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Cary mulls turning off red light cameras

Posted August 2, 2012

— Cary is considering permanently turning off its red light cameras.

The committee consisting of three town council members unanimously voted Thursday to approve the town manager's recommendation to end the red light camera program. The full Town Council will take up the proposal at its meeting next Thursday.

The town manager's recommendation cited a WRAL News report that found that drivers were being improperly ticketed on left turns, as well as a lawsuit over the cameras, administrative costs and uncertainty about the state legislation authorizing the program. In addition, the town said traffic engineers have achieved the program's goals of making safety improvements to certain intersections.

Currently, 17 red light cameras monitor 15 intersections. The cameras are monitored by an outside contractor, Redflex, which issues $50 citations for violations.

No driver's license or insurance points are assessed, and proceeds go to the county school system.

So far, according to the town, the eight-year-old program has sent $646,366 to the Wake County Public School System, approximately 10 percent of the total fines. The town has kept about 2 percent of the total fines to pay direct administrative costs, including one part-time employee.

The town has cameras at these intersections:

  • Cary Towne Boulevard at Convention Drive (EB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road at High Meadow Drive (SB)
  • High House Road at Prestonwood Drive (WB)
  • Northwest Maynard Road and Chapel Hill Road (NB)
  • Maynard Road at Walnut Street (SB)
  • Tryon Road at Crescent Green Way (EB)
  • Tryon Road at Regency Parkway (WB)
  • Walnut Street and Dillard Drive (NB)
  • Maynard Road and Kildaire Farm Road (WB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road and Maynard Road (SB)
  • Cary Parkway at Kildaire Farm Road (WB)
  • Kildaire Farm Road and Cary Parkway (NB)
  • Cary Parkway at High House Road (SB)
  • Harrison Avenue at Maynard Road (SB)
  • Harrison Avenue and Weston Parkway (SB)
  • Walnut Street at Meeting Street (WB)
  • Cary Parkway and High Meadow (WB)

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  • piene2 Aug 3, 2012

    ""I am glad they did away with them in Fayetteville, and I too was ticketed twice for the same issue but it said a diffrent date and since I was the only owner and driver I was able to prove it was the same EXACT photo as the other issue" - dwpmgg

    So, you broke the law.

    Off with his head!

  • iwannareply Aug 3, 2012

    Have they paid for themselves? That is the argument they were purchased under. They generated almost 7 million dollars total!

  • LocalYokel Aug 3, 2012

    jgold254 and cwood3, you have never had the "right" or "freedom" to break the law.

  • LocalYokel Aug 3, 2012

    Why are you distracted over who gets how much of the violation money when people are being killed at red lights? If your concerned about economics of public safety you should investigate how much to we pay the police vs how many red light citations they issue.

    Considering how unsafe our roads are, it would be great if some entity were making a large profit off public safety and was able to expand their business. It's a win win scenario of making money and creating safer environment.

  • jgold254 Aug 3, 2012

    Come on ya'll. This goes deeper than the timing of lights. We should all stand up against this type of abuse. These cameras violate our rights under the constitution (ref. Florida case).

  • Tax Man Aug 3, 2012

    I thought the schools were supposed to get 100% of the fines - how come they only get 10%? And the town only gets 2%? So this company that cannot even make working cameras gets 88%? Renegotiate with them for 95% to Schools, 2% to Cary and 3% to red light company or just junk them!

  • cwood3 Aug 3, 2012

    Freedom returns to Cary-wonder how long it will last??

  • Spidey Aug 3, 2012

    We can only hope Knightdale (the Eastern Wake county Cary wanna be)will follow suit.

  • ycbs Aug 3, 2012

    I would love to see an independent auditor's take on this company's books. 12% of the revenue?!? I think the town/county is getting ripped off.

    I don't have a problem with red light cameras in and of itself, but I think the town/county should be getting a bigger cut of the revenue, or look into buying the cameras and controlling the system internally.

  • sammyg Aug 3, 2012

    I still say more could be accomplished with timing traffic lights than with these red light cameras.