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Nifong Could Face 2nd Bar Complaint

Posted January 15, 2007
Updated January 16, 2007

— The former prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case could face another complaint from the North Carolina Bar.

Last month, the bar filed an ethics complaint against Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong for his pretrial comments regarding the case in which three lacrosse players face charges of kidnapping and sexual assault on an exotic dancer hired for an off-campus  team party. The complaint says the district attorney's conduct was dishonest and deceitful.

The committee that handles complaints meets again Thursday. The bar won't confirm or deny whether it is looking into another complaint, but some observers say there is reason.

They say Nifong broke other professional conduct rules by failing to turn over exculpatory evidence, which works to a defendant's benefit rather than a prosecutor's, to defense attorneys in a timely manner.

The evidence in question is test results in which no DNA from any lacrosse player was found on the accuser.

After a December hearing, Nifong insisted he did nothing wrong.

"There was no attempt to hide anything," he said, adding that defense attorneys only had to ask for the evidence.

Nifong's pretrial hearing regarding last month's ethics complaint is next week. A bar trial is set for May.

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  • nerdlywehunt Jan 16, 2007

    Where is Jessie Jackson and that loud mouth Durham preacher demanding justice? They are no where to be found. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  • ahawkins629 Jan 16, 2007

    haha, getting drunk and having sex is not ethically wrong, drinking under age and raping someone is... sheesh... this nation was built for people to have thier freedoms and that includes being free to pursue the things in life we love, be it family or hard partying.

  • phillipsmc3 Jan 16, 2007

    Everyone seems to be whitewashing this whole event. It's pretty clear that Nifong messed up, but let's not gloss over the intent of wht these "sweet boys" had - to get drunk, have a stripper come over, and do whatever they could with her, even if consentual. All of that conduct is ethically wrong. period.

  • cturner Jan 16, 2007

    amen builder 276, and the accuser as well.

  • NC to GA Jan 16, 2007

    To: frdurham1... are you kidding AND blind? Wrongly-accused people are not innocent until proven guilty - they are guilty until they can prove otherwise and the reason is because of power-hungry people like Nifong, who have their own agenda and are blind to justice.

    I'm sorry, but I have my own experiences, and only people that have never been falsly accused believe in the "innocent until proven guilty" theory.

  • renaissanceman Jan 16, 2007

    I can't figure out why everyone is mad at Nifong...Have ya'll forgotten our justice system motto...guilty until proven innocent

  • Teddy Jan 16, 2007

    All charges should be dropped, an apology from Nifong should be issued to the young men and their parents.

  • WXYZ Jan 16, 2007

    Now, we will see how deep the cronyism goes. Will Cooper prosecute Nifong? Will Cooper make an example of Nifong? Will the faith and trust of the voters be totally destroyed? Will Easley and Cooper allow Nifong to be sued?

  • raleighpc Jan 16, 2007

    Well, who can be surprised? He is a disgrace to the law profession. I've never seen anything like this. It should be interesting how it plays out, though. Anybody remember the Gell case and what those DA's got?--nothing, basically, and there are lots of similarities. The difference in this case is the national attention and outrage that is drawn to it. Sad to say, but hopefully the Bar will do what is right in disciplining, hopefully disbarring this joke of a DA. Talk about the foxes guarding the henhouses, though. We'll see.....

  • builder276 Jan 16, 2007

    Yes, he should get whatever punishment those young gentlemen would have gotten if those charges had been legitimate, he's a creep