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Garner dogs' deaths drive pet owners to rabies clinic

Posted August 23, 2012
Updated August 24, 2012

— Long lines and up to an hourlong wait didn't deter 467 people from paying $5 for their pets' rabies vaccines during a three-hour clinic at Quest Fellowship Church in Garner Thursday.

Pet owners said they weren't taking any chances after an unvaccinated purebred Akita named Sue contracted rabies in the Hillington West subdivision last week and had to be euthanized. Three other neighborhood dogs that came into contact with her also died.

"It (rabies) could do a lot of damage to your animals, yourself, the public, so you want to make sure that you keep them up to date," pet owner Tracy Cattano said.

Joe Perkins brought his hunting pack to get vaccinated.

"I'm a hunter, and when I turn them loose, I'm taking a risk if I don't have them vaccinated," he said.

State law requires owners to have their pets vaccinated by six months, with a booster shot a year later, and then to get a rabies shot every three years.

Wake County Animal Control veternarians said demand for rabies vaccines is high in the wake of the dogs' deaths and other incidents involving rabid bats, beavers and foxes. Thursday's clinic drew more than twice the normal amount of people. More rabies clinics will be held throughout Wake County this fall.

Rabies death spur vaccine demand Rabies deaths spur vaccine demand

Rabies is a serious threat, veternarians said.

"If people get exposed, you need to be treated right away," said veternarian Jennifer Federic, with Wake County Animal Center. "If your pets get exposed, it's never good. You can't treat it."


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  • onlymy2cents Aug 24, 2012

    Man there are some cheap pet owners out here. A three year is $8 and the tag is also $8. This averages out to $5.33 per year.

    Justifying the denial of the pets most basic vaccination based on a view point "it's a tax" is really lame. I feel for that cat. All it takes is one incident..or didn't you read the story that spurred this entire situation. You are letting your pet and your community down.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Aug 24, 2012

    "the license fee really doesn't buy you personally anything-just gives the city another way to get money from people-and just an fyi-this is not the case in all states, so yes, some people do view this as a pet tax."

    Absolutely. As far as I am concerned, this is a tax. My cats stay indoors, so exactly what burden am I placing on the city for which I have to pay a fee? Conversely, what benefit am I getting from the city for paying this tax? I love my pets and keep up to date on their vet visits and vaccines, but this yearly expense is nothing more than an excuse for the city to soak more money out of me.

  • tarheelfan4life2005 Aug 24, 2012

    Long lines and an hourlong wait would not have happened if Wake County had been more organized and if someone from Wake County had showed up well before 4:00 pm! We would still be there now if we had not put our name on a list and that list was not given to Wake County to call people in order. It was a big mess with all of the unorganization by Wake County and their volunteers.

  • cynda-ur-way Aug 24, 2012

    It always seems these events are reported after the event. Before would be the most beneficial.

  • norainonmyparade Aug 24, 2012

    If you can not afford to spay/neuter your pet and get it vaccinated, then you can not afford your pet, period. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of these programs to save some money or staggering the vaccinations throughout the year so that you aren't paying for all of them at once.

  • kimsstressed Aug 24, 2012

    Check with your local Animal Shelter. Our offers Rabies vaccines for $5 all year long. It only lasts 1 year (not 3 years like the ones from the vet) but it's only $5.

  • rachel Aug 24, 2012

    Dear Rescue fan- forgive my lapse of the language-licensed with the city is correct-and the city provides what benefit to you for buying this license? You can get a printed dog tag for a collar a whole lot cheaper- the license fee really doesn't buy you personally anything-just gives the city another way to get money from people-and just an fyi-this is not the case in all states, so yes, some people do view this as a pet tax.

  • rachel Aug 24, 2012

    diva rn- all my pets are neutered and have all their shots-but for people of petite means, this can be a hardship-try having 4 farm dogs out in the country and a few cats on the land-if you get them rabies shots for 5.00, the government thinks they are entitled to money.

  • iamsiam1096 Aug 24, 2012

    I try to time it so I can use these clinics for the rabies vaccine, it is much less expensive than going to the regular vet and paying the visit fee on top of more for the vaccine. If it doesn't fall right I go to the vet. These clinics help responsible pet owners save money. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Gtown Mom Aug 24, 2012

    @ Arthur in the Garden...... "But THAN again it is Garner" Oh, Ok