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Woman killed in Raleigh shooting; home searched

Posted August 30, 2012

— Investigators searched a Raleigh home Thursday afternoon that might be connected to the fatal shooting of a woman at an apartment complex earlier in the day.

A police spokesman said the shooting happened just before 9 a.m. at the Meridian at Wakefield apartments, at 11501 Colbert Creek Loop.

The woman was later identified as Agata Filipska Vellotti, 43.

He did not provide further details, including a motive or whether anyone had been arrested in the case.

Based on a witness account, however, a man believed to have killed his wife was taken into custody at the Raleigh Police Department's Downtown District substation sometime after 10 a.m.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was in the police station lobby Thursday morning when a dozen officers converged on the area and were talking about how they were waiting for a man who had killed his wife to surrender.

She said she was ushered into a storage area as a safety precaution until the man was detained. When she was able to return to the lobby, the woman said, she heard officers talking about transporting the man to WakeMed because he complained of chest pains.

WRAL News video captured emergency workers placing a man in an ambulance.

A silver 2007 Lexus sedan, similar to one police were looking for in connection with the shooting, sat outside the police station and had been cordoned off by crime scene tape by 11 a.m.

By late morning, police were searching a home at 2728 Kinsley Place in Raleigh – the same address listed on the vehicle registration of the Lexus.

Neighbors on Kinsley Place, about 7 miles away from the Meridian apartment complex, identified the owner of the car as Vellotti's husband, Mario Vellotti, who lives at the address with his adult son.

The neighbors said Vellotti's wife moved out of the home about six weeks ago and that the couple had a volatile relationship. One neighbor said the wife recently contacted Interact of Wake County, a nonprofit that offers counseling, education, support and shelter for victim of domestic violence.

The shooting, which happened near Capital Boulevard and New Falls of Neuse Road, prompted a brief lockdown of five nearby schools – North Forest Pines, Forest Pines and Wakefield elementary schools, along with Wakefield Middle School and Wakefield High School.

A Wake County Public School System spokesman said the lockdown was only a security precaution and that no one at the schools was injured.


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  • Ny2raleigh Aug 30, 2012

    Innocentbystander22 you are very wrong.... There are many different levels of "earners" that live in this complex. There are college kids, single parent families (as in the victims case), and traditional families like mine, and a wide array of races who live here. By no means are we "top earners" nor are many of the people I have come to know living here. Yes Wakefield has many high class homes and people who are very well off economically but that was not at all the case here, nor was it the reason this brought on so much attention.

    This was a cold blooded murder in broad daylight just after kids where being dropped off at school directly across from these apartments. People were walking their dogschoice were being walked to school, and this poor lady was shot and killed right in front of many witnesses. No matter what the race or location any kind of crime like this would have brought on the same attention.

  • kayk290 Aug 30, 2012

    skywatch_nc - my bad!!!

  • InnocentBystander22 Aug 30, 2012

    The only reason this story recieved any attention is because of the location and race of the victim. Let this same incident happent in southeast raleigh, and see how many news outlets will report it. Just goes to show that shootings only matter where the top earners live.

  • storchheim Aug 30, 2012

    " there are some women that can push a man to the absolute edge"

    And a MAN will walk away.

  • tsquaring Aug 30, 2012

    "Sad. When will people learn - guns don't solve anything, they just make things worse!" --- Gosh, there are a lot of people still alive today because of guns that would disagree with that comment.

  • Skywatch_NC Aug 30, 2012

    Ny2raleigh, I googled mario after what you said and see he has a pizza place and tons of info out there about him.

    There's a Youtube video of a Mario Vellotti of Big Mario's NY Style Pizza but its not the same Mario Vellotti involved in today's homicide.

  • soyousay Aug 30, 2012

    there's a few of his comments about a judge on exposingtherecord.org .....

    those comments were chilling and we becoming increasingly agitated...wonder how all the posters who supported him feel now that he has been implicated in murder

  • tomko Aug 30, 2012

    Any person who committed any kind of physical violence against peaceful people should surrender all his or her guns without exception. This is the only way that can help to stop this type of insanity, unless someone (like "korndorff below) wants more of that.

  • kayk290 Aug 30, 2012

    If you do want to find out more specifically. I'd direct you to google "mario vellotti raleigh" and there's a few of his comments about a judge on exposingtherecord.org .....

  • kayk290 Aug 30, 2012

    epdeans - stefano vellotti is the son, his facebook has pictures and that's how I figured out the custody issues and that the boy was missing for a period of time... Ny2raleigh, I googled mario after what you said and see he has a pizza place and tons of info out there about him. Sad to hear you had to see that today and that it puts a damper on a lovely place to live. :(