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SPCA to put dozens of dogs seized from puppy mill up for adoption

Posted August 10, 2012

— The SPCA of Wake County will soon put 39 dogs taken from a Brunswick County puppy mill a week ago up for adoption, officials said Friday.

Brunswick County deputies and animal rights advocates rescued 163 dogs, 26 birds and one cat in an Aug. 3 raid of a breeding operation at a Leland mobile home.

Many of the dogs were matted, caked in filth, covered in fleas and in need of veterinary care, and some had broken jaws from severe tooth decay. The double-wide trailer where they were housed in cages had no electricity, authorities said.

"I will never forget that day," said Darci VanderSlik, community outreach coordinator for the SPCA of Wake County.

At least one puppy died after the rescue, but the rest of the dogs were sent to animal shelters as far away as Greensboro and Charlotte, officials said.

The dogs cared for by the SPCA have received veterinary care in recent days and undergone extensive grooming, officials said. Most of them will be put into foster homes for socialization before being put up for adoption.

VanderSlik said nursing the dogs back to health will take more than medical treatment.

"I think emotional damage – emotional and behavioral damage – that needs time, and it's going to take a lot of time for them to come around," she said.

Dog taken from puppy mill Dogs taken from Brunswick puppy mill recovering

The SPCA doesn't expect a problem finding loving homes for the dogs. VanderSlik said people should check the organization's website or Facebook page in the coming weeks for more information.

"If you look at these faces, who can say no?" she said.

Andrew and Amelia Millis, of Wilmington, were charged with animal neglect and animal cruelty and are being held in the Brunswick County jail under $1.5 million bonds.

Two North Carolina lawmakers have said they plan to introduce legislation next year to better regulate dog-breeding operations.

"Something has to be done," VanderSlik said. "We're not against responsible breeders. Responsible breeders take care of their animals. We're against commercial breeders that breed for money and not for the welfare of the animals."


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  • beachbum1 Aug 10, 2012

    Never mind...just read the other comments..thanks

  • beachbum1 Aug 10, 2012

    KC2454...if we want to help...do we just call ASPCA??

  • amynmurray Aug 10, 2012

    What about the birds???

  • Colonel_Anges Aug 10, 2012

    "Andrew and Amelia Millis, of Wilmington, were charged with animal neglect and animal cruelty and are being held in the Brunswick County jail under $1.5 million bonds"

    GOOD!! Hopefully this will be a eye opener for the remaining puppy mills of NC. Good place the ASPCA should start looking at is the classified dog ads. I seen one breeder alone breeding over 10 different breeds. NOT saying they are a puppy mill but might be something to look into.

  • kc2459 Aug 10, 2012

    Please consider fostering for the Wake County animal shelter as well... it is very rewarding and shelters are so very full these days! All these lovely animals deserve a chance at a new beginning.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Aug 10, 2012

    What sweet little faces. I'm talking about the DOGS!


  • curiousgeorgia Aug 10, 2012

    May the punishment fit the crime! What hateful life forms those two are.

  • slcota Aug 10, 2012

    FINALLY... they are actually doing more than slapping these sick people on the wrist!! Teach them a lesson!

  • dirkdiggler Aug 10, 2012

    how disgusting. maybe these two monsters should have to live in such conditions. :( "Because I Care", thank you for posting the info. I was just about to ask how DECENT folks can offer some foster care when I noticed your post. Thanks again!

  • Southern Discomfort Aug 10, 2012

    "this is just horrible!" -carroboryouth

    What is? That the puppies are being adopted out?

    This state needs some changes to the law. Although, Paul Stam says dogs and cats are just property and these "mills" are just a business trying to make money and don't need regulation.