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Wilson woman's boyfriend charged with murder

Posted August 17, 2012

— The boyfriend of a Wilson woman whose body was recovered from a lake Wednesday has been arrested on a charge of first-degree murder, police said.

Sgt. John Slaughter, with the Wilson Police Department, said Donald Ray Davis, 45, of 2405 McNair St., was arrested Friday afternoon in connection with the death of Courtney Speight, 23, who was last seen over the weekend.

Speight's decomposed body was recovered from Contentnea Creek near Wiggins Mill Park.

An autopsy positively identified Speight's remains Friday morning, but a cause of death has not yet been determined.

Investigators haven't released a possible motive for Speight's death, but family members said Friday that Speight had lived with Davis for four years and had been trying to get out of the relationship because he was controlling and abusive and was cheating on her. The two were also having money issues, the family said.

On Saturday night, they said, she went to talk with him after he threatened to commit suicide.

Her family last saw her around 11:50 p.m. wearing a black Sheetz T-shirt, blue and red jogging pants and black and red Nike shoes, police said.

She had been driving a blue 2006 Nissan Altima, which police found Wednesday.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Wilson police at 252-399-2323 or Crime Stoppers at 252-243-2255.

Davis, meanwhile, is being held without in the Wilson County jail.


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  • miseem Aug 17, 2012

    I seem to have gotten a little off track with noclu. Someone's daughter/friend/co worker is dead. However, the expression my wife/husband is not a sign of ownership, love can be physical, but most love is not. There are usually glaring signs of someone feeling ownership over another person and love or saying this is my spouse/child has nothing to do with it.

  • Uhavenoclu Aug 17, 2012

    This is so and so,we chose to be together so we can grow and learn,and maybe start a family...If you save your "Love",or give and receive "Love",for and from one person,that is not love and that is where the pain and heartache comes on for you are only giving and expecting it from one person and when it does not work like in many divorces or break ups that is where the pain comes in.......Love is not physical.

  • miseem Aug 17, 2012

    ..."MY WIFE,MY HUSBAND,MY GIRLFRIEND,MY BOYFRIEND".."Stay away from them,do not talk to them,theya are mine - Uhavenoclu
    Exactly how do you suggest introducing your spouse. Oops, I said a bad word - your - they aren't yours, are they. Any suggestions? I sure wouldn't want anyone to think by introducing "a" significant other, I was claiming ownership of them.

  • shortcake53 Aug 17, 2012

    I cant imagine how she felt knowing she was going to be killed by someone she once loved. There is no greater betrayal. May she rest in peace now that he has been caught, and may he suffer the rest of his life for what he did.

  • Uhavenoclu Aug 17, 2012

    Marriage and relationships is not ownership...No one owns anyone..."MY WIFE,MY HUSBAND,MY GIRLFRIEND,MY BOYFRIEND".."Stay away from them,do not talk to them,theya are mine"...That is saying you own them,no one owns anothers spirit and sorry slavery went out years agoi.

  • angelashackle Aug 17, 2012

    She probably wanted to break up with him. He was to old for her and probably has been violent before. I was hoping there wasn't a bad outcome.

  • foghat001 Aug 17, 2012

    nice rant, athiestswillfall, but I suspect the WRAL mods have a better understanding how to administer the comments than you (not to mention a better grip on reality)

    If this guy is guilty, may he be tried and convicted swiftly!

  • dogluv3r Aug 17, 2012

    My prayers are with the Speight family during this terrible ordeal. I also hope the family is smart enough to avoid reading the comments on these pages and seeing the worthless people who hide behind their anonymity to be cruel and senseless in this family's time of need.

  • Just the facts mam Aug 17, 2012

    Until there is a change within a certain culture in America, more sad stories will continue. Senseless violence happens within all cultures - just more within some cultures than others. For example, I understand in Japan there is very crime

  • storchheim Aug 17, 2012

    gine00: AGREE. There's a place and time, and it's not here and now.