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76-year-old's purse stolen after she fell asleep at Walmart

Posted August 8, 2012

— A 76-year-old woman shopping at a Roxboro Walmart Monday was robbed of her purse and other belongings after she fell asleep in the store, police said Wednesday.

Roxboro Police Chief Todd Boycher said Queen Walters had been using a scooter to shop at the store, at 1049 Durham Road, and that she became groggy from medication she has been taking before she undergoes rotator cuff surgery.

"I was never that sick before," she said. "That medicine is no good, and I hope my doctor is looking at this. He gave me too strong a medicine."

Store surveillance video showed Walters leaning back and asleep on the scooter when a man approached her, looked around and then took her purse. Inside were her keys, credit card, license, a significant amount of cash and medication.

"Instead of doing the right thing and checking on her condition or letting someone know, he reaches in her cart, gets her purse and walks off with it," Boycher said.

Queen Walters Man snatches sleeping elderly woman's purse at Roxboro Walmart

Employees found Walters sometime later in the back of the store.

Walters said it's going to be a hassle to replace all the belongings from her stolen purse.

"I know he's going to keep the money, (but) give me my credentials back. I have to go through all that trouble to get everything back," she said. "He's got my cellphone, everything, my driver's license. He also got the keys to my house and car."

Boycher said he hopes surveillance footage will help investigators identify a suspect. Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call Roxboro police.


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  • jwjsdj Aug 10, 2012

    Heartless Person to Steal from Anyone, Much less an elderly person. The other Side Shows the TRUE Walmart Workers.. That they are No where when you Need Help and when and If you can get one of them to Help. They will Quickly Disappear!! This is ALWAYS Common in WALMART"s and WALMART HEADQUARTERs don't Care, when you complain on this Subject!!

  • hitider Aug 10, 2012

    From the resolution and lighting of the video, it looks like Wal-mart picks up their surveillance cameras at a discount of say...$5.oo bucks each? Wouldn't want enough light and resolution to catch a thief now would we? Security system probably monitored somewhere in China or India once a month.

  • NotAgain Aug 10, 2012

    Hmm, red light camera bad, very bad.
    Purse snatch camera good, very good.

  • LovemyPirates Aug 10, 2012

    Good - he's caught. Low, low low!!!

  • fredkim7397 Aug 10, 2012

    reading thru many of these comments I see "blame Wal mart" "how'd she get there" "hope she didn't drive"....Really that's all you see wrong with this situation....When does personal responsibility come into the forefront. When are we the people gonna start looking out for one another and holding those that are harming others accountable...We can play the blame game, that's easy. At some point your gonna have to accept the fact that we are responsible. When we look away, turn our heads, bury them in the sand......We let her down, not wal-mart

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    Bet the courts don't do anything to him.

  • Half Red Half Blue Aug 10, 2012

    Just wondering why no one saw this young crimals with her purse. Someone had to have seen something, so we need them to step up and tell what they know. If not, they are just as guilty.

    The majority of people don't pay attention to their surroundings.

  • Keyboard cat Aug 10, 2012

    Breaking News: Police have arrested the man caught on surveillance video swiping a purse from a woman earlier this week in the Roxboro Walmart.

    LOL!! Time to pay up.

  • godnessgracious2 Aug 10, 2012

    BUSTED. Hopefully now the lady will get her stuff back.

  • whoami Aug 9, 2012

    My heart goes out to this woman, but I am thankful for one outcome. She was left with no car keys. She could have killed herself and others around her behind the wheel of a car.