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Embattled Dunn veterinarian agrees to surrender license

Posted August 7, 2012

— An embattled Dunn veterinarian who was fighting a state board's ruling to surrender his license over allegations of incompetence has agreed to do so, officials said Tuesday.

Dr. Guy Beretich, who runs the Vets for Pets Animal Hospital, was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board to appeal the ruling.

But hours before an administrative hearing was set to begin, board officials said they reached a settlement with Beretich for him to give up his license and stop practicing by Dec. 1.

Under the agreement, Beretich will be allowed a limited license until June 1, 2013, in order to keep the clinic open and sell it. But he will not be able to treat any animals.

Beretich, who estimates that he treated more than 13,000 animals during his career, said Tuesday that he believes the complaints were one-sided and unfair but that he decided to resolve them because he was running out of money to fight the allegations and because of the toll it had taken on his family.

"I'm laughing on the outside and crying on the inside," he said.

His main goal now, he said, is to make sure his clients continue to get care.

Guy Beretich Dunn vet agrees to surrenders license

The settlement brings an end to a dispute dating back to 2009, when complaints against the doctor prompted investigators to look into the care he was providing at his clinic.

The board ordered Beretich to surrender his license in 2010 after investigators found "evidence of incompetence" in three complaints in which non-certified veterinary employees diagnosed and treated animals and Beretich failed to maintain proper medical records.

In one case, the board found he chose an inappropriate eye surgery on a boxer-bulldog mix named Sadie and then did the procedure on the wrong eye, according to an {{a href="document-11401019"}}agreement between Beretich and the veterinary board{/a}}.

In another case, he let a non-licensed employee diagnose a miniature pinscher named Davidson and prescribe a treatment plan. Another vet had to euthanize the dog four days later after diagnosing him with kidney failure.

A third complaint stemmed from allegations that Beretich allowed non-licensed and untrained employees to diagnose and treat patients and dispense medication, administer rabies vaccines and euthanize animals between 2007 and 2009.

The doctor denies the third allegation, according to the consent order.
previously said he would not give up his practice.

The veterinary board's ruling had been handed down before the latest complaint against Beretich, which happened last month.

Kim Croonquist, of Smithfield, claimed the clinic lost her 7-year-old Labrador-German shepherd mix while she and her family was out of town last month. Staff members found the dog last week behind the clinic.


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  • southerntalent Aug 8, 2012

    he decided to resolve them because he was running out of money to fight the allegations and because of the toll it had taken on his family.

    what about the familys he hurt???

  • sjh Aug 8, 2012

    Considering he was the ONLY licensed Vet there during that time, I would hope he was the only one performing the surgeries! Trust me, what was done to her eye is definately not a result of a miscommunication, is the result an improper surgery PERIOD! No way around it!! THE VET BOARD WOULD NOT GO TO THIS EXTREME IF HE WAS NOT GUILY!!!!

  • adidasgirl09 Aug 8, 2012

    We have taken our pets to Vets for Pets since we moved to North Carolina in 2000. We have never had an issue with the pet care and treatments we received for our pets. I feel like most of the people commenting have never been there and are just giving in and believing everything negative they've heard. We have had all of our pets neutered/spayed without any issue, our cat boarded due to sickness, another cat put down due to liver disease, and a bone pulled out of our jack russell's throat when he got it stuck trying to eat it, and several other accounts. They will even stay open late and not charge you hundreds of dollars because they actually care about you and your pets. I'm mad that Vets for Pets is under such scrutiny. I think it was obviously something weird was going on with Ewok. I think someone stole him to make Dr. Guy look bad. As for the bad eye surgery, I'm pretty positive he wasn't the only person in the operating room and there was some sort of miscommunication.

  • kota069 Aug 8, 2012

    To Dr. Guy Beretich (When you/your staff read through these comments):
    Myself and my family are sorry that you have fallen victim to the greed of [some of] your associates and the corruptable, controlling political agencies they control.

    We'll surely mourn the 'passing' of "Vets for Pets" but hope that we can find comparable care for our pets - hopefully, a product of your influence and example.

    Thank you for all you've done.
    We wish you well in your retirement but we'll miss you and your care and compassion for our beloved pets.

    Take care. God Bless you.

  • kota069 Aug 8, 2012

    I'll take every measure I can to ensure that the "price-fixing hacks" who facilitated this event do NOT get any of my money.

  • kota069 Aug 8, 2012

    [Quote wlr143
    August 7, 2012 9:51 a.m.]
    As a long time client of Vets for Pets, I'm am very sad to hear this!!! For these few sad stories there are thousands of happy ones!! To be fair the media should have presented both! If you don't like an establishment...just don't frequent it...that's your right! He has always treated my animals with care and concern...and by the looks of the number of people in the waiting room many others feel like that as well. The other vets in the area have always wanted him gone because his prices are so reasonable!! Well, I hope it remains open under Dr. Thornton, otherwise, I will be driving out of town to find another vet. Thank you, Dr. B, for all you've done for my animals over the years! We will miss you!![end quote]DITTO!!!

  • kota069 Aug 8, 2012

    It's all about money.
    The "Board" was bought and paid for like any other NC state agency. 'Nuff said - money wins.

  • kota069 Aug 8, 2012

    The only "incompetence" at issue here is the incompetence of the so-called "North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board" which is obviously in the pocket(s) of a group of greedy, hacks who are hanging a "veterinary" shingle and pooling their money to pay off the so-called "North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board".

    This is so typical of NC state [tax funded] agencies.

    I don't blame him for throwing in the towel as the state has obviously succeeded in bleeding him dry.

    But one thing is for sure: when he's gone; when the state and the greedy hacks have driven his [personal] animal care into total oblivion I'll not "shop" for another Vet - I'll go where he (privately and personally) recommends.

    It's a sad day but certainly not surprising given the track record and standing reputation of North Carolina government.

  • luuuuuuuvdogs Aug 7, 2012

    The thing that people seem to not understand is that it just wasn't one misdiagnosis. It just wasn't one animal. It wasn't just an old animal that simply died of old age. The Vet Board doesn't take on this kind of malpractice without actual proof and repeated occurances. Yes, it was vet care, and yes, it was inexpensive - and for that I feel badly that the people of Dunn will lose that. But just read through these comments - there are many people who have negatively had their lives affected by the ineptness and malpractice of this man. There is something wrong when a vet has been given chance after chance after chance to clean up his act, yet the same things happen again and again and again. If you have a license for anything - and you make continual and repeated mistakes - eventually you're going to have that license taken away. He's lucky he had it for as long as he did. I hope those of you who still take your pets there, never have to feel the pain that a lot of folks have.

  • horsepoor Aug 7, 2012

    I wouldn't take a roach to that office! Even one of his colleagues seems incompetent. Took my dog there to have his semen evaluated...only because a friend was available to take him. A proper exam was never done nor bloodwork but all the "vet" could tell me was that he was in poor health and that he was sterile...oh and while collecting the sample..they made him bleed. I kept asking her what led her to believe he was in such poor health...she never would give me an answer..just that he was in poor health. I then took him myself to my regular vet that is 45 minutes away, had him evaluated. Sperm count and quality was excellent!....hmmm...sterile??? Was originally told that he had zero sperm count. But at the exam at my reg vet, heart sounded great, lungs great, heartworm neg. etc. He's healthy and fertile.... such knowledgeable staff! makes me shudder to think I almost gave away a champion lineaged lab due to a misdiagnosis!