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Large dogs seized from Wilson breeding operation

Posted August 23, 2012

— A Wilson couple was charged Thursday with animal cruelty after more than two dozen large-breed dogs were seized from a breeding operation, authorities said.

The raid at a property on Evansdale Road is the second time this month that law enforcement officers and animal welfare advocates have seized dogs and puppies from a breeding operation in eastern North Carolina.

Wilson County deputies removed 28 Great Danes, Mastiffs and Dobermans from outdoor kennels behind a mobile home, with the assistance of the Humane Society of the U.S., the SPCA of Wake County and the Great Dane Rescue Alliance.

"What led to this was just years of complaints from consumers who were getting sick puppies," said Kim Alboum, state director of the Humane Society.

Alboum said state law doesn’t require inspections of breeding operations, and complaints weren’t enough for authorities to step in until animal cruelty could be demonstrated.

"What we saw in this particular facility were a lot of dogs with old and new wounds," she said. "We saw a lot of infection – staph, mange – but many of the dogs were just so, they just seemed broken."

Breeders Cyndi and Joe Williams were each charged with one count of animal cruelty, and authorities said more charges are possible. Their court date was set for Oct. 8.

Dogs seized from Wilson breeders Wilson dog breeders face animal cruelty charges

Local rescue groups have taken in many of the breeding dogs the breeders have gotten rid of over the years, Alboum said.

"(One) dog's mother was surrendered four weeks ago, and she was in absolutely horrendous condition," she said. "When she was surrendered, (her puppy) was only 10 days old."

Veterinarians checked the dogs before 16 of the animals were sent to the SPCA of Wake County and the other 12 to the Great Dane Rescue Alliance for further care and housing.

Because the dogs were seized, their future could be tied up in court. None of the dogs will be put up for adoption until the legal issues are resolved, officials said.


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  • SpecialOffer Aug 28, 2012

    ...and many dogs had to die to make room at the shelter for these dogs that will take up space until court order....

  • kris2law Aug 27, 2012

    @luvnanimal, I am sorry you had such a bad experience but you are being quick to judge everyone based on the bad actions of a few. I in no way defended what these individuals did. But I do beleive the majority of those who show/breed are responsible and take every precaution to ensure the best homes are chosen and in the health and well being of all of their dogs as they are family not numbers.
    The majority of those who show treat their dogs better than most children are treated and do NOT make a profit from the adoption of the puppies placed in pet homes. Showing and breeding is NOT something a person gets into to make money as it is not something you are going to make money at, unless you are a high volume breeder, puppy mill, or back yard breeder who gives little thought to what they are doing or the best interest of their dogs well being. Most responsible show people take extra precaustion and must protect their puppies from dishonest people looking to adopt.

  • simplelogic Aug 24, 2012

    Driverkid3, bless you for saving your little dog's life. Sounds like he won the puppy lottery the day you took him in. I adopted my sheltie-poo from a SC shelter in 1998 and she's been my best friend ever since. At 15+ she's still terrorizing squirrels.

  • cubhill Aug 24, 2012

    These people were supposed to be licensed and inspected within the county, according to your county ordinance. Before you all start screaming about penalties and laws on everyone in the state and country why don't you find out where your local ordinance broke down?

  • luvnanimal Aug 24, 2012

    @kris2law, I do not believe for 1 second that these individuals are the minority... if you are a responsible breeder you are the minority. Breeding is a money driven business and obviously there needs to be a law to demand humane treatment. These people consider animals property and could care less how they live as long as they are profitable. As a previous owner of a puppy mill dog (unknowingly) I will never buy from a breeder regardless of their "responsible ways" There are millions of dogs and cats out there that will give unconditional love and they dont have to be a status symbol pedigree! I believe there should be a moratorum on breeding period and if you do breed you pay, which would then go to the care of all the unwanted "properties" out there!

  • kris2law Aug 24, 2012

    I have dealt with many breeders both large and small. There is a distinct difference in the mentality of each.
    Larger breeders, while I diagree with their view, tend to have a mentality much like a livestock farm. The dogs are not a part of their family nor cared for as such, they are there as producers just like livestock facilities. That is why you have situations such as this, this is a production facility (dog Livestock farm) not dogs that are a part of the family and also just happen to be show dogs that are bred occasionally.
    Small show/breeders treat their dogs as family and most care for their dogs as well or better than most children are cared for. Emphasis is not on producing high volumes of puppies, it is placed on quality, ie. health, confirming to breed standard, and the overall well being of their dogs which are family members. It is not profitable, all adoption fees for puppies placed go right back into their dogs and puppies. These are the people you get a healthy, wel

  • driverkid3 Aug 24, 2012

    I have a 20 lb. pug, poodle, shi tzu mix. I got him from a rescue group in NY when I was living there. He was scared to death of me when I first got my hands on him and I found out why when I took him to the vet. His little ribs had been broken from vicious people kicking and beating him, his tail had been broken because it didn't curl enough, and he had been tied to a tree year round with a ROPE!

    Since I've had him, he has NEVER spent another night or day outside, has NEVER been tied up, has the run of the house, eats better and more than I do (personal choice there) and is spoiled to no end. I love this little rascal with all my heart and he returns it in spades! there is no human of this earth that could be as faithful and loving as he has been. People that do these things to animals ought to be horsewhipped! No if's and's or but's about it!

  • kris2law Aug 24, 2012

    While this is very sad and those repsonsible should be held accountable, these individuals are the minority when it comes to breeders.
    Most who breed also show their dogs, have realatively few litters in any given year of which they do not make a profit from. The adoption fees for puppies from responsible breeders especially those who show go back into their puppies and dogs. These people tend to treat their dogs better than most human children, as well do their best to ensure health of all dogs.
    We do not need more laws,restrictions, and such as there are already laws to cover this and protect the animals. What we need is for these laws to continue to be enforced, which as we have seen on the news lately they have been.
    It is unrealistic to eliminate all breeders eventually there would be no more dogs.Encou;rage those who are responsible,we can not have a one size fits all legislation covering all dogs and breeders. Not all who breed are the same as these horrendous individuals.

  • tmrbogus Aug 24, 2012

    I pray for the dogs that they will be able to find furever loving homes. I have nothing nice to say about people like this.

  • simplelogic Aug 24, 2012

    Dogs are the only species of animals that exist solely because of humans. We have an obligation to take care of these special creatures because they depend entirely on us for absolutely everything in their lives, and we are the center of their world. They're always up for anything that involves spending time with us, and when we're away they're just waiting for us to return. They give us their lives, their all - the least we can do is treat them decently. Anyone who can't or won't do that should NOT have them, for any reason. Especially for profit.