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Pizza delivery driver beaten with baseball bat in Raeford

Posted August 7, 2012

— A pizza delivery driver was beaten so badly during a robbery last week that he had to undergo brain surgery, according to the Hoke County Sheriff's Office, which charged a Raeford man Tuesday in connection with the attack.

More arrests are expected.

Tyler Joseph Lloyd, 19, delivered an order placed online to the 1600 block of O'Bannon Drive in Raeford on Friday night and was beaten with a baseball bat and robbed by two men, authorities said.

Deputies found Lloyd unconscious in his car on Clan Campbell Drive after co-workers at the Domino's Pizza at 7082 Fayetteville Road in Raeford called for help. 

"There's no doubt he was going to be left for dead," said Sheriff Hubert Peterkin.

Manager Ashley Pitman said she waited about 40 minutes before she went to look for Lloyd and called 911. She said she was alarmed because he wasn't answering his cellphone or home phone.

"O'Bannon Drive is literally a 20 minute drive there and back," she said. "It got all of us scared and worried."

Lloyd is being treated at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition Tuesday night.

Juan Foronte McPhaul, 30, was arrested while walking down Wayside Road and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. 

Raeford man charged in near-fatal attack on Domino's driver Raeford man charged in near-fatal attack on Domino's driver

Peterkin said investigators executed a search warrant at McPhaul's home, 217 Springer Drive in Raeford, on Saturday, where they found evidence linking him to the robbery.

More evidence was found at 215 Springer Drive, Peterkin said.

McPhaul was being held Tuesday in the Hoke County jail under a $500,000 secure bond.

Peterkin called the beating "senseless."

Pitman said she is worried about violence against delivery drivers.

"It scares all of us that something so serious and dangerous happened to one of our driver, that literally could have killed him," she said. "These people need to go down."


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  • Lightfoot3 Aug 9, 2012


    Hmmm, are you a lawyer? Dominos has no legal or moral responsibility to clean up the streets. They make and deliver pizzas.

  • JoCoGrl Aug 9, 2012

    "casp3r/ Not my duty to raise any child except my own. Some of you expect others to do everything for you. I refuse to do that and resent the government giving you my tax money because you won't try to help yourself." ims1924

    While I understand and agree with what you are saying, you need to read back a page or two and see that this person was not being serious. Hopefully you will do the right thing. :)

  • peppercorns Aug 8, 2012

    Race is no longer a factor in the United States, so don't play that card. Great people come in every color and creed and so do horrible, heartless, losers. Stiffer penalties and less acceptance of excuses is what we need today.

  • Realthoughts Aug 8, 2012

    Rev. Barber.... You should be holding a press conference denouncing this crime and issuing prayers for the driver and his family. You can't have it both ways and by not making any statement and calling for a stop of such horrible events as this you are setting the tone that is okay. Again this is so said and sickening. My prayers for the young man and his family.

  • Realthoughts Aug 8, 2012

    The NAACP need to at least denounce crimes like this that are committed. Just as they are so quick to step in in cases of white on black crimes they should at least make a statement denouncing criminal activity by blacks. This story is sickening, a young man beaten nearly to deaf, for what maybe $50 dollars. I'm sure if the robber was a white man and the driver black, the NAACP would be all over this. Everyone is really getting tired of the double standard portrayed by the NAACP.

  • ims1924 Aug 8, 2012

    casp3r/ Not my duty to raise any child except my own. Some of you expect others to do everything for you. I refuse to do that and resent the government giving you my tax money because you won't try to help yourself.

  • tjondagrind20122 Aug 8, 2012

    Lol, it's said that the man got beat but do you expect when it comes to the good ol' town of Raefod? Everyone is related to everyone so more than likely the suspect is just a result of some type of inbreeding. He can't help his mental state. The government should send out the National Guard to do a complete overhaul of that town in Hopeless County. #ijs

  • JoCoGrl Aug 8, 2012

    "Are you serious with this statement???? OMG!"


  • dae66 Aug 8, 2012

    casp3r: "We all know since obama has taken over, blacks have a 15% unemployment rate, so they are having a harder time than all you whites. Second, the man was probably just trying to feed his family, is it not ok to break a little law if you are trying to better your life like the immigrants? Third,he probably was scared once taking the pizza that the driver had a gun like zimmerman and would get away with murder because he was black and defedned himself first."

    Are you serious with this statement???? OMG!

  • bmaz Aug 8, 2012

    Not a bad idea, prison as a deterent obviously does not scare some of these people.