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Local theaters searched after bomb threats to Carmike Cinemas

Posted August 17, 2012

— Threats to a major theater chain's corporate headquarters had police across the country, including in North Carolina, sweeping movie showrooms for bombs.

Police in cities, including Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Greenville and Fayetteville responded to the threats Friday morning after Carmike Cinemas in Columbus, Ga., received a call Thursday evening from someone claiming to be a theater vendor about bombs being placed in numerous theaters.

Carmike officials alerted the FBI after discovering the threat in a voicemail message Friday morning, said company spokesman Terrell Mayton. He said the call was placed after hours Thursday by someone claiming to work for a contractor that provides janitorial services to Carmike.

While Mayton wouldn't discuss specifics of the call, Columbus police said the person referenced the Sylvester Stallone movie, "The Expendables 2," that opened Friday.

In a statement Friday afternoon, the company said the affected theaters were checked and deemed safe and that a federal investigation in under way.

Theater security Local theaters searched after bomb threats to Carmike Cinemas

Mayton said the caller outlined "some specifics to a bomb threat at certain locations," but that he did not know how many theaters were mentioned or in how many states.

Carmike owns 233 theaters in 35 states. Media outlets Friday reported police searching theaters in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and North Carolina.

In North Carolina, Fayetteville police searched at least four theaters.

Officers in Durham searched the Wynnsong Movie Theater on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

The theaters were closed, but authorities said some employees were asked to leave the buildings.

The threats come in light of a theater massacre last month in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were shot to death and nearly 60 other people injured during a showing of the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises."

Theaters have heightened their security in recent weeks, as a result.


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  • smegma Aug 17, 2012

    bomb threat shmomb threat

  • storchheim Aug 17, 2012

    ncsuwx, I believe it's properly spelled Antartica, even though the ice up North is contained within the Arctic Circle. Googling it does come back with Antarctica, but I'm sure I remember having the lack of 2 c's in Antartica pointed out to me at school. Oh well.

    But send them to the Arctic Circle because there's nothing under that ice but water. Put global warming to some good use.

  • Screw WrAl Aug 17, 2012

    more wasted tax dollars.

  • eyepeefreelee Aug 17, 2012

    valleyind2, bazinga! well played, sir or madam

  • ncsuwx Aug 17, 2012

    Can we round up the crazy people that call in threats like this and just ship them to Antartica? - ginny

    Sounds good to me, but where is Antartica?

  • valleyind2 Aug 17, 2012

    I think they got the threat wrong. Someone said that "The Expendables 2" was going to bomb this weekend at the box office.

  • romneycare Aug 17, 2012

    oakcity doesn't understand the article.... ;/

  • samdutes Aug 17, 2012

    oakcity, you're so full of it....

  • sunshine1040 Aug 17, 2012

    somebody was there with a gun that is why this happened. There are laws against bomb treats to schools are theres laws against bomb threats to other public buildings if not WHY

  • oakcity Aug 17, 2012

    if only there had been some helpful citizen there with a gun.

    then everything would be just fine.