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Missing Woman Found Dead in Garage Attic

Posted January 16, 2007

— The body of a Wilson woman who had been missing for more than a month was found late Monday in a garage attic, authorities said.

Mary Katherine Lamm, 36, was reported missing Dec. 8. After her family reported smelling a foul odor in a detached garage on Monday, deputies searched the building and found her body, authorities said.

Investigators at the scene said it appeared the area had been designed to avoid discovery of the body, but authorities said there were no indications of foul play and that the death appeared to be a suicide.

Authorities combed the woods near Lamm's home in the days following her disappearance, but found nothing. Lamm's mother criticized authorities Tuesday for not searching more diligently for her daughter.

"They supposedly searched carefully," Vivian Lamm said. "I'm thinking that there at least three deputies that were supposed to go upstairs and search this garage. Obviously, they did not. They went to the top of the steps and said, 'We don't see anybody,' and down they came."

Wilson County authorities said they believe they handled the case property. Vivian Lamm admitted that the family never searched the garage attic either. Wilson County authorities said

Mary Lamm's body has been sent to the State Medical Examiner's Officer for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Her mother said her daughter suffered from a bipolar disorder and severe depression and was paralyzed on her left side.

"She never had a chance. She was a wonderful person," Vivian Lamm said.

The case remains under investigation.

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  • kittnkboodle Jan 16, 2007

    smissscarlet... that's exactly what everyone is saying... seems odd that she didn't find her own daughter and if she had even attempted to search like a mother would, she would have found her and not in that form. almost everyone hit the nails on the head... they should have been looking out for her anyway since she was handicapped and pamepooh said the rest. heide had a strong p.s., too, with how a loving mother would have reacted. i am sorry but get a life and a job. at least police officers work for a living, whether it be up to a lousy mother's standards or not.

  • ncinked Jan 16, 2007

    Heck, your toilet is over-flowing, blame the police. Don't finger point or come sign up and be a cop and see how it really is, not whats on tv. Let it go, pray for the family.

  • smissscarlet Jan 16, 2007

    Folks, this family has done nothing wrong. I know them and I knew their daughter. She was a beautful person and her parents are heartbroken. Of course her mother is wondering how trained police officers "thoroughly" searched for her daughter and missed her. How many of you have waited through holidays wondering if your child is dead or alive? How many of you have held onto hope only to find out people you should have been able to trust did a sloppy job which caused your agony to be long and drawn out? I don't blame her for asking the police to come again...I would not want to find my child that way either.

  • DOG Jan 16, 2007

    PAMEPOOH/ I agree with you 100%

  • TeeZnU Jan 16, 2007

    reminds me a little bit of the jon bonnet ramsey case, someone in the family knew where she was, and waited hours before she was found, just in this case, it was days. difference here seems that instead of a murder, its a suicide..... or is it ???

  • rukidding Jan 16, 2007

    People, give this woman a break. She's upset, she just lost her daughter....there is no need to talk so ugly about her. It's not the first time the police have been blamed for something and they probably didn't think twice about it. Let it go...

  • no screen name Jan 16, 2007

    This mom is on TV blaming the COPS and the body was found in HER garage! why didnt the mom look all over for her daughter? she was right there by and the cops were the ones supposed to look in the garage for her but she didnt? was the mom scared of going up there? it seems weird to me....

  • heiderumble Jan 16, 2007

    I am sorry for the family and their grief, but if my daughter were missing, I would go crazy looking for her. There is no way, even after I would call the police, that I would entrust such an important task to anyone other than myself as her mother. But, then again I may be a control freak. But what mother isn't? I just know that I wouldn't be able to sleep if I , myself were not out looking for her. But to blame the police for not looking more carefully in the attic is just crazy. More than likely, if it is true that she committed suicide, she would have already been dead when they found her.

  • pamepooh Jan 16, 2007

    I cannot believe that this mother is blaming the police for not finding HER daughter on HER own property. How insane can this possibly be? I am certain that the family is / was / and will be grieving, however grief does not give anyone the right to condem the police. The young lady was in the attached garage of her home, technically she was not missing. Nonetheless, for the past week, the police and emergency services have used their resources to search for a woman that was at home the entire time. Why is it that the family did not search their own property? If they had lost a set of car keys and needed to go to Walmart, they would have torn the entire house up looking for the keys. Daughter is missing and they want the police to do all of the footwork? I have to ask what has happened to common sense here? Even when reported to the police, the family has a duty to help out.

  • saftchic Jan 16, 2007

    As a close friend of this family I am appalled by the comments. Until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes, you should not speculate or criticize or be the first to cast a stone. They lost a daughter and sister that they loved very dearly. Perhaps you should just be thankful for what you have instead of being so negative and critical over something that you know nothing about. Things are NOT always as the media makes them out to be and things are DEFINITELY NOT always as we perceive them to be.