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Money grab at the pump: Gas prices rise 30 cents in a month

Posted August 14, 2012

— When Triangle gas prices fell to an average $3.27 a gallon last month, it seemed too good to be true.

It was.

Prices have been rising since then, reaching an average of $3.62 a gallon statewide, according to AAA.

The national average for a gallon of regular was $3.70, compared with $3.40 a month ago, the auto club reported.

For motorists, a penny here and there adds up.

“I thought summer was always the highest prices, but they would go down closer to fall,” Pam O’Leary said. “And instead, they’re going up.”

Driver Phil Rzewnicki said: “You don’t see the reasoning behind it – why it fluctuates so much.

The rising prices are especially tough for delivery drivers who use their own cars.

Gas prices rise 30 cents in one month Gas prices rise 30 cents in one month

“If I have two deliveries back to back that are on opposite sides of Raleigh, then it’s kind of a pain,” said Jon Rogers, who delivers for Marco's Pizza near North Carolina State University.

Management recognizes that gas prices can impact their employees.

“We got to treat our drivers right, too,” said Brandon Immen, assistant general manager at Marco’s Pizza. “And we certainly don’t want them losing money on taking deliveries.”

Marco’s charges $2 per delivery – money that goes back to the drivers. Increasing gas prices forced them to raise that charge from $1.50 about a year ago.

Next door at the Pita Pit, owner Kimit Shah said he also has a $2 charge for deliveries.

“Pretty much when we don’t get tipped, we don’t get our gas money,” he said. “So that’s the way it really impacts us.”

“We don’t actually make those prices go any higher than that,” Shah added. “We keep it simple.”

Drivers just wish gas prices could be that simple.

“That would be great,” Rogers said. “But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

Experts say there are several factors leading to the higher gas prices, including tension in the Middle East, more drivers on the road and even higher corn prices, which impacts the cost of ethanol.


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  • TheBigLC Aug 16, 2012

    because ger is a coward and cannot accept the failures of his man in the WH. Thats part of the liberal disorder. Not only do they voluntarily give up their free thought they cannot accept facts.

  • nowon_yuno Aug 16, 2012

    I notice ger still hasn't anything to say about this.

  • awood2 Aug 16, 2012

    30 cents a month! try 28 cents in a weeks time! I went on vacation last week gas was $3.46 when I left, came back and it is $3.74!! What the heck happened while I was out of state for a week??

  • bluemax4195 Aug 16, 2012

    The head line says it all!

    "Money grab at the pump: Gas prices rise 30 cents in a month"

    ONE MONTH! = 30 CENTS! Somebody in Washington "needs" to step-up and (literally) rein in these oil companies! There is NO way anyone can convince me otherwise, that prices can fluctuate as much as 10 cents or more in less than eight hours - at some gas stations! Much less 30 cents as an AVERAGE in ONE month!!! There's simply NO "reasonable" excuse for this - PERIOD! It's WAY past time something is done to stop this price gouging!

  • luvbailey Aug 15, 2012

    So golo editor, what was wrong with my post around 3? No bad language in it. Too much detail for the readers? I made a post this morning, people attacked me, and I responded with facts. So why didn't you post it?

  • Screw WrAl Aug 15, 2012

    Fill up boys, it's up 3 more cents today. First real storm in the Gulf, more garbage from Iran and Syria and you guys will be pumping the most expensive fuel you've ever sucked down.


  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Aug 15, 2012

    closer we get to election day.

    Crew Dog

    Nope! It will go higher. Watch and see.

  • 426X3 Aug 15, 2012

    Bet the price will go down the closer we get to election day.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Aug 15, 2012

    I just wish the media etc. would stop giving the lime light. Every time we pass by a gas station we are very aware of the gas going up. We are no blind to that fact. Hey, lets us know when its like $2.00 a gal. then that would be worth reporting.

  • Nancy Aug 15, 2012

    blacklabel - it's beyond supply and demand as we're dealing with a global oil supply, not tied to just our countries demand on that supply.

    But threatening Iran does have an immediate impact, our devalued dollar on the global market does have an impact.

    in 2008 when gas briefly hit $4 a gallon, a barrel of crude was selling for $145, this year that same barrel of crude is hovering at $100 a barrel but the price at the pump is much higher in ratio.

    When you have countries such as China turning their nose up at buying our debt (began last year), you know we're not handling our affairs.