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Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Urges Teamwork on Year-Round Fight

Posted January 15, 2007
Updated January 16, 2007

— The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce recently sent a letter to the Wake County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education encouraging them to work together.

Last week, commissioners decided to withhold $3.4 million that would be used to convert 22 existing public schools to a mandatory year-round schedule.

School board members say they will not have enough space for students without the change.

"We encourage you to quickly resolve any inter-governmental conflict that undermines the credibility of your collective good work over the past year," the letter, dated Jan. 11, stated. "You arrived here together and you should go forward together as we have many more challenges to come in the years ahead."

Last week, school board Chairwoman Patti Head told WRAL that the commissioners' decision put a strain on the two board's relationship.

Head said both boards had agreed that converting the schools to a year-round calendar was part of a $970 million school construction bond to create more classroom space while keeping the tax hike lower.

County commissioners, however, said they do not feel they went back on any promises. They said they need more time to study the plan.

School board members said they will look at other ways to fund the $3.4 million and that the school system's attorney will look at legal options regarding the commissioners' vote.

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  • michelejohnsonwork Jan 16, 2007

    Something needs to be done. Someone needs to think about what this is doing to our children being reassigned every couple of years. My children have been in year round schools for several years. We too are being affected. Our children are being reassigned, without any consideration. We are told we can keep them in same schools that they have been in for 2 years if we provide transportation. Do they forget that we too have to work. At one point I had two daughters attending 2 different middle schools because Wake county reassignment plan.

  • crash Jan 16, 2007

    Sounds like to me the powers that be are going to do it their way or no way and what you the tax payers say means NADA, NOTHING,not everyone wants around schools, not everyone wants their kids on different tracks, not everyone wants their kids going to other schools. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS ANYBODY LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stevenjkathman Jan 16, 2007

    The commissioners were part of this arrangement. It is wrong for them to keep money from the schools now. They have had plenty of time to study the plan. They had a part in forming the plan. We voted for this bond knowing what it involved. Do what the county as a whole has asked of you and give the money to the school board so they can convert these schools. We need to pay attention and make sure some of these commissioners are removed at the next election. The school board has done well to come up with a plan to deal with overcrowding, while trying to be financially responsible.

  • narck9 Jan 16, 2007

    We need school vouchers. That will separate the good teachers from the bad ones and the school will have to compete for the child and not the child for the school. There would higher test scores and a better quality of learning across the board.

  • superman Jan 16, 2007

    The bond package was approved by the commissioners as well as the voters-- so u want to change everything? I say make all the schools year round. Seems to me that a 1 billion bond package is a lot of money. Dont know about you -- but I have to work with limited resources at home. Money is always a primary consideration. Guess you must be one of those rich Cary residents.

  • oceanchild71 Jan 15, 2007

    Are you listening School Board? Is the word "compromise" in your vocabulary? Take out the word "mandatory" and replace it with "increased voluntary" year-round schools and you will look golden. Continue on the path you are on and you will alienate everyone and then you can forget the next bond! Three words: Compromise, Compromise, Compromise!