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Person County man arrested for dog's role in death

Posted August 16, 2012
Updated August 17, 2012

— A Person County man was charged Thursday with involuntary manslaughter after authorities linked his dog to bites on the body of a Henderson man found outside a Roxboro home on Memorial Day weekend.

Tests matched DNA and blood from Antonio Ford's dog, DMX, to that found on Eugene Cameron, including DNA on bite marks in the clothing, said Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones. He said tests also found Cameron's blood on the dog.

"We can actually prove the dog did bite the victim," Jones said.

Ford was also charged with felony obstruction of justice. He was placed in the Person County Detention Center under a $2 million bond.

Cameron, 65, was found dead on May 26 under a carport at 1189 Semora Road, west of Roxboro, where he was checking on the house of a friend, his family said.

Witnesses said that Cameron was found naked, with his clothes balled up beside him, and surrounded by bloody dog paw prints. He had a severe injury to his right arm that authorities said could have caused him to bleed to death.

"The dog pulled at the victim and slid the victim some," Jones said.

Immediately after Cameron's death, animal control officers seized 8-year-old DMX from Ford's home next to the crime scene.

Jones said that DMX, who has been held since then, will almost certainly be euthanized. A court order is required to put the dog down.

Dog owner faces manslaughter charge Dog owner faces manslaughter charge

Signs posted outside Ford's home Thursday saying "Free DMX U got the wrong dog" and "Dewy Jones Liar Thief Dognaper."

At the time of Cameron's death, Ford vigorously defended his dog, saying that DMX was in his cage on the night of the attack.


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  • delanocrow84 Aug 17, 2012

    @coach K
    ill answer your question my race card playing friend.

    Reasons The Sherriffs dpt is Corrupt.

    1. Person has more cops than durham.
    2. Roxboros unemployment rate is abnormally high yet the PD always has the latest chargers and Yukons zipping up and down the street
    3. The PD routinely revokes licenses for young men and woman with no notification and charges them thousands to get them back
    4.everyone arrested in PC for a violent crime gets a million dollar plus bond
    5.ive witnessed an officer "confiscate" 80 from someone for noyou reason and said something like "my wife coyld use this"..

    Now im not even from Roxboro and this is some of what ive noticed.. anybody from here could tell u much much more.

  • Coach K is still GREAT Aug 17, 2012

    continue to deep-fry anyone they don't like.

    August 17, 2012 5:14 p.m.

    What reason would they have for not liking the accused...
    Let me guess... b/c of his race, they are picking on him...???

    I don't live in the area, so my comments are based soley on my reading of the article...

    By the way... what makes you say the department is corrupt...???

  • SisterChristian Aug 17, 2012

    I do not believe for one second this dog had anything to do with this man's death. This is wrong. The owner of this dog did not do anything wrong. He loved his dog. Provide copies of the DNA test? I do not believe for one second you have any. How do you know the dog prints were not from another dog? Corrupt you are.

  • delanocrow84 Aug 17, 2012

    Cont... killed in, the owner was at the beach with an (alledgedly) married woman 8. Mr.Ford was put under a 2million dollar bond.

    Also, id like to pose a few questions that Roxboros finest, obviously never thought to ask. Why did he come outside in the middle of the night to confront this Pit bull? why was he biten in such a weird place dont pits go for the legs and neck? where are his defensive wounds? would a dog smelling blood investigate? and wouldnt that dog go for the open wound? why was he not mauled to daeth? where are the tooth/bite marks? does dog dna on his body/clothes/wounds prove the dog killed him? how accurate is doggy dna anyway? why were no other possibilities investigated? what justifies the 2 mil bond?
    I implore a lawyer wanting to make a name for himself and willing to do pro bono work to get Mr.Ford off (easy) and file a suit against the corrupt Person County Sheriffs dpt or they will continue to deep-fry anyone they don't like.

  • delanocrow84 Aug 17, 2012

    Fisrt off id like to say I live across the street from Mr.Ford and have also known him and his dog personally for years. This whole thing boils down to the P.C. Sheriffs Dp. being corrupt and having a vendetta against Tony Ford. There is so much reasonable doubt in this case that any lawyer (Not from Person County) would rip it apart. Im no lawyer myself but here are a few facts i'd like to state for the record:

    1. the victim came outside in the middle of the night to confront a huge pitbull w/o any weapon of any kind.
    2. the victim had 2 puncture wounds in his chest.
    3. the man was bucket naked for some reason with-
    4. his clothes balled up in a knot beside him, not ripped to shreds or torn.
    5. the Sheriff dp had a fire truck spray the crime scene that very night with water to clean up the scene/evidence.
    6. only Tony Ford's dog was arrested and not any other dog in the area ( I myself have an even bigger dog than he had )
    7. the victim was not a resident of the house he was killed

  • k9sandQtrs Aug 17, 2012

    dogs tend to "mirror" their owners..... with that said, it's kind of hard for me to say anything bad about a pit, when the only ones I've been around have been owned by vet techs, vets, or trainers! You couldn't pay me to go near a dog of any breed that's chained up in someone's yard. Also, you're 4 times more likely to be killed by a horse than you are a pit.

  • Diva RN Aug 17, 2012

    Maybe for an adult, but for a child even a small dog can cause catastrophic damage. That is why it is important to never leave ANY breed of dog alone with a child until the child is old enough to understand how to handle and behave around a dog, i.e., don't pull its tail, take food or a toy out of its mouth, startle it, etc.

  • mpheels Aug 17, 2012

    The other issue with pits is their bite strength and ability to cause damage. Jack Russels can be incredibly aggressive, but they can only cause so much damage due to size. Pits are larger and stronger, so they cause more damage with the same level of aggression. They are not the only breed with a history of aggression, just currently popular, so there are more of them out there, which means they make more headlines. If there were as many chows or akitas in our community as there are pits, we'd probably see more headlines about them attacking people.

  • Diva RN Aug 17, 2012

    You haters are the reason that I have to fear for my dogs' safety, even in my own fenced yard. I'm shocked that someone still believes the urban legend of "their brains outgrow their skulls." When your brain swells against your skull, and the pressure is not relieved, you suffer catastrophic brain damage and eventually die. As for pit bulls killing babies, so did a Pomeranian. And they are not "wild animals." Dogs have been domesticated longer than many other animals. If the victim was my father, I would want a lot more answers, like how did the clothes end up balled up, and was it only a wound to the arm? If so, how did it bleed out so fast that he could not get anywhere to call for help? I've seen complete amputations that don't bleed out that fast. I don't think that pit bulls, nor any breed of dog should be banned. I think ignorant people should be banned from owning dogs. Or, at the risk of putting myself out of a job, ignorant people should just be banned.

  • Barfly Aug 17, 2012

    So, Mr. Ford watched his dog kill Mr. Cameron, and did nothing to help. The dog didn't ball up any clothing, Mr. Ford did.

    Make it a 2-for-1 when the dog is put to sleep.