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Fuquay-Varina upsets parents with creation of sports program

Posted August 6, 2012
Updated August 7, 2012

— Fuquay-Varina town commissioners voted 3-2 Monday night to create a youth sports program in the town, a decision that drew ire from hundreds of parents.

"I am so angry right now," said Serena Saw, who supports the Fuquay-Varina Athletic Association, a nonprofit group that has administered a sports league for the town since 1989. "I cannot believe the town is willing to do this."

The town's recreational sports program will include baseball, T-ball, softball, soccer, volleyball, football and cheerleading. The measure is expected to take effect for winter sports.

Hundreds of parents, however, attended Monday's meeting to say they want the FVAA to continue running athletic leagues for the town. Some parents even had to be escorted from the meeting by police after they expressed anger at the commissioners' decision.

"(This) is a hostile takeover of a nonprofit organization," said FVAA supporter Chris Kiger.

Parents protest town-sponsored sports program in Fuquay-Varina Parents protest town-sponsored sports program in Fuquay-Varina

About 60 percent of participants in FVAA youth sports programs live outside town limits. Many of those parents say they worry they'll be excluded from the official town-sponsored league.

"I am a Fuquay resident in every sense of the word, other than the fact that I do not pay city taxes. I shop in Fuquay. I get gas in Fuquay," said Wake County resident Susan Naylor. "I support Fuquay charities, businesses, and I go to the parks in Fuquay, but because I don't pay taxes, I'm made out to be this second-class citizen."

Town leaders have said they aren't taking over for the FVAA and that both programs can still operate within town limits. They have also said that both Fuquay-Varina residents and non-residents would be able to participate in the programs.

Mayor John Byrne has said he believes that the FVAA and town can continue to work together.


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  • mojo nailing rb Aug 8, 2012

    The town has not taken over FVAA they have taken back ownership and regulation of what was and has always been theirs - field access which the FVAA had a monopoly on. Now instead of FVAA dictating when and where things will be played the town will and it is about time because unless you were part of the in crowd even within the FVAA system you could not get field access...good for the town of Fuquay to knock the FVAA and its so called group of volunteers and members down a few pegs and let them know there is a new Umpire in town and its name is Fuquay not FVAA!!!

  • gflamegurl23 Aug 8, 2012

    I play for FVAA and was very upset when the town took over. They didn't even bother to think about the kids in the program like me, and just took over for the money. I know the town taking over FVAA was what everyone was talking about a school the next day, and all the players were just as hurt as I was. With all the players and parents that loved FVAA I think it was a very selfish thing the town did, and they should be ashamed.

  • livinon Aug 8, 2012

    Also, for those that have not been pleased with the FVAA coaches or the way kids are chosen to play, these problems exist in almost every sports program, anywhere in the USA.

    There has probably never been a program that doesn't have it's share of disgruntled kids, coaches and parents. Some may be disgruntled for a legit reason, some not. But where kids gather to compete, occasional conflict is sure to follow.

    I think the FVAA is one of the better programs in this respect. They do listen and respond very well for a very small staff trying to juggle the needs and expectations of around 3000 individuals. It's not a cakewalk, by any means, but they actually care about the kids, and it shows.

    The town obviously doesn't have a clue what the FVAA staff have to do to keep that huge pile of plates spinning, and I expect they are going to be caught off guard when the whole thing crashes to the ground.

  • That Explains It Aug 8, 2012

    Fuquay-Varina owns the fields, just like Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, etc. However, while these other towns have administered sports activities that more heavily utilize their fields, Fuquay-Varina has not. Fuquay-Varina is simply coming to par with what is normal. They are expanding their offerings, while in no way restricting the rights of FVAA to offer whatever programs they wish. The problem is one of field allocation, which all private sports authorities have had to regularly deal with. Football, soccer, baseball all have to compete for limited resources, except in the case of FVAA. Now that they are being forced onto the same playing field as everyone else, they feel they are being unfairly treated.

    One last word. There is a very significant driving aspect of this story that has yet to come out because neither side wants it to for their own individual reason.

  • livinon Aug 8, 2012

    Many of the people commenting obviously don't have any clue as to what is going on with this situation.

    Out of town residents pay both a yearly membership fee to FVAA and a fee per sport. Their fees are higher than the resident fees to compensate for their out of town status. Many of them are in the immediate area around the town, not from another city and Fuquay-Varina is not only the closest option for their kids to play sports, it is often the town they work in, socialize in, support the businesses, and consider to be their hometown. They are not freeloaders, they're just not inside the city limits.

    Also, at this point, there are no options to choose one program or the other. If the town takes over, the FVAA will most likely close, unless they can find field space elsewhere. At this point, anyone who says that there will be a choice is blowing smoke to appease the situation.

  • yesimagirl Aug 8, 2012

    The sad thing is that The Town has made it clear (in public AND under the covers) that it is going to make it VERY difficult, if not impossible for FVAA to rent the fields. This is spiteful and everything you don't want to see your gov't being. This WILL cause FVAA to fold. Goodbye, options. Secondly, The Town is offering nothing for kids over the age of 12. What are they going to do. Thirdly, FVAA has one of the absolute largest bases of volunteers around. I'm not talking about coaches. I'm talking about concessions, scorekeepers, maintenance people, equipment folks, etc. The Town can't replace these people for free. I really hope all of you that support The Town on the surface, engage a little more and get informed about what has really gone on here. Sad.

  • Baseball dude Aug 8, 2012

    Imagine that its the towns fields, the town doesn't have to answer to any one except their residents of the city limit. Those not paying the towns taxes, really don't have a say in it. Maybe the town will give a at large member for folks that live outside the city limit other wise, its their ball fields.

  • dawgpaw4 Aug 7, 2012



  • dawgpaw4 Aug 7, 2012

    Why do you not post all comments and information? The viewers know that "WRAL" AND OTHER STATIONS ARE LIBERAL, but "we the people" like to see all of the information and comments, not just what yall want us to see!

  • Mom2two Aug 7, 2012

    Maybe FVAA can come to Garner and start a great volleyball program so we don't have to drive to Fuquay!