    The shootings happened yesterday and the two were just identified today. I don't think WRAL is dwelling on the story.

  • SueInNC Sep 11, 2012

    fayncmike, would you rather have half a chance by having your own gun than only having people who obtain guns illegally have the guns? Umm, I thought not.

  • Hans Sep 11, 2012

    '"There are some excellant study courses at Wake Tech on ready & comprehension that may help you - a mind is a terrible thing to waste pappybigtuna1

    Am I the only one who notices the irony here?"'

    Nope." - Zorg

    What does a typo on a board with no "edit" feature have to do with reading comprehension?

  • boneymaroney13 Sep 11, 2012

    WRAL why can't you move on from this story and let these families begin to try and put their lives back together?!!!! obama and Romney are still out there, remember? One trying to take us to socialism and one trying to take us to capitalism. Remember????? There's gotta be a story there somewhere!

  • PracticalMagick Sep 11, 2012

    filanthorpist...I wasn't sure. :) I just wanted to clarify. Yes, the loss of job and benefits sucks. I get that. People go through stuff like this all the time, now, which is sad, but they aren't all going off the deep end.

  • fayncmike Sep 11, 2012

    "Ridiculous cries for gun control coming in three ... two ... one
    Mike H"

    No we don't need gun control. Just continue to allow deranged pistol packing nut cases to wipe out innocent people at will. After all it's their right to lug whatever death dealing hardware around they choose to so why should anyone be surprised when they use it?

  • SueInNC Sep 11, 2012

    PracticalMagick, you tell him! What a silly thing for him to say. Wow.

  • mac240 Sep 11, 2012

    Very, very sad...he did spare us the agony of listening to some two bit attorney twisting things around to make it sound like he was the victim!